FBI Whistleblower: FBI Created ‘Threat Tag’ for Parents

With every passing day, it seems as though the testimony by Attorney General Merrick Garland before Congress gets torn apart just a bit more.

The latest piece of evidence leading us down this path was sent out by an FBI whistleblower.

An internal email shows that the FBI had created a “threat tag” to track alleged violence against educators.

Domestic Terrorism

The big controversy here is just about how much influence and coordination was going on between the FBI, the White House, the National School Boards Association (NSBA), and other teacher union groups to track parents.

When Merrick Garland testified, he stated that the letter sent to him by the NSBA was what initiated the investigation into violence at school board meetings.

That, at the very least, appears to be false.

Internal memos from the NSBA were leaked last week showing possible White House coordination with the group over how it would treat parents objecting to curriculum and “woke” agendas being pushed in schools.

Now, a whistleblower has come forward to leak documents showing just how far the FBI went to investigate the alleged abuse and threats against educators by parents.

The FBI had created a “threat tag” to track activity.

The email states, “The purpose of the threat tag is to help scope this threat on a national level, and provide an opportunity for comprehensive analysis of the threat picture for effective engagement with law enforcement partners at all levels.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) specifically asked Attorney General Garland about this, and he denied it was happening.

Jordan now wants answers regarding Garland’s blatant lie under oath…

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) also chimed in, tweeting, “If this is accurate, parents are getting the domestic-terrorist treatment after all.”

The FBI responded to the newly revealed document, stating that the tag “in no way changes the long-standing requirements for opening an investigation, nor does it represent a shift in how the FBI prioritizes threats.

“The Attorney General’s memorandum simply underscores the FBI’s ongoing efforts to assist state, local, and federal partners to address threats of violence, regardless of the motivation.

“The FBI has never been in the business of investigating parents who speak out or policing speech at school board meetings, and we are not going to start now.”

This entire administration, at every level, has blatantly lied to the American people virtually every day of its existence.

There is some weird shadow government operating within this administration that is a legitimate threat to this country’s future.

Finally, it is all being exposed.

Source: Fox News

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32 Responses

    1. He is a nasty communist who wants to see this country destroyed! Time to fire the management of the DOJ and FBI as they are working against American patriots! As a parent, I have the right to see what is being taught to my kids.

      1. These 2 organizations, Federal bureau of ignorance and department of injustice are dividing us as much as this stolen administration and begging for a revolution / civil war. they fail to realize we are not Australians or Canadians ,we are totally pissed off patriotic Americans. These 2 organizations are a big part of the shadow government / deep state!!!!!!

  1. Every time there is good news, it gets ripped apart! What is going on with the government? Why is everything going on halfway? Let’s just take a break and try to get a solution for all the craziness in this case.

    1. The fake news is responsible for spreading false information and should be held accountable. He who controls the media controls the country and it’s citizens.

      1. Quote by Nakita Krushev when Kennedy was president, We won’t have to fire a shot to take
        America all we have to do is get control of the media!!!
        ccp has control of most MSM and our government and they own Hollyweird .

    2. You cannot get answers that are not lies. The whole Democratic party is made up of a huge group of liars and any department of the government that goes along with the current administration are also liars. In fact, in this day and age, do we have any honest politicans in D.C. Everywhere one looks there are those trying to BS the American public. Boy! am I tired of it.

  2. Josh Hawley will get to the bottom of this travestey. Merrick garland is a lier, or he is stupid. He lied to congress. But that is what democrates do. Lie cheet n steal. They all need to go. PERIOD.

  3. Why is the FBI even involved in local matters, local authorities are the ones to address such ongoings. BTW The next time I go to a shool board meeting I intend to raise big time hell!

  4. This includes Obama, Biden, Pelosi and the whole administration lying about everything. You can’t trust the Biden’s administration and you can’t trust our justice system anymore. The Gestapo is alive and well in FBI and DOJ. An idiot Joe Biden agrees with them. Joe Biden is just a mouth piece for the nazi regime.

  5. Everything done by Democrats is dishonest and evil, why cant all people see this, die hard democrats and stupid Rhino republicans,we have to shut them down completely

    A pitiful excuse ! DUMB AS DIRT. !!!

  7. Time to face the FACT my friends, since the last FRAUDULENT “election” that “installed two chinese communist bought and owned CONTROLLABLE “puppets” we are under communist control.
    mentally-ill Dementia-joe, and the constitutionally-ineligible “anchor baby HO”, are NOT “in charge” they are just “figureheads” that are doing what they are told to say and do by the “deep state handlers”, and the CABAL “elites”. (the schwabs, the bilderbergs, the rothchilds, the rockefellers, the central bankers, and the “secret societies”the illuminate, and the free masons, THAT is the way it has always been always WILL BE until the people realize they have been living in a LIE all their lives.

  8. We just want our children to be taught how to think, not what to think. Teach, do not indoctrinate. Reading, writing, and arithmetic is what your qualified to teach. Stick to your credentials and your school board meetings will be school board meetings. You come for our children and expect us to surrender them like lambs. We have a voice, your actions asked to hear it, sit back and listen, it’s our turn to speak. Your false labels will not prevent us from being parents to our children. Your shut down labels have no affect when you involve our children. You cannot have them, they are ours.

  9. Meanwhile BLM, SJW, and ANTIFA run around terrorizing people beatings and killings. The FBI is worthless nothing but NAZU Brown shirts similar to Hitler’s. Go Brandon

  10. Running America on pure Hate !!!
    Hate for White people and Trump supporters . Hatred for the people who have learned the way NOT to trust Democrats .RACISM ITS ALL THEY GOT.! CRT, BLM ,AOC , LBGHIJK

  11. Garland’s son-in-law’s company made $27 million last year off of selling CRT propaganda to schools. Ted Cruz nailed him on that, asking him if he did not see a conflict of interest in his (Garland) being involved in threatening parents with the FBI, etc. Garland would not answer that question. He just kept trying to refer to a letter he had received, but Cruz (love this man) would not let him off the hook. Fight for the children.

  12. What did you expect from a dirt bag like Garland? He’s on Obribems payroll!!
    Obribem has weaponized the DOJ and FBI against parents who just want their kids to get an education, NOT indoctrination. When a parent at a school board meeting cannot get a straight answer from the board, what are they supposed to do? You can’t get a straight answer due to the “WOKE” narrative the pukes are pushing.
    It’s time the teachers unions were hurt, and I mean, HURT BAD!!!!!!
    Take their funding, vote out the trouble makers, and FOR GOD’S SAKE GET RID OF CRT!!!!!! We don’t have time or a use for it!!

  13. Someone more skilled than needs to photo shop a picture of Garland wearing an SS uniform. I bet they could sell a lot of shirts! I would buy one! 😎😎

  14. Garland and Fauci both need to be jailed for life. Parents have EVERY RIGHT to know what their children are being taught. The FBI has nothing to do with schools. They should be taking care of THE REAL TERRORISTS! Americans, DON`T GIVE UP! WE THE PEOPLE WILL STAND TOGETHER AND FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY THAT GOD HAS BLESSED US WITH! DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR EVIL! PLEASE PRAY, AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN! THE GOOD LORD is showing us those who have done our Country Wrong! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  15. LETS GO BRANDON !!! Garland is so unsuited for the job. He won’t answer peoples questions and should be fired as the entire Brandon Administration sucks. Nothing they have done is PRO-AMERICA.

  16. the worst thing demoncrats at the FBI did was defraud a fisa court to obtain surveillance of republicans in 2016 to who knows when. all those individuals should be facing felony convictions. where is justice?

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