Ethics Complaint Filed Against AOC for Met Gala Outing

Over the last few days, pictures of AOC at the Met Gala have been blowing up the internet.

While attending an event with a $30,000 price tag and wearing a designer dress, AOC had “Tax the Rich” plastered on the back of her dress.

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has filed an ethics complaint to investigate her attendance.

The Complaint

The AAF complaint states, “Without prompt investigation and enforcement of Congressional Rules, the American people are likely to lose faith in the ability of Congress to police its members.”

The Met Gala is always a lavish affair, but AOC says she was a “guest of the museum.”

That, however, will not satisfy her critics.

The entire appearance dripped with hypocrisy.

Her dress, which we will assume was given to her by the designer, had a statement with a design that was a little too close for comfort to the Chick-fil-A logo.

I have already seen whispers of copyright infringement on that front.

The event, where tickets can go for more than $30,000, is also turning some heads as a kickback of sorts.

The AAF cites that the invitations are given by Conde Nast, a for-profit company, which would negate AOC’s claim that she was attending a charity function, at least in the eyes of the AAF.

One could easily ask why the tickets were not sold and the money donated rather than simply being gifted to AOC.

AOC has blasted her critics for “flying off the handle” over her appearance.

Oh, by the way, did we mention she was not wearing a mask?

It is unlikely anything will come from the complaint… nothing ever does.

It is like asking thieves to investigate their own robbery.

However, it was nice to see someone call AOC out for the same privilege that she regularly rails against and the hypocrisy regarding her not abiding by proper protocols during the event.

Rules for thee, not for me, as usual.

Source: Fox News

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23 Responses

  1. Hypocrisy on display. She only wants the limelight. She is such a big liar and will do anything to be out front. She is a disgrace and should be punished for disregarding the rules for congress. But then we all know by now that the rules are for us not them.

    1. Well there you go her mouth got her in trouble again, usually when her mouth is moving she’s lying just like Biden. Honestly he was a truck driver, and a smoke eater. Lol And of course lest we forget, Ocasio was afraid for her life , all the way over in another building. We all were impressed with that one.

  2. Whether it is aoc, omar, tlaib or presley, they all should be booted out of congress and this country! A lot more democrats are in the same boat as those 4, TRAITORS!

    1. The real question is: Who are the people who vote for these incompetents and put them into office?

  3. Nothing will come of it she’s a democrat
    Her sheep followers are actually praising her
    The hypocrisy is astounding

  4. What ever happened to her swindling her husband hundreds of thousands of dollars for his business ? How come no one in the political area a never get punished 🤬

  5. Can anyone name a Democrap that tells the truth? They always make up the rules as they go they will never be held accountable. They will continue to lie, cheat, and steal as long as they are in power. It will be hard to get them out of power because the have perfected “stuffing the ballot boxes” with Citizens ballots who are deceased/illegal/fake.


  7. AOC sees herself above the law like so many of her DNC colleagues, similar as how we see it from Joe and other politicians: Laws are for the “little and unimportant” people! The constitution is quite explicit about Laws not being created that do not cover everyone, yet political elites believe many Laws do not apply to them simply because they are elite and not an ordinary citizen. George Washington would be putting these spoiled idiots in their place, on prison ships and taking away their citizenship! They deserve to be booted from the USA!

  8. I would guess that since she had “TAX THE RICH” plastered across her butt, the she was show casing her butt. Also she is paid $170000 per year as a salary, one would think she could afford the $30K for dinner.

    1. Send in the tax auditors. See how she could afford the designer dress and ticket cost to attend this gala. But them again, I doubt the IRS would do anything. They were weaponized by the Obama administration and are probably as politicized as the FBI is.

  9. I wish I could follow behind her for a few steps. I have BIG boots with a long nail in the tip. I can see her jump about a mile high when I booted her in the butt!!!

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