GOP Unleashes Secret Weapon On FBI Top Brass – YES…

While we do not yet have all of the answers that we want about the FBI’s recent raid on Donald J. Trump’s private residence, there’s at least one man in Congress who’s working to get them for us:

Senator Chuck Grassley.

The Republican from Iowa is asking the same questions that most Americans want the answers to.

There’s a difference between me and Grassley though in the fact that he’s an active Senator in Congress and actually should have the ability to get these answers.

You can tell that liberals are in charge right now.

Grassley isn’t getting any answers either.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to stop trying though.

Grassley recently demanded answers from the FBI on a number of questions that Americans deserve to know the answers to:

When did you approve the raid? When did Attorney General Garland?

What was the predication for the raid? Please provide the predicating records, including the search warrant and supporting affidavit.

What is the scope of the investigation that predicated the raid? Is it limited to federal records and classification issues? Please explain.

Did you discuss the search warrant with anyone at the White House before or after its execution? If so, what was discussed?

Did any member of the White House staff or other executive employee, official, or agent, direct you in any way to pursue and execute the search warrant? If so, who?

Did you discuss the search warrant with Attorney General Garland or any of his representatives or subordinates at the Department of Justice before or after its execution? If so, what was discussed?

Has the FBI employed a team to determine which records fall within the scope of investigation and those that fall outside of it? If so, when was that team employed? If not, why not?

We’ll let you know the answers to Grassley’s questions as soon as he gets them.

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12 Responses

  1. I hope the FBI and DOJ find out that the left is the enemy and the right are the ones that should and will be running our country. The top officials of both agencies need to be fired and never let back into a government position again.

  2. Doj new woke name is dod. Department of demorats. FBI now king bidens right hand vote vote these losers out….

    1. Republicans are working hard at doing just that! However, Dems seem to control everything without censure. They clearly cheated in other elections both Federal and local and, even when caught red-handed, they got away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist!

      Republicans need to get more vocal and involved in ALL elections at all levels. The Dems will still try to cheat, but it will be a lot harder to get away with it with more Republican oversight!

    1. Could be. Either that or the Republican leadership is being too cautious. However, you don’t stop a burglar in his tracks unless you catch him in the act; and, then shout it out large and loud! It seems to me that today’s Republicans are too reticent in defending our laws and votes! The Democrats get away with subterfuge, lies, and destruction of our Constitution and laws. Things need to change drastically and quickly or else we won’t even recognize our beautiful country anymore….

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