Gingrich Predicts Disastrous November for Democrats

Newt Gingrich is dropping bombs on the Democrat Party right now.

Unless something rather dramatic happens soon, the Dems are going to get wiped out in November.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was not bashful about how he sees things going.

What a Disaster

It is really tough to imagine Joe Biden recovering from the hole he has dug himself into during his first year in office.

Earlier today, Gingrich broke down why he sees November being such a big problem for this administration and Democrats as a party.

He stated, “The price of gasoline and heating oil go up. He has launched a program of inflation. People feel it in their pocketbooks every time they go to the store.

“He has totally failed to meet the logistic supply chain crisis.

“There are still 90 ships offshore waiting to be offloaded in southern California.

“You go through item after item, and Biden’s problem is the real world.

“There are still 100,000-plus people coming across the border illegally every month.

“None of them with COVID checks, none of them with criminal record checks.

“So, we’re seeing a compounding of reality in ways that I think make it hard for them.

“Meanwhile, they simply took off too big a bite.

“Their idea of Build Back Better was actually build back a lot bigger, and that’s not what the country wants.

“And so I think we’re going to see a replay of 2021 with a disastrous result in November for the Democrats.”

You can see his full interview in the video below…

Personally, I agree with everything Gingrich said, but I want to hear what you guys have to say.

Do you agree or disagree with Newt?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Newsmax

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18 Responses

  1. The Biden/Harris/Pelosi team is a disaster. I don’t think we can wait until next November to get ride of them. They have already done so much damage to America another 10 months will head us into a war.

  2. Biden is the worst President our Country has ever had Harris is a joke and i hope our People of our Great Nation have had enough enough of Biden and all his lies he does it everyday lie after lie and does he even know he the President of the greatest nation on i dont think so and what a great Wife he has she lets him make a fool of himself everyday .. There sick power sick .. He needs to answer for breaking our laws and for selling our Country out to China and Russia they have got alot of information from Biden and his greedy family and i pray Hunter and the Biden and Harris and the Democrat party answer for distroying the Nation and send back all these illigal people back to where ever they came from..

  3. Guess I should run a fake money making ad like Tammy. Somehow that meets your guidelines. It’s a joke!!!

  4. Biden is a joke and a puppet, we also need to get rid of Sirose, Gates, and Zickerburg, and I am sure a few others. If you care about our country then you have to stand up and fight for it. Hopefully at election time so we don’t have blood shed, but be ready fo that also. Because the Dems want a civil war so bad they can taste it. Why do you think we have an open border right now? So they can turn illegal immigrants against us, let china come over and the teliban. Pay attention people it is happening and we have to do something about it.

  5. Actually, I have some sympathy for President Biden. Every one who encouraged him to run for President, including his wife, Barack Obama, and many others need to slide inside a hole and never come out. The man is not mentally capable of running this country. Half of the time, he does not know where he is, or what he is supposed to say. You can tell when he gets agitated, because he goes off script, and yells at reporters, and the lies that man tells, makes me speechless. I am praying that Republicans will take back the House and the Senate, and put a stop to all the spending that is going on, and gets our military back to what it was before Biden. We had a great military, and we are losing so many great men an d women because of the vaccine mandate. It is a sad situation.

  6. You have here so many con artists trying to sell their garbage on this page. Probably Demorats striking their stupidity again

  7. This government is a joke and the only one that can fix this mess in my opinion is President Trump.

  8. The democrats are a total disgrace. They are acting like communists. They have several members of congress who are communists which have been in the news this past week. They are traitors to our country and should have all their wealth and citizenship taken away and set to jail. Get them out of office while we still have some our country which they have been destroying this past year. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, kamala Harris, are only a few of the evil devils that are taking over and destroying our country and the futures of our children. If teachers do not want to teach in our schools, then fire them now. Get rid of their powerful unions that are locking our schools down and our children having to wear masks, and punishing threats of vacination which cause them harm. If you don’t love our country, then GET OUT.

  9. This is supposed to be a comment section, not an advertisement column. You need to delete these “scammer” comments and let the real comments be published.

  10. Agree with Neat he is a very learned man and for sees a lot of things!! It’s true. Biden and Harris have rode this horse to almost death and they will ride until it’s dead?
    My prayer is that the democrats lose big time this Nlvember!!

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