Fact Check: Chip Roy Telling The TRUTH

Chip Roy recently raised some eyebrows by claiming that more people are killed by hands and knives than by rifles.

After all of the rhetoric pushed by liberals, that couldn’t possibly be true.

Could it?

Luckily, we have fact-checkers for that sort of thing.

It turns out that Chip Roy is ABSOLUTELY telling the truth.

The FBI themselves put out the numbers that showed that in 2020, more people were killed with fists and feet than were killed with rifles.

In that year, 454 people were killed with rifles.

A whopping 657 were killed by nothing other than the attackers own body. (Hands, feet, fist, etc.)

That’s nothing compared to the number of stabbing deaths though.

Over 1,700 people were stabbed to death in 2020.

There has been NO desire by liberals to outlaw knives.

So Representative Chip Roy was definitely telling the truth when he said “There are more people killed in the United States by hands and knives than rifles.”

Almost five times as many.

Source: Breitbart

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8 Responses

  1. Well that won’t help the left’s plan, so the media has been instructed to make sure that the publlic never sees those figures.

    1. As usual the Democratic Party in collusion with the MSM and Big Tech will continue to lie to all Americans. The old saying liars can’t prove anything but are good at omitting the truth.

  2. More people were killed by a hammer on any given year than by an AR-15 or AK-47. Far more children were saved and protected by AR-15s and all other types of firearms than were killed by them. There’s NO intelligent argument that supports banning any of these firearms, so what’s the real reason a government wants to disarm it’s citizens?

  3. I forgot to add that a skilled person with a knife is deadlier at Close Quarters Combat than a person with a gun. So, we’ll have to ban knives, ball bats, crossbows, compound bows, long bows, sling shots, home made clubs, anything that can be used for blunt force trauma. See how stupid all this is? If the Democrats are so concerned about crime, why did they defund law enforcement?

  4. If they are concerned about children’s live STOP ABORTIONS!!! More killed by abortion than any other method!!!!

  5. The Democrats are hypocrits there is no way to deny it. They are OK if a woman has an abortion, that baby has no rights what so ever. A drunk driver kills a pregnant woman and the driver is charged with 2 counts of murder, that baby had rights. That is just one example, Democrats want us to be divided we are more easily controlled when we are divided.

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