Dr. Fauci Says He Will Be Gone by End of 2024

The end of an era… a really bad one.

One of the most polarizing political figures over the last three years is about to retire.

Come 2024, Dr. Fauci has confirmed that he will be stepping away from the NIAID.

The Microscope

Dr. Anthony Fauci is currently serving at the Chief Medical Advisor to the President and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

He has largely flown under the radar until COVID hit.

Fauci made numerous calls that Trump disagreed with, thus starting a public feud and exposing Fauci as a complete fraud.

Not only that, but we have also found out about some of Fauci’s rather questionable experiments and ties to China.

The moment Fauci made his office political, he made a huge mistake, and it would now appear he is a bit tired of the limelight.

Fauci had previously stated that he would be gone if Trump ran and won in 2024.

During a recent Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto, he added to that, stating he will be gone regardless.

Fauci stated, “No, I’m not done yet.

“But you’re talking about a few years from now. And I don’t foresee that I will be doing this a few years from now.”

Cavuto asked, “So, no matter who is president, whether it’s Joe Biden getting reelected or someone else, Donald Trump or anyone else, you would not continue?”

Fauci responded, “That’s exactly correct.

“I have been doing this now for 38 years. It will be over 40 years if I wait that long.”

Well, it looks like we know at least one good thing will happen by 2025!

Source: New York Post

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15 Responses

  1. I hope someone has the sense to put him in Gitmo for all the evil he’s done to our America and it’s citizens….along with the devastation and destruction he’s done to the world.

  2. Fauci should be charged…Fauci should not be allowed to remain in office until 2024.

  3. One of our liars is leaving – just not soon enough! Wonder how much he is going to make of the Monkeypox – just add it to the 10 million he has in the bank now! The reason he is not leaving until then is because he gets paid for the Monkeypox and he can not miss out on that! MONEY MONEY MONEY!

  4. He should have been gone a long time ago. He and Biden are complete disasters for this country.!!!!!!!!!

  5. Another two and a half years is till way too long for this fraud to remain in office. He needs to be removed from office as soon as this coming January. If Sen, Rand Paul has anything to say about it, he will be gone in 2023.

  6. Don’t believe it, He is a dem, and every time they open their mouths it’s a LIE

  7. Fauci will be gone out of the news by November when the Republicans take over Congress and the Senate. Then probably be dragged to be indicted as was stated by Dr. Rand Paul. Maybe he is running. Who knows?

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