REPORT: Teenager Found Guilty in Loudoun County Bathroom Assault

Do You remember that school board meeting where a father was arrested during a school board meeting?

The man, Scott Smith, claimed that the school covered up the sexual assault of his daughter to protect a bigger agenda.

As it turns out, he was 100 percent correct, as the alleged rapist has reportedly been convicted in juvenile court.

For the Greater Good

Honestly, when I saw this video and heard the circumstances of the case, it reminded me of a movie called “The General’s Daughter.”

For those of you that have not seen the movie, the rape of a prominent general was covered up by the Army for the good of the service.

This seemed to be a similar situation, as the school was hoping to protect a woke agenda and the rape appeared to have been kept under the radar because the boy that did it was wearing a skirt and using the girls’ bathroom.

The school was pushing a transgender bathroom policy and tried to keep the incident quiet.

When Mr. Smith brought it up at a local school board meeting, he ended up getting thrown to the ground and arrested…

After the verdict came down, family attorney Bill Stanley stated, “We are relieved that justice was served today for the Smith’s daughter.

“This horrible incident has deeply affected the Smith family, and they are grateful for today’s outcome.”

Stanley later added, “The Smith family stands stronger than ever in moving forward to ensure that those responsible in the Loudoun County School system are held accountable, so that this may never happen again to anyone else’s child.”

The same boy who was convicted in this case has also reportedly been charged with an assault at another school.

The judge delayed sentencing for Smith’s assault case until the second assault case has been tried.

The Smiths are now suing the school district.

Source: Washington Examiner

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18 Responses

  1. Sentence this “t^r^a^n^n^i^e” to hard time in the B^i^g H^o^u^s^e, he will have plenty of “f^r^i^e^n^d^s”.

  2. Thank GOD there is some PEOPLE who are not only SANE but have MORALS. We have two many PSUEDO INTELLECTUAL PEA BRAINED IDIOTS in positions of power in this FORMELY GREAT COUNTRY.

  3. I Hope You Win Millions From This School Board Who Covers Up The Rape. I Also See Where The Whole School Board Should Be Fired And Not Allowed To Ever Run Again For Any Boards or Public Office. Throw The Officals In Jail Who Tried To Cover Up This Rape.

    1. True, all of the school board who tried to cover up this rape are just as guilty as the rapist and shoul be in jail with him.

    2. Nothing will be solved until the people on the board are individually held financially accountable. Make the people pay not the taxpayers that fund the school board (weather they want to or not).

  4. The roach13 says:
    Transgenderism is biological idiocy. Some school board members are idiots indeed when they support the notion of this kind of ‘equality’ fantasy.

  5. I had written to the school board way before this incident happened about their position on bathrooms and CRT. I wrote to each of them individually. Only one responded and was very kind and agreed with me but said they were alone in our views and could not do anything about it. Just to let you know it isn’t not all of the members.

  6. The most important part of this story is “”” Did those idiots on the school board do away with bathrooms for anyone except boys and girls ???? Did these idiots learn their lesson and why are they not being sued if they voted for a third type of bathroom, or for allowing boys in the girls bathrooms, or any other politician who made such an idiotic decision !!!!

    1. The POS that raped and sodomized that poor girl in Loudoun county should have the same done to him every day he rots in jail.

  7. you should include those who wanted transgender restrooms, like the school board people that allowed this to happen,those are the restrooms joe biden and most of them pervert polititions like , they can sniff the seats!

  8. Yes, glad to hear they are suing the school board. They should also sue each member that voted for this insane idea. Also sue the damn cops that put him violently on the floor. they are at fault almost as much as the school board. Any cop with a shred of decency would have told the school board to screw off.

  9. Hope the school board is happy with themselves, their stupidity has ruined two families maybe more now get rid of the board and put people in who will look after the welfare of all the kids

  10. All of yo people that are posting on this site are just fooling yourselves, now that the freak tranny has been convicted of one crime, he/she will have every member of the ACLU tripping allover each other to help him/her get out of serving any time !! These freaks and freak mongers stick together like crazy glue, and with all the liberal judges, the freak will likely not serve even one day in an actual prison. Before all this is over some slick ACLU Lawyer will have the entire liberal population of gullible idiots slobbering all over this he/she freak and will most likely have the young ladies that were raped serving jail time for not allowing him/her to simply do as he/she pleases !!!! These beings are totally degenerate and should ALL be killed, along with ANYBODY that encourages their foolishness !!!

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