REPORT: 75 Migrants Found in Refrigerated Trailer Near Texas Border

This is not a hard concept.

When you have open borders, people will take incredible risks to get some of these freebies that Joe Biden is handing out to illegal immigrants.

To that point, a horrific discovery was made near the Texas border of 75 migrants in a refrigerated trailer, including a four-year-old child.

Open the Borders. They Will Come

One of the problems that the media seems to miss with Biden’s new border policy is the risk factor.

By that, I mean the risks people are willing to take to get into this country, to the point they will even put their children at risk.

The refusal to deport illegals, as well as the recent news that Biden is handing out stacks of cash, is enough to make people do just about anything to get here.

This would now include swimming across raging waters and sticking your child into a refrigerated trailer to get across the border.

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande sector discovered a group of migrants huddling in the back of a refrigerated trailer sitting at a cool 58-degrees.

Among those inside the trailer… a four-year-old child…

Child abuse… that is what that should be categorized as, but something tells me that illegal will be held up as a hero by Democrats.

There was also a report of a woman dying after trying to swim across the river to get over the border.

We all know what the headlines would be right now if this were happening with a Republican in office, so why is Biden not held to the same standard?

Source: Breitbart

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35 Responses

  1. Biden as well as the Democratic party are ALL IDIOTS and FOOLS and need to punished for the pain and suffering of ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS due to their complete incompetence of running a country Jeff Murphy

    1. Biden can be impeached, if the Republicans enact the ‘WAR MEASURE ACT’ against him.
      With all the illegals he’s letting in, they are a threat to National Security!

  2. Sir is Kenite Biden anti Christ club headed for two groups in U.S.A. THE RICH AND THE SLAVES???

  3. Even Pres.Putin thinks the Demos are crazy…He knows Pres Trump won the Election…All Countries know…some are just shaking there heads in disbelieve….Putin says don’t send that junk to our Country….Telling boys they can be girls and girls boys…He said that is a crime against Humanity…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes even the Russians agree there is an idiot in the White House along with this entire administration.

  4. Fu*k Biden and his sh*t hole migrate illegals they don’t belong in America They dont what to work And Dumb Biden what’s to give our tax payer money to them they have not payed into out tax lately none have payed anything Lazy as* illegals get out

    1. and have you heard Social Security (a deemed entitlement) is broke. The bridges are collapsing, there are hurricanes, etc.

  5. Biden brain is dead hell he cant even go around the block and not get lost my he will fall in a lake a and die hope so. He is not a American he is a Lefty communistic fool

    1. This bozo does not understand the words …. with him you got to be much more specific such as f-Joe Biden otherwise he thinks you are cheering for him.

  6. Don’t expect anything from Joe Biden
    Joe is making money ! No time for BS .
    People dying don’t bother Joe .!
    Joe has killed many children and if good men stand Idle. , Evil will remain !
    Joe may kill many more.!

    1. All these comments are so spot on and each of you is correct. If there is a history ever on this administration it will be rated below zero…..

  7. ” why is Biden not held to the same standard?”

    Because he in incompentent to stand trial, so, why punish an idiot
    (What is the prize for the correct answer, did I win?)

  8. This has got to stop. Biden is creating a deathly situation. People will risk their lives to get to our Country because Biden is promising (by the way he hasn’t kept any promises yet) them stacks of money to come. Good for Texas for doing their best to stop the flow, now if the other border governors would get on board maybe the flow can be contained. It can’t go on and I resent the fact that Biden is even considering using my tax dollars to pay illegal immigrants.

  9. Tax dollars given to illegals for breaking the law? Can I, a citizen of the U.S.A. break the law and get them freebies too? Free health, housing, cash, food, etc., etc. etc.

    1. A true idiot at the helm and I can only hope those who voted for this get their fill. Unfortunately the rest of us suffer also.

  10. Sorry Undocumented’ Joe lied to you !
    Joe lies constantly! He lied about the reparations to blacks and free tuition for young voters .
    He lied about mandates .
    Sorry law breakers you lose !
    Joe is sorry ! He needs your vote !
    Vote Trump next time !

    1. If only voting would cure this. I have serious doubts about legitimate voting. After all there are now mail in ballots and Dominion to compete with not only the illegals. I will go vote but I really feel it’s a wast of my time and effort..

  11. This is disgusting and yet Biden is still getting away with it, he is th most unfit president I have seen and history will bear me out I hope

  12. It’s truly pitiful what (I can’t even stand to type his name) he has done to this country!

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