Georgia Democrat Expected to Push Back on Congress Stock Trading

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her husband have added millions to their personal wealth over the last two or three years.

Pelosi’s husband has had the golden touch as of late in the market, primarily on stocks that have been impacted by legislation (or lack thereof) or government contracts.

Pelosi continues to advocate that members of Congress should be able to own personal stocks, but now a high-profile Democrat Senator is expected to betray Pelosi and push back on this issue.

Sorry, Nancy

It is well-documented how much money Pelosi and her husband have made over the last few years.

The most notable was an options trade that netted the Pelosi’s roughly $6 million in just a few weeks.

Pelosi’s camp has defended this with one simple answer…

Her husband makes the trades, and Nancy Pelosi does not actually own any stock herself.

They think we are stupid, as though she is not supplying her husband with information that influences his trading decisions.

Well, Senator Jon Ossoff (D-GA) is pushing back, expected to introduce a new ethics bill in the Senate very soon.

The bill would ban the trading of individual stocks by members of Congress.

This would also cover immediate family members, so it would, in essence, shut down the Pelosi money train.

The only question will be if Ossoff can find a Republican to jump on board and co-sponsor the bill with him to ensure its passage.

That is a big ask, as most members of Congress are raking in huge profits in the market.

If Ossoff is unable to find someone currently in the Senate backing him, there may be a few possibilities in the incoming class of Senators.

One of the names that come to mind is Blake Masters, a Republican hoping to take back an Arizona seat for the GOP.

He stated, “These lawmakers are just out of touch with how normal people view the situation.

“Members of Congress should not be buying call options on Big Tech companies they’re in charge of regulating, that is ludicrous.”

This could become a major campaign issue during the 2022 election, as the fortunes of members of Congress have started to enrage Americans.

Far too many members of Congress become millionaires almost overnight after winning a seat, showing that the system is clearly broken.

When you have a Democrat House member who had six figures of debt, then goes seven figures to the black in two years, well, it is clear why people join Congress, and it surely is not to serve the people.

If you ask me, this legislation is long overdue.

Do you think members of Congress and their immediate family members should be able to trade stocks of companies they regulate in Congress?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: New York Post

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32 Responses

  1. The ethical answer to that question is no… Many congress person are getting rich off the backs of their constituents…. It is morally wrong. Republicans and Democrats…. Shame on you!!!!

      1. I agree. I really didn’t think that they would do that. They get a raise of $3000 a year from being a Congressmen, unless they vote against it. Why did they think it was necessary to break the Law? No wonder Colorado’s Senator Michael Bennet never did anything in Congress except set on his hands and then act like he was immune to all the things that were going on in Washington DC. He needs to be stopped. Then we have Hickenlooper who was just elected when he wasn’t even a good Governor? Now I can see why any one who is greedy wants to be in Congress– both Parties are just a bunch of Greedy Grunts Seat Warming Poops, except for a few decent ones. Please Colorado just get rid of Senator Bennet as quickly as possible. This is terrible. They put their hands on a Bible and swear to up hold the Laws and the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and then say ” So Help Me God” What a bunch of ignorant turds.

  2. It’s crazy; they don’t even worry about being caught because they’re all doing it.

  3. NO! Members of Congress and their immediate family should not be allowed to trade stocks. Isn’t that called INSIDER INFORMATION? If any regular US CITIZEN did this, they would probably go to jail.

  4. I would add to this proposal that all, (including family and extended family), investments by placed in trust.

  5. No Congressional member should be allowed to buy or sell stocks or be allowed to make any personal investments while in office. There should be no lobbying allowed period. These ELECTED OFFICIALS are supposed to be working for WE THE PEOPLE not taking payoff from lobbyists. They are receiving enough money for what they do. If that’s not good enough, term limits will suffice.
    It’s called a conflict of interest.

    1. Technically Pelosi doesn’t buy or sell stocks or make any personal investments. She “talks in her sleep” then her husband uses the information to make their fortune.

      1. GOOD one, LOVE it!!!
        Perhap we should hold them for year w/o representaion, deny them any comforts like beds and spray them with chemicals in an underground prison! What goes around come around!

        1. Nah, we cannot mistreat them that way that would be inhumane. Let them have the old straw from the bed of stray dogs for their bedding. Give it to them while it is still warm from the previous users and untreated for parasites.
          then we cannot spray them with random chemicals we have to use the smelliest parasite treatments (contact kill only) and only when they are far from their beds.

  6. Absolutely not!! No one in (power) Congress or their family members should be allowed to trade. The system is so corrupt!

    1. There was a song by the OJay’s
      “FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY ” that explains how elected citizens become traitors.

    1. That IS the word of this generation for sure but as usual doesn’t apply! If it does apply please let us all in on how it does.

  7. The most corrupt administration EVER but they would never cheat to win a election would they. 🤔

  8. Insider trading? Conflict of interest? This Biden administration is morally corrupt, ethically corrupt, legally corrupt, and spiritually bankrupt. Most are focused on Pelosi, because she flaunts her deceitful shenanigans in front of everyone’s face. Everyone’s days are numbered. You cant take it with you when ones life comes to an end. Goes for Democrat and republicans

  9. No! If Congress regulates certain stock then they also have inside information.
    They and their immediate families should never be allowed to purchase stock that they regulate.
    Totally ludicrous. It makes me wonder if they’re running for office because they love our country and live Americans or just really live money!

  10. This is the norm for Dems. LBJ was almost broke when he ran for Congress and when he died lady bird was worth 150 million!!

  11. hey david –no such thing as a trust, they got their money illegally and should be made to return every penny they got through insider trading enough is enough

  12. Pelosi and everyone in our government that is guilty of insider trading should have to forfeit everything they own over to our government in order to bus the unwanted migrants back to their countries. And then be put in prison for 20 years. I was always told that no one is above the law, but the Democratic party is trying to change that law in order to keep their as is out prison themselves. especially since We the people have seen and heard all their lies since Trump came into the picture. This is the reason millions of die hard Democrats have switched over to the Republican party. We now have to stop this present Administration from trying to take away our freedom and bankrupt our country and make America’s Defenses weak. I feel that only our enemies would be wanting that to happen to America.

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