Former Obama Official David Axelrod Tells Biden to Hush

Joe Biden broke the golden rule…

He chimed in on what he thinks the DOJ should do on an active case, possibly influencing its actions.

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod called Biden out publicly on the gaffe, telling him he should keep his mouth shut.

Joe, Hush

First and foremost, Democrats railed religiously that Trump overstepped his bounds when he chimed in on anything the DOJ was working on.

However, at least he had the common sense always to throw in a disclaimer and end his statement with something to the effect of, “but, ultimately, the decision is up to Barr (or Sessions before him).”

Biden said no such thing, flat out saying he thought and hoped the DOJ would prosecute anyone that ignored a subpoena from the January 6 committee.

The words no sooner left his mouth when Axelrod told him to shut it…

Axelrod has been far from nice to Biden from the election to his time in office.

Axelrod has openly stated that Biden “distorted” his record during the campaign and has called him “low energy” many times.

Additionally, Axelrod has been very critical of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, calling it “a disaster.”

Things seem to be falling apart more and more every day for Joe, as nobody wants to be affiliated with this disastrous presidency.

Source: Fox News

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22 Responses

  1. liars networks , WHo , WEF , CFR all guilty , will suffer judgement from GOD
    Holy God will avenge , his is ONLY KING , JESUS CHRIST , author , finisher of all faith
    PRAY you dont go through this

    Agenda 2030

    1. So explain too us, what is “AGENDA 2030??” “ENLIGHTEN US OH WISE ONE” If you knew ANYTHING about history you would know that “RELIGION” was formed thousand upon thousands of years ago in order to control people. The book you call the “BIBLE” was written by MAN in the 15th century. Of mankind survives for, lets say 2, 3 thousand more years they will look back at OUR beliefs and say, “HOW COULD THEY HAD BEEN SO IGNORANT” just like we say today about the Myans and the Aztec.

      1. God is there, if you believe it or not. God is in control if you believe it or not. You don’t have to believe in God, as that’s your right, but hopefully you will not be sorry to believe that way. I’m a believer and always have been. Yes, the Bible was written by man, but the scrolls the Bible were written from are anicent and I believe they were true. Sorry for you and I’ll pray for you.

        1. Nothing about an Democrat can be good. Axelrod is just covering their corruption and Biden is too stupid to keep his mouth shut. He may be the undoing of his own actions.

    2. I agree with you 100% but once-in-awhile God want us to stand up for what is right. God has bestow much on Americans now it is time to show how much we appreciate his kindness and generosity. We need to keep this world save for our children and their children. The leftist must be stopped before this world is totally destroyed.

  2. Plan , Prepare, Get Ready for the liar s from the agenda 2030

    Eugenics , total anielation , contamination , toxic death

    agena 2030 will cause this

    anti christ , pray you dont get left behind

    repent, turn to God, Ask for forgiveness, confess sins , trust Jesus Christ, Believe in only the bible , not the social liars networks , and deception s of TV , Radio, and sensors magazines

    1. You know, people like you scare me. You read a book that was written by MAN and you get brainwashed. I do believe in a higher power but our beliefs today is so far off base like the Myans and Aztec’s were. Sacrificing women and children all in the name of THEIR GOD’S and their whole civilization was behind it and supported it. Get with reality already.

      1. Will be awesome to stand by your side or close by as you bend a knee towards Christ, and try to explain your ignorance of his Holy Word. Even better will be seeing him send cretins to hell who never accepted him !

        1. NO, it will be AWESOME to be by YOUR side when you realize that this is all “MADE UP CRAP” but in the mean time be sure to put more money in the “COLLECTION PLATE”

        2. You know, some of the biggest jerks I have known in my life were people who claimed too be “RELIGIOUS.” They go to Church one day a week and act like azzholes the other 6 days. Most are hypocrites who must believe in SOMETHING to justify their behavior.

    2. Maybe you should preach to them on how to turn to God, this does not save anyone. If you have not believed the Gospel of Paul, no matter how many times you pray you are not saved. We are told as Christians to follow Paul’s example of death burial and resurrection. Confess you sins and ask Jesus forgiveness is the only way. Then you turn to God and ask for his direction in your lives. And live a changed life. You do not go to confession and continue to sin the same afternoon.

  3. Sleepy Joe is being set up as the fall guy for all the orders he carried out at the behest of his bosses–Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, Jill, etc. As his administration’s mistakes mount his underlings will increasingly dissociate themselves from the taint of his profound failures. Meanwhile, he has little clue as to what he is being compelled to say or sign. He likely has no idea what is going on.

  4. Impeach Biden!!!} He had destroyed America enough. Why aren’t the Republicans doing their job and protecting their constituents? Is McConnell the problem? If so, impeach him also. Congressional politicians are not protecting American citizens. DO YOUR JOB AND PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZENS OR GET OUT SO WE CAN ELECT SOMEONE WHO WILL PROTECT US!!!

  5. Really sad and disgusting his family and the demoncrats as much pushed him to campaign because of the hate they ALL had for Trump to run for president knowing full well his condition. Where are all the demands for his health records and requests for cognitive testing like they demanded of Trump.
    We the People know damn well Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, and ole Chuckie are in his earpiece telling him what to say and do, disgraceful!!! They have made Our Country a laughing stock of the world.
    So sick of all you politicians asking for money to do anything too, it’s YOUR JOB you already get paid well over what you should, for working what maybe two months out of a year you’re always on breaks, vacation etc. all you all are, are leeches. God Bless America!

  6. I know this committee is another attempt to disgrace the Republican party. People who spoke against the irregular 2020 election and rioted at the capital are in jail. That isn’t good enough for Democrats and anti-white activists because their real intent is to persuade society that all Republicans or anyone that doesn’t agree with their agenda is a terrorist.
    The Bible did serve its purpose to civilize man and it still serves today. Like the ten commandments. Which are in our laws today. I know there are people that would love lawlessness but these same people would also fall prey to this violence.

  7. people who were ushered into the capitol building unarmed are now rotting in jail without charges being brought or trial by their peers. unarmed ladies who critique a school curriculum promoting things with which they do not agree are called terrorists. however, antifa are “mainly peaceful”, and bailed out if they are arrested. it is all orwellian. free all political prisoners!

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