Fauci Reports More and More Hospitalizations Among Vaccinated

Most of the east coast is now dealing with its usual flu season.

This time around, however, it means more COVID cases, regardless of vaccination status.

Dr. Fauci recently reported there are several hotspots now seeing up an uptick in hospitalizations, which includes the vaccinated.

It’s Happening Again

It is funny that only days ago, Jedediah Bila was cut off during an interview on “The View” discussing this very topic.

When she stated that the vaccinated were not immune from getting COVID and could also transmit it, Sunny Hostin cut her off end the interview was killed.

Hostin accused Bila of spreading misinformation, but that was not the case, with Fauci’s recent announcement being proof of that.

He stated, “What we’re starting to see now is an uptick in hospitalizations among people who’ve been vaccinated but not boosted.

“It’s a significant proportion, but not the majority by any means.”

The good news on the vaccine front is that booster shots do appear to be working.

Data for those receiving boosters is far better than those that had only received their initial shot or no shot at all.

Even so, the fact that there continue to be breakthrough cases makes the vaccine a hard sell to skeptics and those simply wanting to see more data before committing to a Gen1 vaccine.

Source: Fox News

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24 Responses

    1. So what they want is to shut everything down during the winter months again but we can’t allow that to happen. People are not stupid, well, Liberals are but most of us can handle our own lives responsibly. GOD, I HATE OUR GOVERNMENT.

      1. A shame isn’t it – we used to be so proud of our country but now our country is run by a bunch of evil fools! We need to get rid of these people and I don’t mean wait until November of 2022 – we need to demand a new elecvtion and throw them out! Biden is the president of the party of death and destruction!

        1. I’m very proud of our country I just can’t stand our Government that is, basically, attacking our country. As a Combat Marine Veteran I am very concerned with what is happening and like you, I hope that we do make it too 2022.

  1. Dr death still spreading disinformation as fact. The Spanish flu has been around for a102 years still killing people in the US at a 50,000 people a
    i year. So that the tells me this virus is here for the long haul. So all his talk about stopping it is so much gaslighting.

    1. Not more Covid, more flu cases they marl as Covid. Remember this crap is going to be used forever if people don’t face the fact that the Demorat administration is doing everything in their power to keep us scared and brainwashed as long as they can. This was paid for by then with our tax mobey

  2. If at first you don’t succeed giving people two shots to kill them…then by all means throw in a booster! That should do it. Talk about throwing stupid after stupid!

  3. Reckon the need for the vaccine will come to a halt just about the same time the humans on earth at present
    dwindle down to a manageable amount? Just a coincidence, I’m sure………………” Let’s hear it for POPULATION CONROL!!!! “

  4. Why would anyone get a booster if the first rounds of shots don’t work ? People who are vaccainated are still gettting the virus! That tells me that someone Fauci and his pals are lying to the American people and the rest of the world !🤬

  5. Then why in hell should I take the jab and risk my life on an experimental drug that is showing that it doesn’t work. NO JAB

  6. Yes they want to shut down our country but without a plan for making money to pay our bills…this is communism and the poverty that goes with it….I’m poor so I have been living in poverty for a few years but now I’m really getting in trouble financially at this point…the wealthy aren’t feeling this but everyone living paycheck to paycheck and have kids are in trouble…this would not be happening if President Trump was in office….

  7. I know 2 people , one from my work and my husbands, had the 3rd booster and just recovered from Covid. The gentleman was 51, the woman was 64. He was very sick for 12 days, she said flu like symptoms with fever for 4 days. How many others? Why are they pushing boosters?

  8. Let’s manage this virus with a pill like Zicam or Tamiflu. They need to approve it so we can treat ourselves at home. No more jabs!

  9. sure covid is surging again! Bidin / Harris shipped thousands of unvetted illegals all over the country! DUH!!! Keeping them numbers up there!! We need to get them out! Sooner the better!!

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