FBI Traitor EXPOSED – Trump Is Fuming…

MSNBC contributor Neal Katyal has reached one definitive conclusion as a result on the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s private residence.

There’s a mole in Trump’s camp.

The only way Katyal could see things happening the way they have is if there was an “inside source, a mole.”

“To to me, the big headline is the former president of the United States is under investigation by the FBI for a violation of The Espionage Act, among other things. So that, to me, is the headline. Then it’s supported by two different things: the warrant and the inventory of what was found at Mar-a-Lago. I’m going to start with the latter because, you know, yesterday when there were all these reports of FBI going and trying to find nuclear information or signals intelligence information, I said, look, we got to be cautious because that’s just what the FBI is looking for. We don’t know what they actually found. Today we learned what they found, and we learned that at Mar-a-Lago was some of the nation’s most serious, sensitive information, what is called top secret, sensitive, compartmented information. That was at Mar-a-Lago. It ain’t no hoax. It’s there. There’s no reasonable argument that could be advanced for why that material is at Mar-a-Lago,” Katyal said.

“Donald Trump’s not the president anymore. He has no need for that information. So that is a damning fact. We then have the second document, which is the warrant. That’s what the FBI went to the federal judge with and said, you know, here’s what we need. The judge then signed off and said here’s what you are allowed to do. Now in the warrant which the federal magistrate judge signed, he said there has to be probable cause to believe that there are documents at Mar-a-Lago that are relevant to three specific crimes. One is 18 USC 793, The Espionage Act, taking defense information against the interests of the United States or grossly negligently removing it from its proper place of custody, aka the White House. Also, it covers the failure to return classified or sensitive information when demanded by the United States. That has a ten-year sentence.”

But Katyal wasn’t done yet:

“Second crime is 18 USC 2071, which is concealment, removal or mutilation of defense information. That’s a three-year penalty, but it also bars you from running for future federal office.”

Then the third crime enumerated that the magistrate judge signed off on is 18 USC 1519, which is a surprise to us. This is a statute about the destruction or alteration, or falsification of records in an active federal investigation. So that’s like maybe Trump was flushing documents down the toilet once he learned the government was looking for them. Who knows? That’s the one that probably does require inside source, a mole, or something like that, working with the FBI. Otherwise, it’s hard for me to understand how the FBI would have thought that would have been a potential crime. So those are the three. It’s looking incredibly badly for Donald Trump at this point,” he concluded.

Who do you think we should trust in this situation, the FBI or Donald Trump?

Let us know in the comments below.

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97 Responses

  1. President Trump wasn’t even at Mar-A-Lago when the raid went down so how could he be flushing anything down the toilet! This would not be the first time that so-called “law enforcement” planted the evidence they wanted to find to convict someone, and that’s what’s going on here! They just can’t leave him alone, they hate him and fear him so much. I am totally disgusted with our government! This is worse than Communism!

  2. The Biden administration has been working over time to find ‘something’ that will incriminate the President and prevent him from running in 2024. Their fishing expeditions will not ever cease until after 2024 elections just as their criminal intent to alter the results of the coming election will never end. Once you have ‘cheated’ and never been caught you will do it again and as long as the D’s remain in power, in control over the DOJ and have judges in their pockets the cheating will never stop for they have declared themselves above the law.

    1. How could he or anybody flush paper down the toilet. They where not there. This whole thing was planted. And Joe Boy knew it. This was to stop Trump from running. But, America knows democrats have been everything and it doesn’t work. So one last try.

    2. What makes me wonder is what are they going to do about the Governor of Florida? He’s everyone’s second pick? They hate him as much as they hate Trump.

      1. We have a very communist regime in control of our country and need to vote every RAT and all RINO’s.Please vote in November.

  3. I’m sure President Trump sat down on an overturned wastebasket and hand sorted out the most sensitive and restrictive files to take to his home. It must have taken about 6 months to get enough sensitive papers. Katyal and the rest of the Dem conspirators are seriously insane To think this President had to put up with such morons is unbelievable !!

    1. These crooked RATs are so scared that they will be in prison that I do believe they will do anything and I do mean ANYTHING to keep the Republicans from taking over. Please remember this is our children future.

  4. Trump is honest. The Democrats and Democrat congress are disrespecting the office of the President Trump and it goes on. the pundits, media and anti Trump lawyers, ugh. If they want to protect democracy, they have to pitch in and save it, not destroy it. I say Democrats, eat crow and apologize to Trump for all the last 6 years of attacks or else good by democracy and good bye America. Trump’s home was illegally searched and seized by a democrat plan to get him. Liz Chenet get him paranoia. Garland is incompetent, but thinks he is the greatest, well if he so pompous to make a mountain out of a mole hill, then it is not helpful. Americans don’t want him secretively plotting politics – come out and be a man and communicate your next justification for this independent raid on a great American Trump. Work with him, he is an American that will work with you as he did so well for the American people 1 1/2 years ago, even though he was surrounded by anti Trump people, just an amazing American to survive it all..

  5. The DOJ/FBI, neither one would be a “go to” for truth. They have become far too politicized, and, I sure as hell wouldn’t trust this so-called FBI mole. As a member of the law enforcement agency out to pin a criminal case against the former President, it isn’t in his own interest to be completely impartial. Now that the DOJ/FBI has bought into this, get Trump for the J6th Committee, I imagine this slimy little bast**d will say just about anything for his bosses at the DOJ.

  6. Just another sick demented plot to attempt to take out Trump! After watching the DEMON-CRATS do this over and over and over anyone who believes this is pretty much stupid! What should scare the hell out of Americans is that the DOJ ,FBI , S. Service and every judicial branch of our government in an arm of these communist who want the total destruction of America! They have attempted to frame Trump 3 times. By the grace of god they have been busted outright lying to the American public. Have you noticed that not one of these EVIL a-holes have served 1 day in jail never even went to court? Remember it was the FBI that was caught falsifying documents not Trump. It was the dems and FBI that initiated the Russia scam it was the dems and the FBI colluding with Russia spies and so much more evidence of foul play on the part of the dems and the FBI and the DOJ! No they want u to buy into their next hoax. NOT BUYING IT! Makes more sense that EVIL is at it again!

  7. After the events of the last six years and all the Illegal acts and lies of the FBI and DOJ you want me to believe this time is different ? That My friend is totally beyond my ability to do ,prove to me that both departments was cleansed of corruption then we can talk about this . But the whole appearance of this is evil and corrupt.

  8. Why don’t you dumb stupid idiot stop say bull crap that you know nothing about>:
    The only way that something like that would happen is if there was a FBI OR
    D.O.J. mole was there at the white house helping pack boxes> and put some thing there in the boxes>:>

  9. I think there are people in the FBI who are dishonest and are working for the Deep State. I think if they found something at Trumps house they had to have planted the information. I do not trust our government either. Look at the Russian Hoax and no one was held accountable. They keep doing bad things and no justice.

  10. Hey Washington you bunch of DA’S! Want to see some really good stuff go thru the POS that goes to the WH once a week! But you can find some really good stuff under Hunter – but you will not look for anything against the DEM! They are so pure! LOL – You will soon realize what you have done to yourself! You are finished! You cannot get elected dog catcher – cause all the dog know how you stink – really are just plain ol skanks! You have won the SKANK AWARD – congrats you deserve it! Remember Karma – it is on your


  12. Having not seen a single one of the documents seized by FBI agents at Mar-a-Lago, it would seem that Mr. Katyal is indulging in wishful thinking, brought on, no doubt, by his own suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). He’s taking the FBI at their word as to what they ‘expected’ to find. He has no idea what they really found. Rather than indulging in useless speculation, maybe he should just wait for ALL of the facts.

  13. I absolutely agree with what everyone is saying ,if the democrats want to punish someone they need to clean their own house first. President Trump loves America and would never do anything to harm it or the people, unlike PELOSI AND SOME OF THE OTHER DEMOCRATS. The only reason the democrats don”t like PRESIDENT TRUMP is because they don”t own him.The Republican party needs to get behind him and support him the democrats have only hurt themselves ,because all they have talked about in the last six years is DONALD TRUMP. They need to get a life of their own .they all need to RETIRE!

  14. Ok. Think people. After 6 years of trying to get rid of MAGA. The MAGA which was messing up the D.C. swamps good ole boy government graft and corruption. What would stop the GSA packers; in league with the Never Trumpers, RINOs, DOJ, Democrats, FBI and Biden Admin team from packing anything they wanted 18 months ago in order to have it conveniently found just in time to affect the midterm elections and most of all try and stop TRUMP from even getting on the 2024 ballot. Much less be the GOP candidate.
    After ALL the fake news, condpiracy, planting of evidence, lies and deceit against Trump since the escalator ride.
    How could they not plant this stuff. Surprised they didn’t hide the nuclear football at Mar-a-lago. January 6th made it possible for them to break all the rules. Imprison political prisoners.
    Go after Trump admin. Go for broke against 2024. Just sayin.

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