Newt Gingrich Says Dems Marching Off a Cliff

After the House passed the massive $1.75 trillion spending package, Republicans could do nothing but shake their heads in disbelief.

They continue to pitch the narrative that the bill costs nothing, but that will all play out soon enough if the Senate passes the legislation.

It won’t take long for the deficit to show the effects of the spending, which is why Gingrich believes Dems shortsightedness is political suicide.

Marching Off the Ledge

As Americans have learned more and more about this legislation, the less they like it.

That is precisely why House Minority Leader McCarthy (R-CA) spent more than eight hours on the House floor before the vote took place.

McCarthy broke down the parts of the bill Democrats have been trying to hide, exposing every dirty little detail.

Gingrich stated, “I was very proud of Kevin McCarthy who spoke for eight-and-a-half hours, which even for a U.S. senator would’ve been a lot, and for a House member it’s unthinkable.

“He made a lot of points, and he pushed them into a Friday morning vote when [the public] could watch.”

Gingrich stated that watching the legislation go through the process of passing was like “watching the Democrats march right off the cliff with Nancy Pelosi on this multi-trillion-dollar bill this week was just astonishing.”

On the legislation, he added, “It clearly will not survive in the form [the House] is sending over.

“I’m not sure they can pass anything as long as Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Sen. Manchin of West Virginia hold out.

“They don’t seem inclined to move. When they see Biden at 38% approval and Harris at 28% approval, and they see four or five consecutive polls that show the Democrats losing Congress by huge margins … they [will understand they’ll] have a long long year ahead of them.”

What do you guys think? Did Gingrich get it right?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Newsmax

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27 Responses

  1. Newt Gingrich is always right on the money! These tax and spend Democrats are running out of people to scam with broken promises! And their leader Biden doesn’t even know what day it is much less run the country. He and his drug addled son are too busy buying cobalt mines in advance of electric car manufacturing! Could this be insider trading? Oh no! Not by a Democrat politician! Right

  2. I am praying he has it right! How can these liberal Democrats really believe that what they are imposing on our citizens is going to “Build Back Better?” There is no question that this will make the average tax payer pay dearly, as though they aren’t already through inflation going through the roof and gas prices going up at the tank. How stupid are those who support this kind of legislation and I mean not just our Congress but those who voted for and continue to throw their support behind the lunatic ideas of the lunatic liberals? God help us all!!


  4. The True Republicans ace in the hole is the Demented Democrats refusal to learn from thier own history! Repeated well documented failures! Democrats always accuse others of committing crimes ONLY AFTER THEY THEMSELVES HAD COMMITTED SAID CRIME!! If a Democrat accuses you of “Quid Pro Quo” actions, start investigating those Dems financials! They choose to be wrong rather than be right! Just give them a rope and they’ll hang themselves!!

  5. We can only hope that we can survive the demo-communists and their march to destroy this country. IMHO, the demo-communists are bought and paid for by the Chi-coms. Remember the demo-communists alway front load everything they do. So just like the bogus infrastructure bill. That was nothing but one huge bailout of the crumbling blue states. The taxpayer will under that burden for decades to come.

  6. Anyone with common sense knows he’s right !! There is nothing like spending other people’s money 💰!😳. That stupid Congress ! They are not paying $5 a gallon for gas and $4 for a gallon of milk !! Like we are in commie California!! Help us please. No, most of us didn’t vote for Newsome, Aunty Pelosi’s nephew 👺.

  7. Yep, he is right on!
    Absolutely, the American are not dumb as most dems believe, let’s see what happens!
    Also, I watched most of K McCarthy’s speech, I suggest to watch it, not only a good job but listen to what he has to say about the unknowns in this mess!
    God Bless America

  8. 11 months is an eternity in politics. however, i see nothing changing in the misguided policies of these loony leftists. energy prices are up 30-50% and biden has done everything in his power to increase them (banning drilling and cancelling pipelines). his solution is to beg foreigners for help and shut down another pipeline. higher energy prices and growth in the money supply (reckless spending) are engendering inflation. his solution is more reckless spending. blaming your predecessor for things wears thin when you’ve been in office for awhile. biden may not have answers but he always has an excuse.

  9. Newt, is usually right on most counts! We have to have a red wave to take back our country and repeal his outrageous infrastructure bill! It’s loaded with a great deal of pork, just like his social infrastructure bill!

  10. There’s a flag at my house that says F Biden and all who voted for him. He’s not my President and never could be and I stand by it.

  11. Newt is 100% correct ! This anti American administration has done nothing to benefit our country !
    OBIDEN and OBAMA are doing everything they can to destroy America. Their trying to insult the
    citizens of our Great Nation that these spending bills being promoted will cost nothing and will only
    benefit everyone ! Our citizens know that this JUST NOT TRUE !!! We must fight this
    Commi-democratic leftist incompetent group of Anti Americans to the end !!!

  12. why dont they just go away, I am looking way foward and I dont like it. thats is the one up idea wont work, all they want is to hand the USA (OUR COUNTRY ) over to China, or the Russians,we are being hurded like cows and go with the flow, I hate to say it. , its our own fault, When they come for our Guns all hell will break lose.Go to U tube and type in Tom T Hall and look for the song called 100 children, it will hit a nerve about what they could be facing they are not worried about our kids, it is scary to think so, but who is going to fix this ? ,the Dems act like they dont know if they are on foot or horse back , it s our children and grand children are going to face, Listen to that song it hits home, Big Time!!

    1. TTHALL
      Loved his lyrics and I would say the best of his time, I did listen to the song on utube but on my phone so not so good but will get later so I can hear entire song. Again best storyteller and this song shows how much ahead of his time he was!
      The story holds true today, give it a listen and thanks Don!

  13. I do hope and pray that the democrats lose big in the mid-term elections that will put a halt to the out of control spending

  14. Gingrich is not a stupid man neither is he lazy. He works hard and thinks deep. What he is saying won’t be understood by the Dems, dummies in Washington.

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