DOJ Watchdog Finds 200 Errors in FBI FISA Applications

One would think that after the Trump debacle, the FBI would have tightened up its FISA application process.

That, however, does seem to be the case.

An investigation by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed more than 200 errors in the applications reviewed.

Get It Together

The Trump Russian collusion investigation has turned into a complete mess for Democrats and the DOJ.

Not only did they not succeed in removing Trump from office, but now fingers are pointing at Hillary and the FBI is in a heap of trouble.

We know the FISA warrant process was flawed in the Trump investigation, but it goes much deeper than that.

The IG investigation looked at 7,000 FISA applications, finding 183 with errors, which included factual details being misconstrued.

Twenty-nine of the applications were of particular interest, having hundreds of errors alone.

Horowitz, in the report, states, “The OIG initiated this audit to determine whether the significant errors found in the December 2019 OIG report were indicative of a more widespread problem with the Woods Procedures compliance.

“Given the FBI’s reliance upon its Woods Procedures to help ensure the accuracy of its FISA applications, we believe the missing Woods Files represent a significant lapse in the FBI’s management of its FISA program.”

The FBI responded, “The FBI’s FISA authorities are indispensable national security tools and a vital means of accomplishing our mission of protecting the American people from national security threats.

“But our mission is also to uphold the Constitution, and the FBI remains committed to executing our FISA process with the unwavering rigor it requires.”

I have another recommendation… fire Director Wray and let’s get some fresh blood at the top of the agency that can bring the FBI back to being the prestigious law enforcement entity it was.

We have far too many amazing people in that agency to allow leadership to continue to drive its reputation into the ground.

Source: Fox News 

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13 Responses

  1. This has CERTAINLY demonstrated for the American public that the FBI is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. This agency, once under the questionable tutelage of J. Edgar Hoover has apparently SURRENDERED to politics, “the law be damned”. This is quite a departure from the lily white dressing it has received through the years. I (we) can only hope that the run of the mill agents who make up the majority of the agency still ascribe to a code of honor. Unfortunately, some of their ‘bosses’ have left MUCH TO BE DESIRED !!!

  2. I TOLD you when Trump was going after ALL the PLAYERS in the FBI he did NOT GO FAR ENOUGH. He should have wiped out the top of the FBI and that Included WRAY as he was the LEADER of all the others that WERE FIRED. NOW we will have to wait 3 more years for him to FINISH THE JOB!

    1. If Trump runs for the House in 2922, before the Presiency in 2024, it could have a great impact on FBI leadership and mission.

  3. The FBI is part of the communist Democrats. They have Hunter’s laptop for two years containing evidence of corruption & have done nothing. If that was one of Trump’s family the FBI would have them executed.

  4. I doubt that anything will change during the Biden administration. If the FBI were to prove their value, they would have had Hunter Biden in the sights from September 2020 until now. But they have placed the Hunter Biden investigations in the same file as all of the Hillary Clinton investigations. Nothing will ever be done.

    The entire Justice Department is just as corrupt. There are more examples that could be mentioned. It was interesting to read that Jim Comey’s brother worked for the firm that represented the Clinton Foundation. IS that why Comey had the FBI drop the investigations and announce they would not prosecute Hillary during the 2016 campaign? We can come forward to the more recent times of the investigations into the Jan 6th events. They have kept American citizens locked in solitary confinement to await trial. Is this constitutional? Or is the Justice Department treating these people unjustly based on Swamp Queen Pelosi’s instruction? The FBI was involved with the planning of the Jan 6th riot. Not a single person, who is a member of Antifa or BLM, are included in those being treated as political prisoners.

    The FISA application problems are just the tip of the ice berg. The FBI and the DOJ are as corrupt as members of Congress.

  5. the FBI is as dirty as they come they need to close it down and start all over from bottom to the top AL Compone was more trust worthy and honest then these crooks

  6. So will anything be done about it? I doubt it. So sad that our most needed agency has been compromised and cannot be trusted.

  7. Getting rid of Wray is not going to solve the FBI credibility problem.
    Throwing people in jail Comey, Wray, Strozk, Mueller, etc., etc. might be a beginning but it is going to be a long road.
    Maybe breaking up the organization, decentralizing authority, reeducation, and closing down the DC offices would help?

  8. The FBI has become THE POLITICAL POLICE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, AND ALONG WITH THE FEDERALIZATION OF THE CAPITAL POLICE, VIOLATES OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF THE STATES! BIDEN and the DEMS are attempting to change our form of government from a Republic to Federalism! The FBI is STILL as corrupt on the 7th floor as it was when Comey was fired! Any corrupt leader surrounds themselves with supporters, so simply removing a criminal from the top, will result in replacing them with someone else who is as corrupt! Organizational Psychology 101! With BIDEN in control, or lack there of, any replacement would only BE MORE OF A LEFTIST THAN WRAY! The ENTIRE UPPER LEVEL NEEDS TO BE REMOVED AS THE CORRUPTION RUNS DEEP IN THAT ORGANIZATION! I EXPECTED BARR TO MAKE CLEANING UP THE 7TH FLOOR A MAJOR TASK OF THE TRUMP ADMIN. WHEN THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN, I KNEW BARR WAS SIMPLY ANOTHER SWAMPER!

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