FBI Director on Police Officers Killed LOD: ‘Enough is enough’

The number of attacks against our men and women in law enforcement in recent years has escalated significantly.

For many of us, the connection from Democrat rhetoric to the violence is an easy one to make, but Democrats will, of course, deny it.

This year, the rate of police officers killed in the line of duty is already up more than 51 percent, and FBI Director Wray finally stepped up to say something about it.

Enough is Enough

Wray did an exclusive interview with Fox News this week to discuss a pandemic of a different sort… the killing of police officers on duty.

Wray pushed back what many Democrats refuse to comment on these days.

He stated, “It is an absolute tragedy what’s happening in this country. Enough is enough.”

Wray added, “It takes an unbelievably special person to be willing to get up every morning and put his [or] her life on the line for a total stranger.”

Wray also pushed back on the idea of defunding the police, an idea that is very popular with the Squad members in the party.

He stated, “I don’t believe that giving the police less resources, less training, less people is the solution. I think that just promotes lawlessness.

“I think we need to be making sure that our police departments are able to recruit and hire the right people, that they’re trained in the right way.

“That they’re equipped with the very best equipment, that they’re compensated appropriately.”

You can see the full report in the video below…

It should be very interesting to see how the progressives in the Democrat Party respond to this.

Source: Fox News

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31 Responses

  1. One has to wonder why Wray all of sudden is defending the men and women in blue. Perhaps he sees the future of the left dems. getting dimmer.

    1. Ditto, his own job is in danger. For him to say “I think” is far too weak. He ought to be blunt enough to say “I know” to the points he made.

    2. The states need to bring back capital punishment for murder of a police officer or other law enforcement. Dispose permanently of the garbage killing our men in blue. Coonmayor Lightfoot needs to be disposed of in Chicago also…

    3. It is because of his failure to enforce the laws by ignoring those at the top, who break them with impunity,( some of his own like Comey Strzok, etc.) that has contributed to the lawless attitudes by many who think that they can do the same thing and that they are entitled to the same lack of justice. So , it is getting steadily worse and he ,as the director, bears some of the culpability and respondsibility for his refusal to carry out his oath of office and his position.

  2. Well it is about time the FBI director stood up for the law enforcement community in this country

  3. FBI is right.. those mob people.. don’t provide LE for them. If they need help ? Send BLM. I’am sure they will provide the help needed

  4. and if the squad wants to cancel the police then they must give up the personal protection paid for by the taxpayers and we must remove the capital police, what is good for the goose is good for the gander

  5. I wonder what s up his sleeve with that comment. Be ware of Pelosi down sidings her wants list on the 3.5 trillion bill. AOC says she has to have what she wants, she even insisted Biden bring 200,000 Alfagan people here and left the Americans there. Nice. Her idea is to give them all voting rights, work right and stimulas checks to make sure the demorats win for now in.

  6. It’s about freakin time…………………What took him so long. It has been an outrage for a year and a half !! Our police and first responders deserve so much more !! Especially our police. God be with them all and their families, active officers and the ones who died as heroes!!

  7. The trust in the FBI has been lost with their incompetence and their siding with the left, not investigating criminal acts purpotrated by those on the left. It is for that reason that I don’t trust Wray’s words, he is up to something naferaiouse! Don’t trust them, and keep a weather eye out!

  8. Good now he’s going to help the police. But what about all of them BLM and antifa people is he going to start prosecuting them

  9. Wray ! He was Comeys boy .
    Another suited up yes man !
    Likes to golf with Barr and sessions
    The man who argued the fbi didn’t spy on Trump.and slow walked all proof .
    Let all the undocumented citizens vote ,
    for a lying Democrat. I WONT….EVER !

  10. Where was he 6 or 7 months ago when all this was getting started? He should have been the first and loudest voice heard when the dems started calling to defund the police. Now just like in all cases of ridiculously stupid decisions he is back tracking and covering his own A**.

  11. as a criminal enterprise, the demoncrat party represents felons, not their victims.

  12. Drug Cartel gangs require new members to actually KILL a white person as an initiation REQ’T, so this is now happening all over California, U just don’t hear about it, (Like MOST important things, its hushed/covered up)

  13. Where the hell have you been for the past couple of years. Go back to sleep, you can wake up when they vote Biden out as you will be done also.

  14. What?! Wray is finally standing up for our law enforcement officers. He should have never sabotaged our President and this crap wouldn’t be happening.

  15. Must be the boys in the “back room” have his butt on the hot seat…..
    But the democrats solution is setting this up for more “gun control”, the democrats think Norway’s “gun control” worked since the bow and arrow incident.
    I betcha.

  16. I think he is just saying this to try to keep his job in the future, he sees the writing on the wall as far as the democrats go. Else why does he not do something about school boards asking for the FBIs help against parents who are concerned about what their children are being taught. Why are they spying on Americans instead of going after the real enemies, like China, NK, Iran, Taliban and so forth. Why are they not forthcoming into the 1/6 protest and letting us know what Pelosi knew and when. Why not go after whoever is funding the Antifa and BLM extremist. Why not got after the Judges who keep releasing dangerous people back into our society. I could go on and on about what should be looked into. At least he stuck a little toe out, but don’t hope for much.

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