Former Trump Official Rips House Subcommittee in COVID Findings

The House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis has released its findings.

Of course, with the committee being loaded with Dems, the results were about as we expected.

One of the Trump officials responsible for the administration’s response, Dr. Brett Giroir, fired back a response calling out the committee for its obviously biased findings.

Biased Findings

The committee alleged, “Trump Administration officials neglected early warnings, failed to adequately prepare for or develop a coordinated national plan to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus and engaged in a persistent pattern of political interference in the nation’s pandemic response.

“These failures undermined the nation’s ability to respond effectively to the pandemic.”

You guys know me well enough by now that if I thought the Trump administration screwed the pooch on this, I would call them out for it.

That, in my opinion, was not the case.

How can they say that Trump mishandled the response when their celebrated hero, Dr. Anthony Fauci, was on national TV in January and February saying we had nothing to worry about?

Let’s also not forget that Fauci was reportedly against the travel restrictions that Trump put in place.

Let’s also not forget that not a single Democrat, not one, was talking about COVID before Trump brought it up at his SOTU address, then it became a priority.

The only member of Congress I remember speaking about up to that point was Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR).

Dr. Giroir responded, “The Democrat-controlled subcommittee is again engaging in partisan accusations with no (basis) and belittling everyone they can in the Trump Administration.

“If America’s COVID deaths were due to a failed response under the Trump Administration, why have 560,000 Americans died during the Biden Administration, far more than died under the Trump Administration?

“And how could so many deaths occur under the Biden Administration when it was provided with 900 million doses of safe and effective vaccines and 70,000 vaccine administration sites the day President Biden took office?

“From the moment I was selected to coordinate testing, I endeavored to increase testing across the nation – and that effort was supported by both the Administration in general and the President in particular.”

If anyone screwed the pooch on the response, it was Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, who pushed for the now-infamous “two weeks to slow the spread” campaign.

As we all know now, that was an absolute disaster and did nothing to slow or stop the spread.

During his testimony, Dr. Atlas stated how he was part of a group that was against lockdowns and instead wanted to put in better protections for those most susceptible.

He stated, “That was not implemented and, instead, the Birx and Fauci lockdowns were implemented.

“And those policies literally killed people and destroyed families and have a massive psychological, destructive harm on the younger generation.”

I used to respect Dr. Fauci, but that stopped a long time ago.

During this pandemic, my opinion changed to him being a partisan political hack that was power-hungry, hence the move to lock down the nation.

You cannot slam Trump for his response and celebrate Fauci at the same time.

I don’t know about you guys, but I believe our government has gone from a purpose of serving the people to doing nothing more than creating “gotcha” moments.

Source: Fox News


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