Turkey Will Expel 10 Diplomatic Personnel from Country, Including US Envoy

The man who was elected on his foreign policy strength is about to have yet another foreign policy disaster added to his resume.

The United States joined nine other countries in protesting the jailing of Osman Kavala.

The result of which has been Turkey expelling all of their diplomats, which would include the United States Envoy.

Stay Out of Our Business

Kavala has been in prison since 2017, with no formal charges having been brought against him to this point.

Recently, some major powers penned a letter encouraging his release.

In addition to the United States, France. Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and New Zealand all signed the letter.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan responded by kicking their diplomatic personnel out of the country.

He stated, “I gave the instruction to our foreign minister and said, ‘You will immediately handle the persona non grata declaration of these 10 ambassadors.’

“They will recognize, understand and know Turkey. The day they don’t know or understand Turkey, they will leave.”

Kavala had been acquitted of charges related to a 2013 protest, but the ruling was overturned as well as new charges added, but no firm trial date has been set.

The United States embassy condemned the practice, stating, “The continuing delays in his trial, including by merging different cases and creating new ones after a previous acquittal, cast a shadow over respect for democracy, the rule of law and transparency in the Turkish judiciary system.”

This is already the second time the United States has run into major diplomatic problems, with France having recalled its diplomats after Biden undermined a defense contract it had in place with another nation.

Source: New York Post

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17 Responses

  1. Is this like the 600 or so, that are locked up for Jan.6 without due process. This regime, is devoid of common sense, and rational reasoning. They certainly have no business getting involve in Turley’s business. Or for that matter, local school boards business.

    1. We have many many people sitting in solitary confinement in the DC jail with no court date and most with no charges against them. Take a good look around people, we are now one of the sh.thole countries.

      1. Isn’t it Turkey that is about to finish a Turkish …something in the US? Shut it down and stop allowing that terrorist State to do anything with the west. In addition, remove them from NATO. Why do I seem to know more than our government? Turkey has been belligerent for a least a decade! They are unhelpful to the West because to them we are just “dirty infidels.”

    2. We have a major problem which is due to the adversarial power and leadership of the USA! Influence buying has been decades in the making HOWEVER IT IS NOW leading the way by which the USA will be easily destroyed by China lead by a bunch of liberal elites without a love of country ! Will we survive as a nation? This is 2021, October! the “KIDS” want to play HALLOWEEN! The adults are costumed with devil faces and farces by the TRUMP MASKS, THE BIDEN MASKS AND BATMAN AND WONDERWOMAN. None of these kids have a clue! What happened to kids in fireman, policeman, cowboy costumes. Oh, oh, I know as Jesse walks the sidewalks and he finds out that young people believe police should be reimagined, i.e. more like “case workers without guns.”

  2. The Villiage Idiots regime of Stupid at work again
    bevis and buthead biden harris
    pinky and the brain fauci
    gomer pile control of military gen milly vinilli
    elmer fud or scare crow from the wizard of oz school board

    Judgement follows , They will never ever stop the Trump hate drive

    They the Rhinos and House of idiots will always seek out to love thier Money God, hate america , seek to destroy anyone who gets in the way

    with NO Clue Biden where they want him and joke harris , they do what ever , and the CFR reigns supreme

  3. Turkey is a country run by religous fanatics and as such you cannot expect normal, especialy this nut nut that is running the country. He is turning back the clock to the time before Ataturk. The disease of Islam must at some time must be discarded as a fabrication sustained by force as it began ad infinitum.

  4. Stay away from Turkey and their problems. Get our people out of Afghanistan and just shut up!!!

    1. AND I WOULD add, CLOSE OUR BORDERS! We citizens are the victims of political shills, spending our money to house, close and feed people who have illegally entered our country after being invited by BIDEN, wearing BIDEN t-shirts, carrying American flags, signs saying Thank you President Biden. WE are being ABUSED BY PRESIDENT BIDEN! Unlawful, and he is stealing money from our kids as he flies migrants to cities around the US at our expense in the dead of night. Big hub is White Plains, N.Y.

  5. Why is the United States complaining about holding someone and not being charged. We have a bunch is the same category right in DC. The protestors of 1/6 have not been charged so what is the beef?

    1. Biden and his radical party will be gone. Turkey and Other Islamists are enemies that we must be careful with – like all these Islamic Radicals that promised to “Destroy their miserable house from within” ( meaning the US Satan). I beg you all to pay attention to what they opening say AND DO inside the US as well as in all countries in Europe. Is anyone aware that in the UK, while visiting a church, a Muslim stabbed this MP to death in the middle of the morning! He was a wonder, peaceful Brit. This must stop, but it goes on almost EVERY WEEK in our Western nations where they should not be due to a completely different ideology! The Islamic Organization claim to have 60 Islamic nations – with 99 percent Islam (no diversity to speak of) unless one is counting house maids that were abducted from black villiages in African nations, where these girls whole villages and families are murdered!
      We need as a country to stop allowing them to silence US because Islam has so many crimes against ALL OTHERS and we cannot have them threaten us in OUR OWN NATIONS!

    1. The Turks have been on their road to Islamic extremism for decades – not just with bubbling Biden. They are an enemy of all western nations. Did you know they charge Germany to take in their co-religionists and constantly demand more money from Germany? In addition, they use constant threats to release millions of Islamists into Europe. One more thing, they are a member of NATO but illegally sell weapons to Russia and Other countries. THEY ARE NOT OUR FRIEND AND NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM NATO and should be banned from building Islamic only building in the US- like the one about to be completed. This is tactics Islam uses to conquer nations that do NOT BELONG TO THEM! Please people, research and learn for yourselves!!

  6. The 1/6 protesters are victims of a corrupt US government political party .
    No different than the endless dribble spewing from pencil neck Schiff or
    Kanakas Fake attacks on Kavanaugh
    Democrats are ruthless liars !

  7. Why doesn’t the Republicans push the
    Supreme court to put the the Democrats in there place? They are all aganist our beloved USA.Putin is right we are going to hell

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