Tulsi Gabbard Goes Against Dems, Celebrates Rittenhouse Verdict

Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard continues to go against the grain of the Democrat Party.

While most Democrats are calling the Rittenhouse verdict a travesty, Gabbard applauded the verdict.

Gabbard, after the verdict was issued, simply stated, “The jury got it right.”

Against the Grain

Anyone with common sense could see that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense.

The narrative that since he came armed removes that defense is utterly ridiculous.

In reality, had the police not turned the city over to rioters, Rittenhouse and the rest of the members of the community that defended businesses from rioters would never have been needed.

To that point, after the verdict was released, Gabbard tweeted…

Gabbard has been very vocal on this case…

The outrage by most Democrats in this case is for one reason and one reason only… this verdict means people have a right to defend themselves and their property against rioters.

Source: Daily Caller

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17 Responses

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      1. IMO any democrat that switches to a republican is simply an infiltartor and when their numbers allow it, they will vote as a democat, destroying the rebublican party and giving America a one party system…. BTW Under what authority can an elected member simply declare they are now of the other party, without resigning and running as a candidate, looks illegal to me!

  1. Lefty liberals have been running down America for years why come out now !
    I always liked this Woman ! , but don’t understand how she could claim these Traitors as her party !?! Why now ?
    She knows these America haters !
    LETS GO BRANDON ! Fauci is a maniac
    COVID 19 Gain of function Fauci !

    1. Because she is from Hawaii and Hawaii is solidly blue. She is too good looking to be a Democrat. Most of them would stop a clock.

  2. Great for you Tulsi, you should be a conservative fighting for our freedom with the rest of us.

  3. Never forget ! Never forget how these elected officials brought shame !
    The doom and gloom campaign !
    Insulting American taxpayers !
    Destroying a thriving economy !
    Getting in bed with communists ! D Ca .
    Racism against conservatives !
    Leaving Americans behind enemy lines!
    Funding. COVID 19…..FAUCI. LIED !!
    Go Brandon Go Toe Go away !

  4. America need democrats like her and joe Manchin. Joe lieberman also has his head screw on straight not like Pelosi and Schumer

  5. I’ve liked Tulsi for a long time,even before she smoked kamela at the Presidential debate.She’s one smart cookie’and even though I don’t always agree with her I respect her. Plus she’s a veteran, I wish her the best.

  6. NOW BIDEN STICKS HIS NOSE IN AND DECIDES HE IS GOING TO GET THE CORRUPT DOJ TO INVESTIGATE?! We need to STOP THIS INSANITY! BIDEN, or whoever is telling him what to do, NEEDS TO BE REMOVED! At what point will the DEMS step in to stop him, OR WILL THEY ALL GO DOWN WITH HIM!? Frankly, I think BIDEN is destroying the DEM party, NOT JUST OUR COUNTRY. “UNIFY AMERICA”, EH BRANDON? All I can say is THEY DESERVE IT!

    1. So what are they going to investigate? Since those shot were not black and a protected group they can hardly accuse him of violating their civil rights to beat him to death. Of course with Democrats criminals are a protected group.

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