REPORT: Jill Biden Trying to Force Kamala Harris Out

When Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his VP for the ticket, I stated it was for two reasons.

The first being the most critical at the time, which was to land the minority and women’s vote.

The second, and everyone said I was out of my mind at the time, was to end her career.

If Jack Posobiec is correct in his reporting, the latter point has just been proven true.

The Plot

“You are out of your mind, Jerry!”

“You sound like a conspiracy theory whacko, Jerry.”

That is what I heard when I put my theory out there as soon as Kamala was named.

Here is why I thought it…

Kamala Harris made Biden look foolish during the debates, all but calling him a racist.

Joe and Jill Biden are evil people that do not let grudges go very easily.

Let me refer you back to a May post in Politico where it was reported that Jill Biden was livid after the debate when Kamala Harris challenged Joe Biden on his bussing stance.

According to that report, Jill Biden was talking to supporters remotely when she stated, “With what he cares about, what he fights for, what he’s committed to, you get up there and call him a racist without basis? Go f–k yourself.”

Joe Biden has given Kamala Harris some rather challenging assignments that were more or less no-win situations for her.

This was clearly Joe taking the heat off him and putting the blame on Harris, as I have written extensively.

Not only that, but Jill Biden was getting assignments from hubby that would have typically gone to the VP.

For instance, Jill Biden attended the G7 summit and went to the Olympics while Harris had to travel to Guatemala, which Harris took a backhanded slap at Jill Biden for that not many caught at the time…

Now, reports are surfacing that Harris is whispering thoughts of discontent behind closed doors, so much so that Al Sharpton is now coming to her defense, with a reported upcoming meeting with Joe Biden.

Now, according to Posobiec, Jill Biden is working behind the scenes to figure out how to offload Harris, a move that would effectively kill her political career…

I don’t know that Jill Biden will be able to push Harris out, but she sure can make her life miserable for the next three years, which could lead to a Harris resignation.

You know what they say… it is not a conspiracy if it’s true.

Sources: New York Post & Politico

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22 Responses

  1. Harris can always invoke the 25th amendment on Jibberish Joe Biden it’s evident that he’s incapable of performing his duties as the leader of this country. All she has to do is align herself with the squad and Bernie and she’s on her way .
    Both Joe & Jill Biden better beware they could be history in January and being brought up on formal charges in fact the whole corrupt family could be!

    1. Pepere !! Praying AMERICA GETS TRUMP BACK AS PRESIDENT!! TRUMP LOVES GOD, America ,OUR TROOPS, Our Seniors!! That is NOT what Biden & the left loves!! The Devil has them under his Control!!! God Bless America , UNITED WE STAND !!!!! OUR NATION UNDER GOD!!!!! AMEN!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Maybe Jill wants Harris out and then can have Joe try to appoint HER AS VP,
      except it doesn’t work that way.

  2. I think the “LEADER of the PACK” and king PUPPETEER, (Obama) doesn’t like Knee Pads Harris either !!!!!!!! Since HE is the one calling the shots, HE will decide when and where Harris goes !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Don’t forget getting rid of “Senile” Joe as well. He’s making a mockery of the office of president. You really can’t blame him that much though. After all, he IS senile.

  3. Jill is no better .prompts old senile Joe up for family profit.knowing this old sick bturd belongs behind bars in a rubber room.old folks home is too good for this tratior.

  4. The entire Democrat party is corrupt! And the saddest part is the people that actually voted for Biden (all eight of them) are having voters remorse.

  5. Let them duke it out. The rats are eating themselves. They’re doing everything for the libs that the GOP could not / dare not attempt.

      1. No….you spelled it completely wrong too….it begins with a “C” and ends with a “T”.

  6. The Radical Liberal Demoncrat Politicians & Deep State are Corrupt and need to be Tried for their crimes @ Gitmo!

  7. Well now this is interesting more in fighting within the White House wonder how it will play out, of course as for me I will not miss Harris one bit

  8. Jill Biden has been given “duties” which would ordaniarly go to the v.p., this, I believe, is illegal. BUT, if there is the thought to remove Harris, the Constitutionally ineligible v.p./p., lets take a short walk down the democrat political cabal path….. Harris goes, Jill Biden is her replacement, Joe is declared incompentent and 25 articled, Jill becomes president, Pelosi will not take the v.p. slot, she likes to hold the purse strings, so who would be elevted to the v.p. slot, none other than Big Mike with the idea to bring in the minority vote and seal the coup for democrat communists for a long, long time and have the avenue to put the illegal immigrant of Indonesian citizenship, obama, on SCOTUS. Then bring in the communist U.N. “crowd control” troops, who will be the Chinese Military to insure the democrat communists remain in control of America……. Until the Chinese decide to terminate them.

  9. Snake Harris and slut Jill ,,,, are like two dried up helmet chewers , fighting over who gets what street corner to work from !!! On thier knees is where they both belong .

    1. Wonder if kamala is taking her case of knee-pads to Poland. She buys them by the case, you know

  10. MEEEYOWWW !!! i can smell the propane from all gas lighting ,but it is diminished from the smell of all the cat piss now .whitehouse probably smells like the old ”cat lady’s ” in the corner house better have the SEC.SER. spray fabreze around to kill the smell….

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