Wisconsin Becomes Focus of Election Irregularities in 2020 Election

Democrats continue to rail on about how honest and open the 2020 election was.

Somehow, the most honest election happened after a 2016 election that House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) called a heist and a 2018 election where Stacey Abrams claims voter suppression cost her the governor’s mansion.

Trump has been railing since his loss about possible issues (all of which have been dismissed by Democrats), including in the state of Wisconsin, where yet more problems are starting to surface.

Ground Zero

There are now two major problems in Wisconsin that conservatives are going to focus on.

First, there were nursing home residents who had their votes exploited.

Secondly, there are alleged election instructions that were given in Wisconsin that were unlawful.

When you add inmate voting, ballot harvesting, and other illegal ballots being cast in different states, clearly, some things need to be worked on to ensure an honest election in this country.

The cries for more secure elections will only get louder after Thursday’s big announcement by a local Wisconsin sheriff.

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling uncovered a scheme where dozens of cognitively impaired nursing home residents had allegedly cast ballots in the election.

In one case, the deceased resident’s family found out the individual had cast a ballot, even though said individual had passed away a month before the election.

Sheriff Schmaling stated that the “election statute was in fact not just broken, but shattered.”

This problem, specifically, has been running rampant.

Again, I will not go so far as to say it would have impacted the general election, but local elections can clearly be influenced by even a few votes, let alone a few dozen, hundred, or thousand.

Just fix the problem now and we never have to hear about it again… it really is that simple.

Source: Just the News

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21 Responses

    1. DemoRats always talk about how honest an election is as long as they win but let a Republican win and all they do is yell how dishonest the election was. I’m telling all of you, the DemoRats, FBI, CIA and ALL of the Federal Agencies ARE the enemy of the United States. It could not be more clear.

  1. Every single state should have an audit done by uninterested third parties. Then the election can be overturned and Biden and Obama kicked out of the White House.

  2. We The People all know there’s no way Biden (hiding in his basement) won our 2020 Election.
    The People’s White House, Capitol, and Pentagon was indeed Rigged and Stolen with Fraudulent. Now these Deranged Communist are holding it Hostage. They all need to be Stopped and Removed from any means it takes.

  3. As far as I can tell, the 2020 election was totally rigged from the very start by the liberal democrat criminals and they have completely gotten away with it !!! As long as nothing is done to lock these criminals up and overturn the results, it will be done over and over again in EVERY future election !! If they get away with it once, what is to stop them from doing it in EVERY election that comes afterwards ?? THIS COUNTRY HAS GONE COMPLETELY TO THE DOGS !! I wouldn’t EVER trust another election outcome, no matter what !!!! WHY EVEN BOTHER TO HAVE AN ELECTION, JUST GO ALONG WITH WHOEVER THE LIBERALS WANT IN OFFICE LIKE THEY DID THIS TIME !!! OUR SO CALLED LEADERS ARE DISGUSTING DEGENERATE CRIMINALS AND I WILL NEVER TRUST ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF WASHINGTON D.C. AGAIN !!! #F**K JOE BIDEN !!! F**K YOU TOO IF YOU VOTED FOR HIM OR ARE GOING ALONG WITH THIS FARCE FOR AN ELECTION !!!

      1. I coul;d not agree more with you. And to top it off what about all the money Zuckerberg invested to make sure they fraud could be pulled of. We are becoming a 3rd world country. I hope voters that went along with that scam are happy with the outcome.

  4. Just count the votes that were legal according to the Wisconsin Legislative election laws , recount the legal votes, and then re-instate president Trump…..It really is that simple !!!!

  5. We all know there were way too many anomalies in the 2020 election in addition to election laws being broken, and all under the guise of Covid concerns. There is no way Biden won!

  6. “Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling uncovered a scheme where dozens of cognitively impaired nursing home residents had allegedly cast ballots in the election.” I love it, because of that we got a cognitively impaired POS-in-chief. Biden = unlikeable moron. With a wife that should be in jail for elder abuse.

  7. Mike Lindell has told about this since early this year about ll as votes being changed by the internet. There were enough votes changed in all 50 states to get Biden elected in actuality Biden lost the election. Get rid of all voting machines and prosecute crooked election officials. If you do not straightened out this mess now you never will. There was voter fraud in all 50 states. All 50 states need to investigate and recertificy the election and bounce Biden and his crew out of the White House. Ask yourself are you better off today after the swearing in of the present administration ? If your like me living on a fixed income gas at $3.19 a gallon was less than $2 before milk $5 gallon now bread $3 a loaf throw the bums out

  8. It makes you wonder ,how many years and times have the Demacrats stolen the elections from good politicians I don’t think the country as a whole wants the government that has been forced on us over the past few years

  9. More information revealed everyday about fraud exposed in the 2020 election but nobody is getting charged .
    No fines ,no jail sentence. The 2022 and 2024 election will not improve unless something is done with the crooks.

    The people will not tolerate another cheating election . Washington is suppose to work for us. People are not stupid.

  10. What people aren’t going to tolerate another fraudulent election? Look at all the witnesses who tried to stop it the last time.Do you think those Demonrats are going to let anyone stop them now?They are going to turn this country communist and we sit by complaining but nobody does anything to stop it

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