Even with Acquittal, Hillary Campaign Has Legal Problems

I have said all along that Michael Sussmann was nothing more than a tool to go after Hillary Clinton.

It would have been great to get a guilty verdict and a stiff sentence, but I always believed both were unlikely simply due to the judge and the biased jury in the case.

Even though the Sussmann trial ended up as a nothing burger in terms of holding him accountable for his lies, it did bring to light the nefarious conduct of Hillary Clinton, and that should have her very worried.

She Did It

The conduct of Hillary Clinton and her campaign was so dastardly that even a couple of mainstream media outlets had to break their silence to condemn Hillary.

Even though Sussmann was acquitted, we all know the man was guilty.

Are we honestly to believe that even though he was deeply entrenched in Hillary’s campaign, he went to the FBI as a concerned citizen?

The fact the jury found him innocent of lying to investigators shows just how flawed the system can be at times.

What is not going away, however, are the words uttered by FBI employees who stated they knew about a month and a half into the investigation that was spurned by Sussmann’s information that there was nothing to the charges.

More interestingly, Hillary approved disseminating the alleged link between Trump and Alfa Bank.

The people that may have an even bigger problem, however, are James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

The two former top dogs at the FBI put their signatures on FISA warrants when it had, if we are to believe the testimony during the trial, been made painfully clear that there was nothing to the allegations.

Four FISA warrants were signed, three of them more than likely after the FBI knew the information they had received was bogus.

The question now is if Attorney General Merrick Garland will permit John Durham to crack open these doors or if he will shut him down, saying those investigations would be out of the scope of the special counsel probe.

Source: Fox News

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5 Responses

  1. We need to go after the Clinton crime family with the persistent push to put HILLARY where she belongs. Which is BEHIND BARS she’s deserved that for years she is the instigator in NUMEROUS CRIMES

  2. Like an organized crime family !
    All three branches of government are betraying their oath of office and to the people…. Obama’s own Joe Biden after his eight years as White House boy .

  3. Like a common criminal ! She won’t stop .
    Running afoul of the law without repercussions is very addictive .
    How many Clinton scandals ?
    She will get more dangerous. Already suspected of vanishing people, Epstein ?
    Prison for Treason is a fair starting point.

  4. If there had been exerted only one tenth the effort to investigate Hillary as there has been to prosecute Trump, she would have been in jail years ago.

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