GOP Demands Accounting for Tally for Emissions Transport to Glasgow

Ever since Biden took off for the big climate summit, I have questioned why this could not have been done remotely.

If climate change were so important, all of these meetings could have been done virtually rather than swarming in on Scotland with 400 private jets.

Now, the GOP wants answers, demanding a full accounting of the emissions produced by the Biden delegation that attended the conference.


Senators Joni Ernst (R-IA), Tom Cotton (R-AR), and Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.) penned a letter to the GAO’s Comptroller General Gene Dodaro demanding a full accounting.

The letter stated, “We write to you today requesting that the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) collect and provide information to Congress on the total amount of carbon emissions required to transport President Biden, the 13 U.S. political appointees, and any and all Administration support staff who attend this conference.”

It continued, “While President Biden continues to target American energy with harmful policies, he and his staff continue to rely on fossil-fuel transportation. In the interest of transparency, we would like an answer to understand the total amount of emissions linked to the transportation to and from COP26 for Biden Administration officials.”

According to reports, Biden has roughly a third of his cabinet and staff at the meeting, the attendance of many which have been openly questioned.

For instance, why is Secretary Buttigieg there when we have a supply chain crisis in this country directly related to transportation issues he should be working on right now.

Over and above that, however, is the fact there is simply no need for all of these people to attend a climate meeting, especially by private jet.

Many of them, had they wanted to be a part of the climate, could have conferenced in rather than heading over to Glasgow for what amounts to be a photo-op.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) is also demanding a financial accounting of the summit.

In a letter he penned to Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, he wrote, “According to Time magazine, COP26 will be the ‘most expensive COP on record.’

“In an effort to understand the full cost the taxpayers will bear for this two week international conference, I ask that you answer the attached questions.”

I could not agree more and would further state we need to start tracking the progress of these wasteful meetings.

This was the 26th conference… so what exactly have the previous 25 accomplished?

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

    1. Let’s go Brandon

      We need accountability from dementia Joe and his other idiots including John Kerry

    2. And reimbursements to the people affected by this extravaganza. We have a Country to run and money could have been better spent on more important things than this boondoggle.

  1. These corupt demrats are flying all around the world on the Americans dime but u don’t hear them complaining about the Carbon emissions they are causing. Lies are all they know.

  2. One proposed law that should even be an amendment is the Enumerated Powers Act by DownsizeDC DOT com That would force Congress to justify any law under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

    Another thing it could do is require administrations to justify such photo op boondoggle vacation trips.

  3. this is only half of it He is staying in Edinburgh Hired 8 electric cars and not enough hookup for the cars so he bought in a transformer to charge the cars Wakeup People This is NUTS!


  5. And here we sit, with not one thing has been done to stop the cheating of the left in voting. Next we will probably accept the fact there’s X amount of Democrats and more than that, that vote. We CANNOT tolerate them cheating into office again. There absolutely needs to be accountability! We are in it again on today’s election of McAuliffe/Youngkin and although it’s a close race if McAuliffe wins I will be questioning again? I don’t think there is 1 person reading this that thinks the Democrats actually won the presidential election.

    1. I totally agree. Biden should be personally responsible for this nightmare. EXPRNSIVE trip. He doesn’t care how much it cost, partly because of his dementia that distorts his judgement. He really should not be in this position. Not capable.

  6. I am so glad that Buttigieg was able to cut short his vacation so he could spend two weeks in Scotland. The man is so dedicated to his job.

  7. Dopey Biden needs people to prop him up every minute, wipe his mouth, wipe him….tell him what to say. Lead him to the bathroom. We all know this guy is a clown. He’s nuts.

  8. I would like to see the answers to those questions. How much did it cost the taxpayers for all these people to travel to Scotland for this conference? How much time did they honestly spend in the conference meeting with representatives from other countries and actually discussing the climate? What was the total fuel consumption for the aircraft and vehicles ? How did this effect the carbon emissions? So many more questions that the Democrats will fail to give honest answers to because it is a major waste of money.

    1. Demand that they provide an accounting of their activities and costs. There seems to be no fiscal respondibility whatsoever. AND, we the people are bearing the brunt (and costs) of this fiasco!

  9. And reimbursements to the people affected by this extravaganza. We have a Country to run and money could have been better spent on more important things than this boondoggle.

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