Biden DOJ: Everything on the Table for January 6 Cases

Biden’s Department of Justice is reportedly putting the pedal to the metal in terms of prosecuting anyone related to the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro was reportedly taken out of his home in shackles after being charged.

However, some former staffers, such as former Social Media Director Dan Scavino and former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, have been given a free pass.

For those that are charged, however, it would appear that anything and everything is on the table in terms of prosecutions.

Our for Blood

As for those that took place in the rioting, such as some of the Proud Boys, the entire book is open, as we just saw.

Sedition charges have already been made in numerous cases, with more to come.

All the while, rioters over the summer after the George Floyd death largely go unpunished, which has been Donald Trump’s point of contention from the outset.

The arrest of Navarro seemed a bit over the top, with the FBI reportedly showing up at his house and taking him out in leg irons and shackles.

The January 6 Select Committee is out for blood, as Fox News recently reported…

The fact the January 6 committee is still going on proves that it is more politically motivated than anything else.

I am not saying rioters should not have been charged by any means, but it sure would have been nice to see equal treatment given to the people that lit our country on fire for months.

I would also note that the committee recently hired a TV executive to “produce” the hearings that are coming up and will be reportedly broadcast on prime-time TV.

Conveniently timed almost 18 months after the riot and just in time to influence mid-term elections.

If you don’t think these hearings are largely a political attack against the GOP, well, perhaps you would like some land I have available in the swamps of Florida that seems ripe for development into a fine resort.

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

  1. The DOJ is totally corrupt. If the Republicans take back the Senate and the House, everyone of them involved should face charges of corruption, & Treason. These charges should be extended to every Democrat and RHINO.

    1. I am sick to death of “trumped up” BS. Biden is just looking for a way to get Trump off the ticket and prevent him from running in opposition as if he would EVER get into office again after the disaster he has made this country become! So focused on his own agenda or actually Obama is, we all know Biden isn’t capable of running anything. This is the swamp in full operation! Piss off America, force us out of our vehicles regardless on how expensive electric is. What I find comical is the very cars they demand we drive, have batteries, can you even imagine the cost and if that’s not enough what will they do with the dead batteries that won’t charge anymore? Electric cars are pricey too and the American people are too Even the left don’t like him, he is doomed! TRUMP24!

    2. What we need to happen is for an honest judge to be in charge of the first trial and have him/her slap down the JD DA hard dismissing all charges with prejudice (means they can’t be recharged).
      I know, good luck with this.

  2. Just can’t believe trumped up charges the Democrats are filing. Have come to hate politics and the dishonesty that prosecutors use for just political reasons. Sure turns off voters. What a complete waste of money and time.

  3. This is just another Pelosi attack, she used her position to attack Trump during his time in office. She should be tried for treason and prosecuted to the fullest.

  4. The “IDIOT IN CHIEF” and his “MASTERS” have been working hard to turn this great nation into another Venezuela !!!! They are destroying the economy, trying to limit our ability to decent, trying to disarm the population, (to keep us in check) and NOW they are working to silence a TRUE PATRIOT !!!!!!!!! The “Banana Republic” Propaganda machine is running at full speed to keep President Trump from ever being ALLOWED to run for ANY office again !!!!!!! BUT all that it does, is just help the DECENT people of the United States of America to see just how weak and scared this PUPPETT administration really is !!!!!!!! NOW they will televise the “TRIAL”, and then they will want the PUBLIC executions to be televised as well !!!!!!! BUT, you are getting what you voted (or STOLE) for !!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t think this administration is smart enough to know that most people are sick and tired of their constant witch hunts of Trump. They have many people in their camp that need to be put in prison for crimes they have committed, but you never hear much about that. I was taught to protect the underdog, and since Trump is not a career politician, he is definitely the underdog. The party, plus the news media have been after him since he first filed for office. I am sick and tired of their garbage and the media’s constant trashing of Trump, which they never check out before broadcasting it to the world, So, even though I am registered as a Democrat, I will most likely not vote that way again. They have failed us miserably and I am not the only one thinking this way, most everyone I know understands the game they are playing.
    The Democrat Party of today is not the Democrat Party of my parents’ day. That party stood for God and the Country, not just keeping all their people in office.

  6. The dems love spending money and fighting for lost causes. Jan 6 is in the past but not for the dems. But the riots of 2020 ARE in the past for the dems. Such two sidedness. Can’t wait until Nov. and then maybe some of these nuts can be tamed.

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