Rep. Mullin: Death of Two Children Due to Biden’s Failed Withdrawal

A GOP House member has come forward with a somewhat heartbreaking story regarding the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) has been working firsthand to help get Americans out of the country after the United States left.

Sadly, according to Mullin, he was unable to help everyone, including two children who died, as a direct result of Biden’s failed policies.

The Media Won’t Tell You These Stories

Even with Biden being on the outs with the media, it still refuses to cover the real stories that could utterly destroy Joe Biden.

Look how little coverage the botched drone strike that took out an entire family of innocents received.

We all know if that were Trump, or any Republican president, it would still be in the news cycle, demanding justice for those people.

Instead, the media pushes it to the back page and acts as though it never happened.

The leaving behind of Americans was unforgivable, but the media is not even looking into those left behind.

Well, Mullin is telling his story, and it is going to crush Biden with the American people.

Mullin cited the loss of a handful of Americans he was trying to get out, most notably a two-year-old boy and a three-year-old little girl.

He stated, “For instance, we had a 3-year-old girl, that had a severe infection in her legs, and we tried to get her out. We had her in Kabul.

“We tried to get her out through the airport there … Her parents were LPRs, they’re legal permanent residents of the United States, which means they’re our responsibility.”

The State Department refused to take them in, so Mullin tried to get them out another way.

He stated, “And when we realized they weren’t going to let her go through, we took her out on the 31st of August … and started driving her and her family across Afghanistan.”

When he arrived in Tajikistan, ambassadors informed him that they were under express orders NOT to help Mullin in “any way.”

He continued, “And I said, ‘excuse me? You can’t — I’m an American citizen. Because he said I wasn’t traveling officially. And I said I know, I’m traveling on a blue passport.

“I’m not here officially. I’m not here in my official capacity, but I’m trying to get somebody, I’m trying to get an American out of a war zone, a war area who needs medical attention. You’re telling me someone from Washington told you not to assist me. Who was it? He said, ‘I can’t tell you that.'”

Mullin, clearly frustrated and angry, stated, “Because they wouldn’t help us get her out, September 10, she passed away from septic.

“A 3-year-old girl. That was eight days before that that we could have got her out. And she passed away from septic and her parents had to watch her while we could have got her out.”

He also noted that a two-year-old little boy was killed at the gate because they were being blocked from entering.

His point was that they should have already been through the gate by the time the bomb was set off, putting even more blood on Biden’s hands.

When you have a few minutes, listen to the full interview in the podcast below.

If this does not fill you with rage, nothing ever will…

Source: Breitbart

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39 Responses

  1. Biden and friends murdered that dear little 3-year old girl. Unforgivable. Evil. disgusting. immoral. Biden is guilty of treason and more.

    1. How can any Anerican in politics, officials oath and honor bound to protect our countrymen waste one more second and bring Biden, Harris and their treasonous confederates to justice immediately!

        1. A confederate is an accessory also, not just a southern Civil war supporter of the Confederate States. Notice it was used with a small “c”?

      1. If biden and the corupt left can’t use u to vote Democrat. They couldn’t care less of u or ur safty..will use racism for the illegals flooding Into the country as they do for the black vote .votes is all these criminals care about.

  2. Biden has blood on his hands and could care less about innocent children.
    He is the most hated man in the U.S. Fauci comes in second, since he cannot lie as much as Biden, but he comes very close. He has blood on his hands, also.

  3. Biden needs to be forced out of office along with Pelosi no matter what the democrats want, Biden wasn’t elected, he was selected.

  4. It is time for Civil Disobedience to the maximum.
    The Dems and Libs are out of control and need to be reined back hard.
    Thank God for our 2nd Amendment.

  5. When all is said, there will be no other option but the death penalty for these vermin who are running this nation and purposely trying to destroy everything witin it!

  6. I’ve seen it in their faces, I’ve seen it in their speech, I’ve seen it in their actions, I’ve seen it in their writings and what have I seen in liberals? PURE HATE FOR ANYONE OR ANYTHING doesn’t matter if they really believe in their own beliefs. Now they are being lead by the next Hitler.

  7. Impeach Biden even if you don’t have votes. The lawyers for the republicans will list line by line all the crimes starting with the keystone pipeline, the Afghan debacle, the horrible border disaster, CRT forced on our children,the death and destruction to this country and our people and a list of other horrible policies by this puppet President and this CORRUPT democratic party.The world will be watching this impeachment process as the dirty democrats vote to acquit even after all these charges are leveled against this administration.
    This will be enough to destroy the democratic party in the eyes of the whole world.

    1. I agree with you 1000% but the only problem is, is that 85%-90% of Republican Politicians are nothing but cowards. Biden and MANY of his Administration have broken Laws yet nothing will happen. They will be protected and they will keep drawing their fat little paychecks.

      1. Certainly agree with you…republicans..where in the hell are you? All I get from you is asking for more money…to do what? Nothing. I don’t give one penny and won’t as long as they sit on their thumbs and do nothing. If Trump would have done half the things Biden has done he would be in jail right now never to see daylight again.

  8. Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior will take care of His, Loyal and Faithful. Those who will not hear Christ’s Word, the Living Water as it is referred will suffer and die. No if, ands or buts.

    1. It is also said:
      ” God helps those who help themselves ” is a motto that emphasizes the importance of self-initiative and agency. The expression is known around the world and is used to inspire people for self-help. The phrase originated in ancient Greece as ” the Gods help those who help themselves ” and may originally have been proverbial.

  9. This is the antics of the Biden Department of State. Not the first time they have blocked American citizens from leaving Afghanistan. Every death of an American citizen or Afghan with proper documentation that has been abandoned in Afghanistan is the responsibility of these losers in the State Department and Biden. Totally outrageous. Unacceptable conduct on the part of everyone involved. Time to begin the impeachment procedures.

  10. Raghead incompetent dementia joe should have been impeached on Jan. 21st the day after he slithered into office. That way America wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world, we would not have lost all our rights, inflation would be at a minimum and the southern border would not be overrun. Oops, to prevent the last he would have to been impeached the day before because of his executive orders. America would not be importing oil and the prices would not be $3.85 for gas. His administration, who are pulling his puppet strings, have ruined this ONCE great country. In fact it may not be recoverable.

  11. Everyone ignores the REAL issue. Over half of all politicians in DC regardless of party are equally guilty of corruption. That is why Republicans make noise but never act. All are afraid of exposure …

  12. I’m beyond words at this point. We are dealing with more than a few little things under the table like most politicians. We are talking death of our own people. The Government right now wants us to die. I’m not falling for their vaccines or anything else they throw out there. I’m not a Lab rat! Biden and the likes of him need to be treated the same way Americans are being treated.

  13. It sickens me to see what is happening in our country! And don’t mind saying,somewhat scary! Yet,I will not comply with their actions of oppression on this great nation!
    Remember,we still have a Sovereign God,that is All knowing,Omnipotent, Omniscient,and knows what He is doing.He will deal with these Evil,Wicked,persons personally.Scripture indicates exactly how He deals with crimes against humanity!

  14. Biden just makes American sick when he talks what a joe he is I hope he dies soon and i don’t care how he is a piece of trash

  15. Agree totally with George. I believe it is the State Department that is pulling Bidens strings like a carnival show puppet. The whole bunch should be tried for treason and executed!!!!!

  16. biden and his administration has blood on their hands (American Blood) they should all be charged for these deaths and other deaths occurred because of their fail withdrawal and lack of leadership abilities. Biden is not fit or qualified to be President of United States and his administration and advisors failed in all area of this withdrawal. Biden should be impeached immediately before more damage is done to America and his administration charged.

  17. What is wrong with the Republicans in Congress? Is it O’Connell the problem? If he is then he needs to go. America is not the country that it was before January 20, 2021. Biden is ruining America. Why is he not being impeached? He has committed several offenses that are worthy of impeachment! Don’t let it go any longer! You are not doing your job in Congress when you allow this corrupt and anti-American imbecile to remain in the White House! Get him out!

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