Far-Left House Democrats Remove Iron Dome Funding from Bill

Members of the far left have been on the attack against Israel for years.

This is nothing new, but the assault has been far more effective with the Squad in office now.

To that point, funding the United States has provided for the Iron Dome was recently removed due to far-left objections.

Pelosi and Company Cave

On the floor was a spending bill to keep the government operational through December.

The continuing resolution (CR) included the $1 billion to fund the Iron Dome in Israel.

The uber-progressives in the party objected and refused to vote to pass the bill unless that funding was removed.

Leadership caved and the funding was removed from the bill to get it through the House…

What happens now remains to be seen.

There are already reports blowing up that Israel’s PM has reached out to Democrat leadership for clarification on this.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has tried to appease Israel by saying this is just a bump in the road.

He has assured the ally nation that the funding will be restored very soon and the Iron Dome will continue to be funded by the United States.

His word probably means very little and provides little solace, however, after Israel saw what Joe Biden has done to our allies in Afghanistan.

That is especially true when you realize the Squad has been calling for the defunding of this for some time, claiming it gives Israel an unfair advantage over Hamas, you know, that little terrorist organization that operates off the Gaza Strip.

Source: Breitbart

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18 Responses

  1. why are you people letting this scum destroy us from within…….get rid of the radical crap vote these commies out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that N^a^n^c^y P^e^l^o^s^i was permanently term limited by a good heart attack or stroke, or a good high speed collision with a drunk driver. Same for her henchbuddies in congress and that lying h^e^a^t^h^e^n POS J^e^n P^s^a^k^i.

  2. When does the United States get it’s Iron Dome ? Maybe we should get Joe to ask China, or even Russia to contribute. LOL

  3. Congress needs cleaning out we need to set more ground rules term limits, can’t or sell stock or any family members due to inside trading, no family members working for them in a congressional manner and several other things to protect Americans. Limit numbers of immigrants coming in. First get rid of Biden, Harris, Schumer, Mitch McConnell mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi, Lindsey Graham, Bernie Sanders, and several others. These nut jobs act like we work for them instead of them working for us. Actually we have been behaving like we work for them time to stop

  4. To many spineless cowards that are sheep in the field. Brainwashed by media and underminded by forien Governments. Infulenced by a traitor just like Obama ! This is the problem. All of the people mentioned need to resign or be imprisoned.

  5. I vote they all resign and go to prision! Here they thought Obama was great! Great right liar, a member of the Muslin Brotherhood, not even born here. Just like Omara wo I would love to slap with her kissy face! Harris is worth nothing, the whole Biden team needs to be thrown out of our country now! What are they doing about the people left behind?

  6. The Iron Dome is not an advantage, it is a necessity for Israel to defend itself. We need to remove these idiots from office.

  7. If we DON’T HELP ISRAEL, WE ARE HELPING TERRORISTS IN THE REGION! Simple as that. When you consider BIDEN GAVE BAGRUM AIRBASE TO THE TALIBAN, AND THE TALIBAN WILL JUST LET CHINA START USING IT, THIS IS A CRITICAL ISSUE! The “BELT AND ROAD” program will be used by the Chinese to gain control of AFGHANISTAN, and by allowing them to have a cutting edge airbase in the region, the balance in the region will change radically! THIS IS INSANITY, BUT IT IS ANOTHER REASON NO REPUBLICAN SHOULD VOTE FOR EITHER PACKAGE, OR FACE THE WRATH OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS! Unless the radical DEMS succeed in changing our election laws ensuring their dominance forever!

  8. Hoyer is a liar ,it’s that simple dems have been screwing israel since obama between the commies and the jihadists in congress , plus the squad/or ”the 4 whores of the a pack of lips” and their acolytes are mainly just corrupt thieves .as proven by AOC’s sojourn into fashion, and being a hobgoblin while hob-knobbing ,in her fashionista version of a crumpled chic-fil-a take-out sack

  9. It’s as simple as this: God said I will bless those who bless my people and I will curse those who curse my people! They.. the ones that voted for this are cursed by God… watch them fall one by one!

  10. It’s sad that the Democrats think only of themselves but not the people they represent. Pelosi, Biden and any politician willing to take away Americans rights should be tried for treason and either jailed or sent to the nation that there helping.

  11. Remove all communist democrat feces sniffing, pedophile protecting, money laundering, drug dealing, cult party members from all offices and exile them to Afghanistan!

  12. Let’s just take all active Democrat members of Congress and send them with Biden and Harris to GITMO and resolve our major problem. Maybe then we could get something accomplished that would make sense. Stop spending money that we don’t have and balance the budget and keep it balanced.

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