REPORT: Durham Shifts Focus to Pentagon Contractors

The John Durham probe has taken a rather interesting turn over the last few days.

Reports are now surfacing that Durham has made a sudden and forceful pivot in his focus.

Durham is now reportedly looking into Pentagon contractors who possibly used their clearances to help Democrat operatives.

The Big Shift

Last month, the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton took a major shot with the indictment of attorney Michael Sussman.

Sussman has ties to both the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

According to the indictment, Sussman lied to the FBI when he presented a “tip” regarding Trump’s alleged ties to the Russians.

Durham has since moved his focus to additional Pentagon contractors that were possibly helping the Democrat Party.

A RealClearInvestigations report found that the contractors were using their security clearances at the Pentagon to obtain information, then pass it on to Democrat operatives.

Durham has taken the breadcrumbs to lead him to investigate cybersecurity consulting firm Neustar, Inc.

The company’s former chief technology officer, Rodney L. Joffe, has also been a Biden White House adviser on cybersecurity, so this is now getting very interesting.

Joffe has been identified as “Tech Executive-1” in the Sussman indictment.

The indictment says that the executive “exploited his access to nonpublic data at multiple Internet companies to conduct opposition research concerning Trump… In furtherance of these efforts, [Joffe] had enlisted, and was continuing to enlist, the assistance of researchers at a U.S.-based university [Georgia Tech] who were receiving and analyzing Internet data in connection with a pending federal government cybersecurity research contract.”

Joffe’s attorney, of course, says that Durham’s indictment offers a “misleading picture” of his involvement.

All I know is that the breadcrumbs are starting to lead back to Obama and Biden, which will make it very interesting in terms of Garland allowing this to continue or if he suddenly decides to shut it down.

If he takes the latter route, and it would not shock me if he did, I would imagine Republicans will be up in arms, setting up a Biden impeachment as soon as they take over Congress.

Source: The Blaze

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14 Responses

  1. Democrats have lied and cheated at every turn. None of their testimony or in formation can be relied upon. Overall, there are no innocent Democrats. They are a failed bunch and should be exiled as they have joined in a huge treason attempt.

    1. People without a country, exiled to a remaning life at sea, never to see American soil for the rest of their natural lives, just like Edward Everett Hale in 1863, would be very fitting, well, except for those executed for treason.

    2. Well, will anyone be held too account?? I hope that we will see Prosecutions in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!!

    3. They all need to be put into Gitmo, until a Military Tribunal is conducted.
      Biden administration
      Obama administration
      Clinton administration
      Bush administration
      Bush Sr. Administration.
      All of Congress, on how they made their money while in Congress both sides.

  2. I hope Dunham has 2nd Amendment armed security 24/7, or he may be hit be Arkancide. IF he manages to avoid Arkancide, his book, which will unoubtly be forthcoming, should be a real doozy.

  3. Unfortunately justice moves at a crawl these days, especially when the Elitist Dems are the perps. Hopefully some day we will know the entire truth & the guilty will pay the maximum penalty for High Treason. As a law abiding citizen I expect no less. Military tribunals are necessary given the level of involvement in the continuing coup de’atat .

  4. There has been in your face fraud and corruption and still the Durham mystery report is covert. Why? The Clinton’s, Soros who has appointed prosecutors in every major city to allow criminal activity, Obama the puppet master also directed by the NWO, and the World Bank Godfathers. The evidence is abundant. Justice ? Well….where is it? There are no innocent politicians and every single one who allowed this coup to evolve should swing. Durham…stop dragging your feet. Merrick Garland is an evil petty little man playing his part in destroying every freedom the Constitution gives us. Biden? He’s just another demented pedophile. He is not the head of the Beast.

    1. Quite well-stated, and I believe accurate as well.
      Too bad we do not have an honest press, if we
      did some of this would be challenged and maybe
      corrected, to the benefit of our country.

  5. Let’s get this prosecution moving….I want to see Justice in my lifetime… I am 80 Years young. B

  6. Garland will shut the investigation down as soon as it involves his pet demonRATS. He would rather go for the parents questioning school board agendas on 1619 and CRT. Just another fake president puppet POS.

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