Doocy Rattles Psaki After CBO Score on BBB Plan

Fox News’ Peter Doocy gets yet another win with Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

A past Biden comment came back to haunt her and Joe regarding the big Build Back Better plan.

Doocy threw up an old quote regarding Biden’s comments on the CBO, which left Psaki spinning like a DJ at a nightclub.

But Joe Said…

With most major outlets refusing to ask the tough questions, Fox News’ Peter Doocy has looked like a rock star.

During the press briefing after the CBO score was published, Doocy hammered Psaki, even recalling a past quote by Biden calling the CBO the “gold standard.”

Psaki, however, refused to concede that the new package will cost anything, then relied on their own reports to back that up.

Doocy refused to let her off the hook, but all Jen could do was spin, spin, spin, and try to deflect away the actual question…

The fact is, every neutral party that has looked at this plans says it comes up short, which would include Pennsylvania University’s Wharton School of Business.

But I guess Jen would say they have clue as to how the IRS works either.

Or, maybe, just maybe, Joe Biden and company have been lying from the outset.

Source: New York Post

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13 Responses

  1. What a waste of time listening to these new conferences for Jen. She surely lives up to her nick name…. Little Red Lying Hood.

  2. Considering what Psaki says and how often she carries O’Biden’s lies, she looks like she’s earning every grey hair and facial wrinkle she can stand.

  3. She is so stupid.. How stupid ,you ask?? She is so stupid, she shows up to work to be beaten up everyday.. She is so stupid, she couldn’t even carry Doocy’s note pad.. On top of that, she is a professional liar, just like her boss.. FJB..

  4. Wonder what she had to say about biden’s recent brain scan that happened below the waist.

  5. Mouthpiece for lying Trash !
    Another CNN / msnbc cult of morons !
    A good fit for Brandon dumb and slow !
    Merrick Garland ! Brandon’s star pupil !
    Corrupted FBI and DOJ expect medals !
    LETS GO BRANDON ! / Cameltoe
    Vote REPUBLICAN D’S are stupid !

  6. I remember FDR as a kid and he was damn near considered a saint until it was discovered he was aware of that Japanese Navy being at sea and Peral Harbor was the likely target.
    Truman was not bad and nobody pushed him around.JFK couldn’t keep his fly zipped and LBJ was a hopeless case.Jimmy Carter was considered the worst president ever until NOW. I will never believe this pathetic,befuddled old man could ever win an election and
    has now made our country VERY insecure and has re-creared an English speaking version of the Weimar Reoublic whose collaosw saw the rise of Adolf Hitler as “Fuehrer”(leader).
    He should have been called “Fehlfuehrer”(misleader) and THAT is what we now have.a misleader.Hang on folks,the ride will be rough unless oue MISrepresntatives man up and
    bounce Biden out of office and indict him and some others.

  7. This woman is just too much!! Lying every single time and we’re sick of it. How do we get rid of her? There has to be a way. Should get an award for lying although not very convincing.

  8. What a dog and pony show this administration puts on very day the lies are just building up and will and have come back to haunt them

  9. How can a person LIE like that and still sleep at night?
    I cannot even stand to listen to little red lying hood speak. Circle back Jen has YET to circle back to ANYONE with a real answer to their questions. I wonder when she is going to get tired of lying and covering for this demented, farting, slobbering, excuse for a president?
    But, hey, LET’S GO BRANDON!!

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