Mike Pence: Afghanistan Withdrawal a ‘Foreign Policy Humiliation’

Former Vice President Mike Pence has been measuring his attacks since leaving office.

However, when he throws a punch, he makes sure it is a haymaker.

This week, Pence landed a solid right against Biden during an interview with Brian Kilmeade, calling the Afghanistan troop withdrawal a “foreign policy humiliation.”

Nailed It

It was not surprising to hear Pence speak up with the narrative Democrats are trying to pitch these days.

Biden and company have been trying to sell the idea that this debacle is actually Donald Trump’s fault, but Biden’s plan created this mess.

Pence stated, “I was in Washington, DC, on September 11, and the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, it’s a foreign policy humiliation unlike anything our country has endured since the Iran hostage crisis.

“What you’re seeing in the Biden administration I think is just an effort to shift the conversation and shift the blame from just an unspeakably poor effort to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

“We all want our troops to come home but not like that … What the Biden administration has done in this case by arbitrarily announcing that they were going to bring troop levels to zero by September 11 … irrespective of the situation on the ground, set this disaster in motion.”

When Pence was asked how things would have been different had he and Trump still been in office, Pence stated, “I have no doubt whatsoever that you would not have seen the Taliban march into Mazar-i-Sharif without consequence.

“You would not have seen the Taliban march into Kabul.”

Trump was adamant in real-time that he did not want to go back into Afghanistan, but if the Taliban broke the agreement, he would go back swiftly and forcefully.

I think it is safe to say that the Taliban rolling through Afghanistan like a hot knife through butter would have constituted a violation of Trump’s terms.

Source: New York Post

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32 Responses

  1. I always maintained that Biden was not presidential material…no one listened!! Now you have it…He has put America in harms way… physically…financially…and otherwise! Lord, forgive him for he knows not what he does!

    1. unfortunately the Liberal idiots that voted for this smuck and his criminal minded cohorts don’r see it this way…to bad for them ..they’re going down!!

    2. i think he knows what he has done, just like his old boss obama, handed over 85 billion worth of military equipment, now, did he get kickbacks, or him and obama up to no good siding with the terrorist. watch the 20th anniversary of 9/11, God I hope nothing goes wrong that day.

      1. You only need to look at Obama for this catastrophe…..he knew Joe Biden would do anything he was told to do, because of his senility. Yes, we should be aware of what September 11 might bring upon us! I know this: When Christianity is the one being silenced by the laws of the land, God’s Hand will be swift to deliver justice! BE READY! AMERICA SAYS “IN GOD WE TRUST!”

    3. They are not trying to get things right. They only care about power and being elected and no matter how much they cheat. They have no credibility! There needs to be a way to stop them without letting them destroy our country. I live in Arizona and they have said that if this keeps up we’re going to have a civil war! I never dreamed something like this could happen in America! God help us ! I pray that President Trump can find a way out of the mess that evil Democraps have created! May they live in Hell! God bless America!

  2. Would have been a non-issue if Pence would have done his job and stop the vote. And ordered a new recount or investigation pictures of 2020 election

    1. I agree, Pence allowed the fraud to go unchecked and this is what we got because of it. Everyone who had a hand in putting Biden into office has a share in the blame for all that he does.

      1. Absolutely Cathy. the one thing the leftist commie do best is stick together. Pence failed Pres. Trump big time.

    2. Bingo … like this wasn’t all intentional … killing the best of the best of our military … I want to go all Oswald ? Never really was Oswald he was a patsy .. but you all know my meaning !
      I hold Judas Pence to blame why we have this eggPlant in the WH

  3. Well, Dems. cannot be trusted, basically because they hate this nation, their ultimate goal is to destroy America
    and start a one world Gov. One world currency with a one world religion, to accomplish this they have to basically destroy America as we know it..Talk about hypocrites, they keep pushing for all of us to ” Take these
    shots”, Yet, they don “t have their own people taking the shots, HMMMM, I wonder why? I know why, these
    shots are designed to help cut down our population, very sneaky, bet ya, Soros didn’t take the shot, ANY TAKERS??….WAKE UP AMERICA!!! The Dems, with the help of our own SUPREME COURT, has just about accomplished all their EVIL PLANS…..WAKE UP….GOD ALMIGHTY says a nation divided CANNOT STAND!!!!! ALL OF

  4. We need all the states to do their audits on the fraud election and over turn this election theft, and take our country back and get the legitimate President back in the White House

  5. Biden is a total disaster. He has to go! We need to be rid of this incompetent idiot. I also think Jill Biden is a total nut-case to even think for a minute that sleepy Joe could possibly be Presidential material. The entire world knows he’s brain dead so why didn’t she have enough common sense to stop him from becoming President.
    Although, everyone knows he didn’t win the election lawfully anyway!

  6. Be carefule what you wish for. As bad as Joe is, Can you imagine the chaos we would have if Kamali replaced him, and if we got her out the turmoil with Pelisa. At some point the Democrats will panic with Joe and start shutting him down hoping to salvage the House in the next election.

    1. We should still give Kamala a chance. As a Republican, I believe she is about to perform an important service for our country by politically stomping for Gov. Newsom of CA. after her return from Vietnam.

      1. I can’t believe she is that stupid, but she is. Guess lying on her back all those years has finally affected her brain. Wonder if the suburb moms would luv her as their leader.

  7. Actually I sometimes think they’re all in it together. Scratching each other’s backs. I saw Pence and Pelosi fist-bumping. What do you suppose that was all about?

  8. No thanks to you, traitor Pence. You had opportunity to question the certification, and look what you enabled. America is failing Americans and allies. The Biden Administration has created our allies questioning our motives. Our economy is in the tank and you allowed Biden to spend enormous amounts on illegals and refugees, all being provided freebies paid by hard working Americans. Biden has provide all of our military technology and surveillance to the Taliban, at our cost, while our soldiers are working without these advanced tools, jeopardizing them and all of those wanting to evacuate. Our Economy is sinking, elections are fraudulent, and the more Conservatives fight to expose it, the more the radicals rebel to hide their sins. Open borders invite crime, human trafficking, drugs, and COVID, but that is OK with Biden, as long as Americans mask, practice social distancing and get the vaccine. Meanwhile, all those flowing in our Country with disease and criminal backgrounds have no rules. What a plan to rearrange our civilized American society and turn it to rubbish. I know there are good immigrants, but they are vetted. Those pouring in, are not. Leaving an occupied country without taking your weapons and technology is treason. You left behind American citizens, allies who helped America, and they are in jeopardy of being beheaded. I agree we needed to leave Afghanistan, but the military goes last, after our equipment and Americans residing are evacuated. You idiots have it all wrong and it is worthy of impeachment. What does it matter, because the rest in charge are just as bad, and besides that, Biden Administration has handlers? This is what you get , when allowed to cheat to win. The more you fight to obstruct the facts, the more we will fight to prove this stolen election.

  9. Mike Pence you was able to keep Joe Binden from being in office. But you turned your back on the USA. Mike you are as much to blame for what has happen.


  11. What congratulations to Mike Pence for helping put biden iin office! HE KNEW counting the electoral votes that it was a scam but never hesitated

  12. Pence – We will not forget what a traitor u are. This mess would not have happened if u had the balls to do what was right regarding the election fraud.

  13. Pence was saying he did what the Constitution said when he did not stop the certification of presidential vote approval. He didn’t read thoroughly what the constitution . He changed his mind on Jan 5th he was bought by the billionaire btothers promising these brothers will support him in presidential election 2024. I think he regret his decision on whats happening now in America he is part of this catastrophe. People saw his real color. People love Trump! Don’t think has a chance in 2024 unless of course these cheaters and liars will do their stunts again to rigged the election.

  14. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to be impeached immediately without any hesitation whatsoever. Also Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Nadler and SCHIFF and Mitch McConnell are all full of crime and corruption and they and all the rest of the Democrats need to be removed and prosecuted for all their treason and crime and corruption that they have committed along with Voter Fraud. President Biden got on National television and he stated that he Cheated to win the 2020 Election This statement alone is grounds for Biden and Harris to be impeached and prosecuted and removed from the Office Immediately and Put the rightful winner of the 2020 Election President Donald J Trump back in the White House before these two UNQUALIFIED IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE BEFORE THEY DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! Also when President Obama was still in Office he gave Communist China $4,000,000.00 to develop the virus and Dr. Fauchi was in Obama’s Administration when this happened strange Fauci was involved with the Wuhan lab sounds like crime and corruption when you also have bill gates involved to try to depopulate the United States of America. Also Obama and Hillary Clinton stated on National television that some 270,000 plus Senior Citizens would die in 2017!!

  15. Mike Pence has no one other than himself to blame for this debacle. If Mike Pence had stepped up and sent the votes back to the state during the 2020 Presidential Election, like President Trump asked him to do, this probably turns out differently. Mike Pence is a TREASONOUS Traitor and I will never vote for this Idiot again…

  16. when biden left al our weapons, food, medical supplies, there. he forgot one more item , HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD OUR NAVY TO LEAVE OUR SHIPS FOR THEM AND FLY HOME!!!!!!!!!!! We just became a nation of whimps and idiots.
    where is the backbone of america ? Our goverment has sold us out, so they can pad their pockets

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