Elderly American Couple Returns to San Diego After Leaving Afghanistan, Escaping Taliban

After weeks of being trapped and harassed by the Taliban, an elderly couple has returned home.

The couple, whose names are being withheld to protect family still in Afghanistan, are two of the 33 people Rep. Dan Issa (R-CA) has helped escape the country.

Issa stated that it was “cause for celebration” after the couple returned to San Diego.

Never Give Up

Even though our State Department is failing those left behind, there are plenty of elected officials and veterans doing their best to facilitate the return of Americans.

For weeks now, the State Department and this administration have pitched the number of Americans left behind as 100.

However, roughly 300 have been evacuated via commercial airlines and private efforts, and now we can add Issa’s efforts to that total.

Yet, the Secretary of State Blinken continues to tout the 100 number, so they either don’t know or don’t care about those left behind.

However, we will focus on the positive, and that is that Issa’s efforts have paid off.

The San Diego Republican stated, “This is a cause for celebration and the result of almost countless hours of work under very difficult conditions.

“Our team simply would not give up, and today it paid off and we got them home.

“While we have made extraordinary progress, but we’re not stopping until everyone comes home.”

Issa became involved when the couple’s granddaughter reached out to him because the elderly couple had been prevented from getting to the airport by the Taliban as well as being harassed when they tried to get past checkpoints.

Issa did not provide details of how the group was able to get out of Afghanistan, more than likely to protect his escape plan in case he must get more people out.

Regardless, we are glad Issa, unlike far too many elected officials right now, is doing his job and working to help his constituents.

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

  1. What is happening reminds me of something Ronnie once said about the most fright filled words he ever heard: WE ARE HERE FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND ARE HERE TO HELP.

  2. Thank you, Rep. Dan Issa(R-CA) for getting the elderly couple away from the Taliban and out of Afghanistan. Thank you to the American Veterans who are also doing what they can to rescue American citizens from Afghanistan. Please, do not speak to any journalists, news reporters, don’t let them trick you and especially our democrats government. No one needs to know what is going on. The less transparency, the better until they all come home.

  3. Big Thank You to Our ex Servicemen, and some members of our Government for stepping in to save those this Administration left behind as already dead. Our supposed leaders have no morals, the country is back to the same disaster it was 5 years ago already, how much worse will it get before our Military leaders step up and do their duty to uphold the Constitution and protect the citizens from threats both foreign and Domestic. This Administration is definitely a threat to America and its people.

  4. There are still Americans and Afghan that need to be rescued. Not 100 but way more. Is there any way you can help Charolette, her staff and the rescue animals out safely, slso? Our service dogs are also still there. They had a plane to take then all out and the Taliban wouldn’t let them go. Please help them.

  5. Do you mean Representative DARRYL Issa?
    You identified the person this piece is about as “Rep Dan Issa”.

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