US Jobs Likely to Take Hit After GM Announces Shutdown

General Motors made an announcement this week that will send a shockwave through the Biden administration.

Due to a shortage of chips, the auto manufacturer will be shutting down production at most of its North American plants.

The company has to dial back production and will only be making its most profitable and popular models.

Jobs Hit

The August jobs report was horrifying, falling short by almost two-thirds of estimates.

Joe Biden continues to try to put lipstick on this pig, but it is seemingly getting worse by the day.

With China again getting rattled by another COVID surge, computer chips are becoming a limited resource.

With its supply chain falling short, GM will halt production on all but its most popular models starting next week.

GM hopes this will only last a few weeks, but that is all up in the air right now if the chip shortage is not resolved.

I can’t help but go back to Donald Trump stating that he wanted to domesticate our supply chain so we would never experience shortages as we did during the early stages of this pandemic.

GM is probably just the tip of the iceberg on this front, as any industry that relies on these chips will start to feel the strain and be forced to make moves.

August’s jobs report will be nothing compared to what we see when September rolls around if they all start shutting down or limiting production.

Source: CNN

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30 Responses

  1. If Biden really wanted to do something great for America he would die. What a great day that would be.

    1. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone in this corrupt and illegal Administration read any of these comments, if they do let me just say, “F.CK YOU ALL!!”

  2. Biden to the rescue!! He is is going to save the US from the Coronva Virus cause Trump couldn’t, he is going going to build back better! They are all lies just to get people to vote him in office! He is too stupid to do anything correctly!!!

  3. I didn’t realize the senile at large did Cumillas lipstick????. “Joe Biden continues to try to put lipstick on this pig”

    1. Exactly. I will NEVER purchase a new vehicle…only used with manual transmission and minimal “bells and whistles”. Check out the car shows and make a deal. I pray the EPA gets shut down after the 2022 elections. Biggest job killing agency in the USA since 1970.

  4. When will people learn that GOVERNMENT MOTORS is in with this illegitimate administration and deep state! GM sold its soul to the devil back in barrack obummers satanic administration!

  5. Reading this just shows that the crooked democratic state needs to be eliminated in government. Over 40 years in government, Biden, was and is a failure through and through. He may have a degree as a lawyer but that doesn’t make him smart and common sense is out of reach with his pea brain. All he knows is wag his tongue and spread nonsense. Everything the democrats have done is sell out our country to China!!! I pray someone gets smart soon and boots him and the radical pieces of S..t out of government. The Democrats need to be tried for treason and taken out of government. Notice that the cars not being able to get parts has nothing to do with unavailability, it’s to do with their green new deal. I see our country looking like the sh.t holes like Cuba, Venezuela etc. Fight back and get them out now!!!!!

    1. I agree with you but how can we fight back?? I hear that all the time yet no suggestions on how “WE FIGHT BACK”. Start another civil war?? Riots like BLM and ANIFA?? March on the WHITE HOUSE?? Or just sit back and wait too vote and hope its not fraudulent??

  6. IF and when someone can names who messed up the 2020 election I would like to see their hanging it is not all Joe Biden. In his state of mind he could not get it done. SO who did fix the election? And who is looking? OUR USA GOES TO HELL AND NO ONE IS TALKING, OR LOOKING THAT WE CAN SEE.

    1. I believe Obummer & his goon staff had a big part in this criminal corruption of our voting system! They had contacts in every State to pull off these illegal shenanigans! I believe Brian Kemp’s & his goon squad were in bed with the Stacy Abrams & her radical DemonRats when they purchased ALL those voting machines that could and were hacked! I believe they started working on this Voter Fraud right after Crooked Hillary was defeated and they corrupted the Court Clerks all the way up to the Judges to accomplish this ILLEGAL ELECTION!!🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  7. Make the chips at home!
    I’d rather have no chips at all, like the cars I grew up with. They’re all mostly for surveillance and tracking anyway. 😏

  8. Agree- bring back the older cars. I have a 2015 Honda CRV and I have to keep a charger connected (and it’s summertime) at all times because I’m a senior and I do not drive it a lot. There is so much electronics running off the battery that it dies often, This is because the charge is mostly used up just by starting the vehicle. It does not charge fully when little driving is done.

    We don’t need all that stuff. Give me a radio and a rearview camera and gas that doesn’t cost a fortune. Save me the inconvenience of a new car.

  9. Well the democrats who voted for this fool must be happy.I wonder how many democrats work for this company

    1. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on the United States. There are still many God-fearing Christians here. We MUST pray that the Lord reveal and remove all evil. This administration is evil (and all must repent). We MUST pray that the voters remove Newsom from California too. His evil agenda is out of control. PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE THAT THE LORD JESUS ALMIGHTY ANSWERS THE PRAYERS OF HIS REMNANT PEOPLE ! May God bless us all !!

  10. way to go liberals, must feel good to know you are screwing over AMERICA….why don’t you you all move to china and become communists, you absolutelsy don’t belong here anymore.

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