French Reporter Calls Out Blinken for ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Afghanistan

It is sad when the entire world knows your government botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, but our media allows this administration to pitch a positive narrative.

Well, Secretary of State Blinken is no longer on home soil, having gone to France to try to calm down tempers after the United States stepped all over a deal the French had with Australia.

Let’s just say the French media did not quite treat him with the kid gloves our media has.


For the most part, the mainstream media has allowed this administration to dictate the narrative rather than the facts doing it.

Joe Biden tells the media something worked, they bite.

The French media took a different approach.

France 2 TV journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix came out firing at Blinken during an interview, hitting him on Afghanistan.

She asked, “There is another aspect of international policy led by the United States that interests us, and that is Afghanistan.

“This withdrawal took place in chaos.

“We all remember the images of thousands of Afghans trying to get on planes to escape the Taliban. And yet President Biden spoke of success, of an extraordinary operation. Is there a misunderstanding?”

Blinken came back with nothing but spin, stating, “Two things: for us, for the United States, it was our longest war. 20 years. We went to Afghanistan for a reason, a mission.

“We were attacked on September 11, 2001. We had to bring justice to those who attacked us and ensure that this could not happen to us again, or to our allies and partners.

“And this is a mission that was largely accomplished a decade ago. Osama bin Laden was killed ten years ago now.

Lapix fired right back, “Mission accomplished? But the Taliban have regained power. You left your weapons. We saw the Taliban dressed as GIs from head to toe, and we heard American veterans screaming in anger.”

Blinken looked like a fool capable of doing nothing more than spin during this interview.

The world knows this administration screwed this up. Unfortunately, it appears as though we will have to wait to see our history books tell the story rather than today’s mainstream media in the United States.

You can see the full interview in the video below, but it is in French. I have a link at the bottom of the page with the full translation of the interview…

Sources: Daily Caller &

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15 Responses

  1. Blinken is just another face puppet for the far left globalists in charge. He is as inept as the president but likes his big pay check and his power. The Cabal must be removed.

  2. Not sure WHO’S worse his people he’s put in place. BUT the president himself is plain and simply A IDIOT NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN PRESIDENT

    1. This thing is no President, never has been, never will be. This worthless, feckless, braindead , moronic, racist, lying, lunatic, idiot, President wanna be is nothing.

  3. If this stolen administration doesn’t go down for treason we have no country, The British were a better choice than this false administration , time for a renewal of our independence. time to march.

  4. Every time I see Blinken he looks like a deer in the headlights. His face looks like he had been sobbing tears uncontrollably and had a chance to dry his eyes just before he gets infront of the camera. He’s totally unqualified for the position. He can’t answer a question without some pat pre-rehearsed mumbo jumbo jibberish that doesn’t answer the question. Even Hillary Clinton may have been a better secretary of state.


    1. It was the idiot in the White House who did that! They should all be removed and Biden Harris impeached that includes the traitor general and the secretary of defense

  6. Lapix was right not to buy into the Biden/Blinken Afghanistan mission accomplished bull s*^t I feel pretty much the same, but with all the French outrage at the scuppered deal they had with the Australians, it must be remembered that the French has been trying for years to undermine NATO in favor of EU self defense in the form of an EU army. They want nothing more than to see the back of the U.S. and it looks to me like this whole “deal” has been just the excuse they have been looking for and to turn the EU against us – after all, the U.S. under former president Trump did have the temerity to insist they contribute their fair share of the cost of NATO defense and it looks like if that was to be the case, France is no longer buddy buddy. And, the last time the French have been staunch allies, is when they were under the thumb of Nazi Germany and as long as the U.S. is busy saving them, they love us, when THAT mission was accomplished, it’s back to business as usual and Gallic aloofness and piss off America, we can take care of ourselves…until the next time.

  7. This guy is a discrase to the position he holds and to our country. He is another example of Biden putting individuals in his administration that are totally UNQUALIFIED.

  8. So sad that every nation sees the folly of the Biden admin. Only our own media can’t or won’t see what is really happening.

  9. 2022 will mke changes, then 2024 will finish the job 2022 started, sorry dem’s, but YOU are what will change, with your heads missing.

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