‘Face the Nation’ Gets It All Wrong on Rittenhouse

The media is still losing its mind over the fact that Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges.

It continues to spew rhetoric that is simply not true.

The latest example being a “Face the Nation” report that completely twisted the facts to paint Rittenhouse as a radical that crossed state lines looking for blood.

Fake News

Mark Strassman claimed that Rittenhouse crossed over state lines “armed for battle.”

Not true, period.

Rittenhouse was actually working in Wisconsin at the time.

The firearm was also already in the state.

It may seem like a small detail to some, but this is a charge that was dropped from the case because it simply was not true, yet CBS continued to push this as a fact…

Defense lawyer Mark Richards also slammed the bogus media coverage.

He stated, “That’s wrong. When I hear some guest host on Joy Reid say my client drove four hours to go to a riot with his AR, that’s wrong. It’s false.”

Everyone also keeps ignoring the fact the streets of Kenosha were turned over to rioters by local officials and the police.

Police only maintained a perimeter to try to contain the violence, but they did nothing to actually stop it.

Had they done their job and protected these businesses, private citizens would not have been needed to protect their property.

This one-sided, twisted reporting must stop in the mainstream media.

This is just as responsible for rioting and discourse as all the gaslighting statements being made by Democrats.

Source: Fox News

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21 Responses

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  2. The media is lying as usual, if Kyle only went to shoot people he could have done this from blocks away. This is still in the news but you don’t hear squat about baldwin.

    1. This is all commie biden, bo, marxist, islamic wannabe dictator created to destroy all U.S. Constitutional Freedom, Rights, Liberty and National Security ! The #1 attack by dem’s commie biden stench is on the 2nd Amendment to use liars in media to create phony statistics to outlaw guns ! A #1 priority for dictators is to confiscate weapons so humanity cannot fight for Freedom & Rights ! This treasonous act by a dem’s biden & bo obvious dereliction to biden’s sworn oath ! The treasonous commie dem’s are the enemy within trying to be NWO totalitarian dictators !

  3. Main stream media should be ashamed, they USED to be a respected source of news people read and listened to daily AND they covered things pretty fairly, now you can’t believe anything they say or print anymore. We need HONEST journalism!!!

  4. I hope Kyle sues the hell out of those lying so call journalist. Challenge them on their TV shows with proof. I never watch CNN & MSNBC. Two of the worse.,

  5. Well, the media lies because the owner of the media are foreigners (became U.S. Citizen to enjoy the freedom offered but ) who hates America and want America to be governed like the country they originally from. These owners used their money to dictate to the supposedly journalists what to print.

  6. You SHOULD have said . . . “Caught AGAIN, “Lying” about the news ! . . . would have been MORE TO THE ACTUAL POINT !.

  7. The media has brought upon themselves the fact that most people in the United States do not believe or trust a word they say. They can’t and won’t stay in business for very long unless they get back to honest reporting.

  8. The fake news people like Joey Reid and Whoopi Goldberg think they know it all ! Kyle Rittenhouse was proven to be innocent during his trial ! He was acquitted by the jury and also by the judge who heard the case ! Yet people in the fake news media continue to badger and try to incite riots because the verdict did not go their way ! These fake media just keep spreading propaganda and lies ! Maybe that’s their way of dealing with their losses ! Or maybe they think they should have gotten paid a lot more money for the jobs they do for the Democratic Leftist’s!! All I know , there are good reliable true journalists out there who stand for Truth, Honesty, and For We The People of The United States ! They will continue to tell the Truth and for that We The People are Grateful and Support Them 100% ! God Bless America One Nation Under God !!🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

  9. If their lips are moving, they’re lying. Period. These so-called “journalists” have been lying to the American people for a very long time. Their lies have caused riots and needless hatred, as well as DEATHS for their reporting a about COVID and the poison dart s. They should all be arrested for crimes against humanity and treason. Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent. All he did was defend himself and others against thugs who attacked him. Wake up folks. Stop watching the FAKE NEWS.

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