Fauci Pivots from Daily Case Number

During the last administration, the big number was positive cases throughout the pandemic.

Democrats married themselves to that number.

With Omicron being far more contagious, Dr. Fauci is now trying to pivot away from that number.

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

I want to be clear here… hospitalizations and deaths were the numbers I stated all along were the only ones that really mattered.

The problem for Democrats was that they married the daily case rate during the 2020 campaign to attack Trump.

This week, we saw the United States set a new record for a one-day total of cases.

That shouldn’t be happening with a vaccine and someone that has had a full year in office, though, right?

But it is, and that is why Fauci is now pitching hospitalizations instead of the daily rate.

Fauci stated that as “Infections become less severe, it is much more relevant to focus on the hospitalizations as opposed to the total number of cases.”

They also want us to look away from the daily number out of panic of what could happen to the health care system with all of these positive cases.

Biden’s mandate has resulted in tens of thousands of health care workers being terminated, so we have far fewer people working in hospitals right now, and we all know how the system got overwhelmed at the height of the pandemic.

Professor of Emergency Medicine Dr. Esther Choo stated, “What we have to understand is that our health system is at a very different place than we were in previous surges.

“We have extremely high numbers of just lost health care workers, we’ve lost at least 20% of our health care workforce, probably more.”

What do you think about this massive pivot by Fauci to turn the focus away from daily cases?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Caller

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20 Responses

    1. Fauci invented a new way to spell his name – “I’m” now – CONTINUING TO BE EVEN MORE OF A WHOPING BIG LIAR” – and it requires only 40 letters, WHOA!

      1. I agree! I wonder how much the CCP is paying Fauci for all the bull crap propaganda spreading he has done on the bio-weapon. We over paid for the science. All the money he is paid should be subtract from all the money he has given to Wahu on the gain of function research. Not only lying to the American people about the bio-weapon, but crimes against humanity and treason.

    2. Agree completely. Funny, throughout the election, the democrats were pouncing on all the numbers of people getting the virus, but now that Biden is the one who should get the blame, they (Fauchi) decide that the number isn’t important anymore.

  1. All depends on what letter is after the name. If its an “R” its a daily dose of people with covid dying by other means tagged as a covid death. With a “D” behind the name its revise the way of reporting the numbers so our beloved dimwit leader doesnt get hammered.
    2022 is here and November cant come soon enough.

  2. It is all about conditioning people for total government control of our daily lives. We are a free people! Just say no!

  3. Screw fauci, the case numbers were what democraps wanted to focus on, they’re stuck with it now, no matter what”president fauci” says.
    The nation is tired of the flip flopping of the supposed “experts”, we need someone with leadership who knows BS when they hear it!!
    BUT, we’re stuck with the self appointed “science god” president fauci


  4. Fauci lies so much, what are we supposed to believe? I don’t believe anything that comes out of his or any dumbacrats mouth because they’re all liars along with the media. Is it any wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket with all of the idiots running it?!!!!!

  5. He knows the numbers they called Covid were jacked way up and doesn’t want that to be found out.

  6. Fauci needs to be jailed. How dare he, in his position, do the damage he’s done to the American people. The lies that caused many businesses to close and people loose their jobs. Shameful.

  7. He Should Be Brought Up On Crimnal Charges: Be Glad When Nov. Gets Here, Hope Something Be Done Then: And He Loses All Benefits We Have Been Paying

  8. Fraudci is a contemptable, lying troll who should be shoved back under his bridge & have it collapsed on him. He should have been fired in March of 2020! There are a LOT of people who deserve to be put on trial for crimes against humanity. He is only one of them.

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