Cruz Goes Ballistic Over Biden Canceling Deportation Flights

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) just blew the lid off the whole debacle that is going on regarding the Haitians at the Del Rio, TX, border.

Americans were told the Haitians were getting on planes and being sent back to Haiti.

Now, we find out most of them are actually getting processed to be released into the United States, with only 2,000 having been sent back.

This is not speculation, but a fact that has been confirmed by Secretary Mayorkas Sunday morning during an interview with Chris Wallace.

Cruz hammered Biden for the sudden flip-flop and blew the lid off the whole thing.

What a Disaster

Cruz unloaded while giving the keynote speech at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference in Michigan.

He stated, “The Mexican cartels have been funneling the Haitian illegal immigrants to Del Rio for whatever reason.

“Well, on September 8th, there were roughly nine hundred Haitians preparing to be loaded onto planes to be flown back and deported to Haiti.”

Cruz went on to say that Biden had “canceled” the deportation flights.

He then stated that “900 Haitians… don’t get on the airplanes,” then they called and texted “their friends and families.”

“That was on September 8th. I was in Del Rio on September 16th, eight days later.

“In eight days, the seven hundred illegal immigrants under the bridge had become 10,503.

“Within a few days later, it had become over 15,000.”

Once again, another crisis that has literally been manufactured by this administration.

I can only wonder when people who still support Biden will get sick and tired of the deception and outright lies occurring right now.

Source: Fox News

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27 Responses

    1. Why aren’t ALL OF OUR REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS standing in UNITY FOR ONCE?? Biden and the Democrats are doing all they can to distroy our country yet 85% of the Republican Politicians are doing NOTHING!!!

      1. Maybe they ara in fear their closet doors will open?
        Which would be good, then there will be no fear to expose the democrats for the communists they are.

      2. They do but they don’t hold the gavels in the houses of congress. The leftist do that gives them the power to block anything the republicans bring forward. Like articles of impeachment aren’t even being introduced for decusion.

      3. Most of the so-called Republicans are gutless wimps or RINO’s! Ted Cruz is a true Republican who has the balls to stand up to the communist Democrats!

      4. They do nothing because they are nothing. Everything is talk talk and more talk. I’m reading to give up on my Republican values simple because rep have no back bone. They need to lead us out of this mess but they won’t because it will hurt their political career. All politicians are in office for the glory money game bad or good and power. They play a good act but ARE in no way for the people. You might find 5 that are but no war was won by 5 people. I feel they have all been idle because all politicians are on board and have been paid to do so. In my heart the this country will never recover. We are to invaded to pull out of this mess. There is more to come. My Country is gone along with any hope to recover.

  1. Haitians contribute NOTHING to this country or to the world in general , they only reproduce MORE of them , that they expect US to support !

  2. Biden and his whole administration need to be taken deep into the Louisiana swamp and have a bullet put into their heads.

    1. I agree but they need meat chained to them to attract the gators , garfish and other dangerous creatures in our marshes and swamps , A Cajun says to do it and a fellow resident .

    2. No bullet! No need to waste good ammunition! Deep into the swamp is enough cause dementia Joe will never find his way back!

      1. I would care less if I read in the paper AF1 crashed with b^i^d^e^n, p^e^l^o^s^i, s^c^h^u^m^e^r, n^a^d^l^e^r, s^c^h^i^f^f, m^a^x^i^n^e w^a^t^e^r^s, AOC, and other h^e^a^t^h^e^n democrats on board.

  3. Cartel paid? I don’t think so. Take a good look at the the democrats and Soros. They are the ones bringing in illegals. Joe Biden does what he is told. A total failure at being a president. Democrats better stop with the destruction of America. People are done with these nazis. The time bomb is about to explode. If you don’t want to help America get into your basement. Your useless to America and her freedoms. Joe Biden is going down soon.

  4. Joe has the button ! China must give Joe permission to render such a terrible weapon to deplorable racist !
    Joe is running America on hate for his opposing political rival ! He knows he lost 20/20 it’s coming out !
    Never have I witnessed such a pathetic excuse for a man ! BRAINDEAD !!!

  5. What Texas should do is not try to deport all of these invaders back to Mexico or their country of origin, but put them on buses and send them NonStop to Washington D.C. and drop them off in front of the White House. Just keep them buses running 24/7. When D.C. has 50, 75, 100 thousand illegal invaders running around their streets, then maybe this administration will want to put a stop to this invasion of our borders and country.

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Praying for Florida, for everyone in the path of the storm, and for all the emergency response personnel working to keep people safe.

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