Gavin Newsom Resurfaces… at Oil Heiress Wedding

When Gavin Newsom canceled his appearance at COP26, people started to wonder what was going on.

The California Governor had not been seen publicly since late October after getting a COVID booster shot.

As questions were raised, his wife even went ballistic on social media saying he had family obligations to tend to, which was not necessarily the case.


Well, Gavin has finally resurfaced.

The California governor tried to pass off his decision to stay home as taking care of the kids.

He said he had no choice but to stay home and take the kids out for Halloween.

That was not entirely true, however.

As it turns out, Newsom was out partying again.

On Saturday, Newsom was spotted at oil heiress Ivy Love Getty’s wedding.

The wedding was a star-studded event, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) also attended.

And, just in case you were curious, while guests were asked to mask up, there are more than a few photos floating around the internet with nary a mask in sight.

So, once again, rules for thee but not for me come into play with the bigshots in the Democrat Party.

Newsom’s Press Secretary, Daniel Lopez, also tried to belay the narrative that Newsom was completely out of action after receiving the booster shot.

He stated, “Last week, Governor Newsom worked in the Capitol with staff on urgent issues including COVID-19 vaccines for kids, boosters, ports, the forthcoming state budget and California’s continued economic recovery.

“He will have public events this week related to the economy and vaccines.”

If that were the case, why did nobody report seeing Newsom in person since he got the booster shot through the time he was spotted at the Getty wedding?

Something is not adding up here, folks.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

  1. JUST like the Rich, Snooty, True White prevailedged , disapears with out a trace , wants sympathy

    but Sin and Depravity must be hidden from the public

    well you guessed it , he s out with NASTY Nancy learning the tricks of the trade

    Rich and Closed

    Money Wealth and Power has it s Prevailedge

    NOT of God , NOT Godly , NOT like you and me , JUST a Discrace

    Smmooozzzeee the Money , Love of Money , Idolatry of Money

  2. Well, he survived the recall because too many Stupid Californians like being treated like trash and living on their knees. I think when you move to California you leave your common sense at the door.

  3. I smell FRAUD ******

    I think he had a face lift—reconstructing his EVIL body.👹👺🔥DEMONCRAPS are nothing but compulsive liars.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻He is totally a POS.🤮

  4. He is an a hole just like his aunt Nancy pelosi. Their both criminals and continue to screw the Real American people. When will their time come ??

  5. The commicrats are always doing the opposite of what they tell others to do. Law and the constitution mean nothing to them. Now the current communist regime is paying people to snitch on their neighbors and friends. Welcome to NAZI Germany 2.0.

  6. Secrecy is needed when kissing tail end and licking wounds. He should have been tarred and feathered when they had a chance as he is a nothing burger like other Democrats!

  7. When people lie, instead telling why they will not attend a meeting, and having his wife lie again for him. and then show up at a wedding. all I can say LIEER<LIER<LIER

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