FBI Whistleblower Slams Delay for Arrets of CNN Producer

Last week, the news world was rocked when it was announced that John Griffin, a longtime producer at CNN, had been arrested.

Griffin has been charged with child trafficking.

What we did not know is that a search warrant had been issued 17 months ago.

Why So Long?

Jane Turner, a former FBI special agent who blew the whistle on the FBI’s mishandling of child sex crime cases in North Dakota’s Native American reservations, is now slamming the agency for how it treated this case.

Much like the case she was involved with, she believes it took the FBI far too long to act.

She stated, “He obviously is a sexual predator, and has gone from grooming children into actually ‘capturing’ them.

“Very, very dangerous offender.”

She even went a step further saying that the FBI “don’t give a da– about these kind of cases.”

The case seemed pretty cut and dry, at least from the evidence we have seen.

For instance, the prosecutor’s pretrial detention memo reads, “When confronted with this video during an interview by FBI agents, Griffin’s first response was merely to suggest he was not looking at the naked girl, despite that she was standing so close to him to be touching.”

Turner, on Griffin, stated, “He has a horrific hatred of women.

“I would like to know his background.

“He is an incredibly dangerous offender.”

She then suggested that the delay in his arrest may have put other girls at risk.

Turner stated, “As Roy Hazelwood taught profilers at Quantico, where you find one, there are many more: Kick open the door.

“They should have kicked this up to the ‘A Team,’ put a lot of time and resources on it, but as we all know, anything to do with sex and kids holds a yuck factor for a lot of agents and their supervisors.”

Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor who has been monitoring the case, added, “I can’t think of any legitimate reason for the delay in arresting Griffin, especially when the adoptive mother was arrested in August 2020.

“Even if he were cooperating, it would usually be post-arrest and indictment.”

Griffin is now facing two counts of attempted child sex trafficking and one count of child sex trafficking.

What is your impression of the FBI these days?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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41 Responses

  1. My impression of the FIB is that it is a corrupt organization doing the bidding of Democrats in power. They have much housecleaning to do to be considered “legitimate”. Thank God for whistle blowers and people of conscience.

    1. Thank You Mr. Shiers, you posted just my exact thoughts.
      I cannot believe in all honesty that the FBI is so flat chested
      when it comes to the Democrat Party and ignores what else
      is happening in our country. We have corruption coming out
      our eyeballs everyday and they sit in their offices drinking
      coffee, I reckon. Well, I think it is time to do some house
      cleaning of this organization and I do mean completely.

    2. My opinion is that it is crooked corrupt at the top which drags down and drags down and degrades the hard working agents in the field at the bottom.

  2. I think the FBI, CIA & Justice Department need to be completely dissolved by “We The People COS Action”

    1. Oh boy—ain’t that a funny one. Cannot believe anything coming out of CNN at all, can we. They are as far left as the deep state!!

  3. FBI hasn’t been doing their jobs for a very, very long time! Everyone knows it. It is way past time to shut them down and allow other agencies to step in. I am not a “defund the police” person, I know we need police and law enforcement. But we need agencies that we can be proud of, agencies that do their job and do it no matter who has committed the crime!

    1. They do their jobs when it suits them. When it suits them is usually when a high profile Republican is involved and rarely or never when it is a democrat.

  4. The Russia collusion was enough to get rid of the FBI! Coney and company should be in jail!

  5. Defund the Democrats !
    My game plan is
    This is a lifelong pledge !
    Brandon is weak and clueless !
    No way this loser makes any medical decisions for me or my family !

  6. What can we expect from these so called powerful Corporations THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT AND DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE, they never did. Let’s not forget they are PRIVATE Corporations. they are not a part of a government. They are NOT being vote in by WE THE PEOPLE.

  7. When The FBI raids your home at 4am and CNN arrives to film the event ?
    A strange web of deceit involving the Democrat party the Media and the FBI !
    All dirty and involved in pushing a false narrative !

  8. When institutions like the FBI are compromised to the degree that it has been, it cuts deep into the trust component we’re supposed to be able to have. Institutions comprise part of the basic fabric of our country, without them, our country simply begins to disintegrate. This is why morals are so important.

  9. The FBI has become the SS of the Democratic party. Instead of protecting America from the likes of what’s going on right now, they are helping the Communist to take over. With all the harm that’s happening to the country, now,they should have been investigating the Dems when they were made fools of over the Russian- Trump crap. Since they are going to help them destroy us, then they are useless and it’s time to over haul the whole ball of wax of non Americans hell bent on ruining the country. Nobody from the left cares about the country they only care about staying in power and promoting their stupidity. We haven’t seen any good come of this whole administration. Sad😥!

  10. Politicized and corrupt, at least at the top levels, especially with Garland as the director. It needs to be cleaned up, from the top down !

  11. IMO Every Manager above mid-level in the FBI needs to be replaced for incompetence or abuse of power for weaponizing the FBI to persecute conservatives. Why don’t they go after the Jeff BOZOS of big tech with the same enthusiasm?

  12. If I’m not mistaken censorship is a blatant violation of the first amendment free speech clause of the U.S. Constitution. That would make the censorship being openly practiced by Twitter and Facebook, and Google, and YouTube, etc. crimes that deserve to be investigated.

    Of course the reason big tech is getting away with censorship is they are protected by Desperate politicians. Why? Because every FBI persecution for exercising Free speech is to suppress conservative speech and help the Deceptivecrats “win” “fair” elections.

  13. FBI and DOJ are the most corrupt organizations we have in the United States. We need to defund them! They are the ones being directed by the Biden admin to do all of their dirty work! They are also not investigating Hunter because Biden directed them to block it! It will all come out soon, but that needs to happen now and not give them time to block or destroy any evidence. Its time to take the country back and give it back to the people that pay for it! It’s being destroyed and Biden is letting it happen in our faces. No pipeline to start the presidency when we were not dependent on anyone. Borders wide open for almost a tear! Afghanistan, now Ukraine is going to get taken over by Russia? When is he going to be stopped? Get out and vote for Republicans so we can stop the takeover before it’s all gone to hell!

  14. The F.B.I. is nothing but CROOLED liberal organization !! The F.B.I. , C.I.A. , and the Department of Justice needs to be GUTTED and replaced with a different form of government . The Clintons , Hunter Biden and MANY other democrats should already be in prison . But , it’s the democrats that they protect . I lost respect for these one sided , liberal organizations years ago !!

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