Glenn Beck: Chinese Power Shortage Means Empty Shelves Here

Like him or not, there was a concentrated effort to make the United States independent when Trump was in office.

By this, I mean that we would fulfill our own supply chain and energy needs.

Biden ended that quest as he did just about everything else, and some people far more intelligent than I now believe we are about to pay the price again.

Storm Brewing

Simple Modern’s Mike Beckham sent out a warning on Twitter that caught the eye of conservative personality Glenn Beck.

It warned of electrical shortages in China that will eventually bring supply chain shortages here in the United States.

This is the first tweet in a long thread that I would encourage you to read in full…

We saw his happen during the early days of the pandemic when China was shut down altogether and shelves in American stores went dry.

This impacted virtually every business in the country, including the tech industry because of its heavy reliance on the Chinese manufacturing of computer chips.

This time it could be the energy shortage instead of the pandemic.

Glenn Beck breaks it all down in the video below…

What do you think? Are we doomed to face empty shelves and hoarding again this winter due to problems the Chinese are facing now?

Do you support developing an independent supply chain and energy capabilities so the United States no longer relies on other nations?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: The Blaze

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20 Responses

  1. This country should be independent of China period. Why do we do business with a country that hates us. There many other cou tries we can deal with. China will be our downfall.

    1. Again, this is the Biden Administration’s Plan. The handwriting is on the wall folks. Libs need to wake up and face reality.

  2. we need more Independence in the country ! they are a mini that could start their own companies so we didn’t have to depend on China and we can still do it!

  3. I do believe that Joe Biden needs to be punished for the wrong he has done. Things were so much better when Donald Trump was our president. Biden has distorted every thing that was good in America. He cares nothing about America or the American people. He needs to be removed ASP.

    1. I do agree 100+%. I just got off a Twitter post section and all these Libs can do is trash President Trump. They are so engrossed in this hatred, they have no brain cells left to see what is really happening in our country today. Plus, as I posted before, the destruction of our great country is planned by this Administration. They want complete power over us. PERIOD.

      Plus, I went to Kroger yesterday and they are completely out of bags for produce, bakery goods, etc. One of the workers told me they don’t know when they will get more. He thinks they are on one of the 1000 ships waiting to dock. This is sad folks. Really, really sad. AND DESTRUCTIVE.

  4. We should have never ever have become reliant on another country for our supply chain. If he had kept it here in the US like it was before Clinton got into office we wouldn’t be in the mess for which were in now. One of the reasons for which I had voted for Trump was the fact that he wanted to bring our manufacturing back to the US and not rely on other countries. NO MORE Communist Democrat Party.

  5. We need a strong leader not a bone headed puppet. Someone else is pulling the strings and that person needs to be exposed and removed ASAP

  6. We can get thru this with American know how. Yes America can feed If they had shut the border. With all the
    illegals it’s probably not possible. Jesus will show up in his time.

  7. It’s true, ridiculous Biden gang trying to kill our beautiful country!! Soros, Obama, Clinton’s, Pelosi, etc. you know the DC Gang/Swamp.

  8. Anything other than supply chain and energy independence is INSANITY! CHINA has stolen enough technology, and PAY THEIR WORKERS SO LITTLE, plus their citizens don’t really have a choice in what they buy! CHINA HAS A LONG HISTORY OF MAKING “FAKES” QUITE SUCCESSFULLY TOO! To Americans the very concept is ridiculous, unbelievable, but it is true. CHINA has no problem banning shipments of goods from other countries they want to hurt, like Taiwan and Australia! THEY HAVE ZERO CONCEPT OF QUALITY! If that is what you want your future to be, continue to buy Chinese goods! THEY CAN’T MAKE HIGH QUALITY CHIPS! THAT’S WHY THEY WANT TAIWAN, WHERE 60% OF ICS COME FROM!

  9. Biden is one scarey Dude,, he was vice for eight years and all he ever done was take up space, He and his group of ssholes think they have all the answers, well they dont and he has the dumbest group of people around him, All they want is power, if they keep screwing around there going to see how powerful the American people are and that scares the crap out of me!!!

  10. Yep that hore THECAMEL said exactly that 3 months ago…”Do your Xmas shopping early this year!!” Followed by her cackling laugh!GFYSHORE!!

  11. Where are our Conservative leaders, I haven’t heard a word from any of them except for Mitch McConnell to say, we’ve given our support to the Liberal’s to raise the Debit Limit. That should be enough to kick all those supposedly conservative official out of office and elect people that love this country and care what is happening to it right now.

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