Trey Gowdy: Biden on His Way to Being One-Term President

During a recent “Special Report,” the panel broke down the “woke” movement in this country.

Trey Gowdy was in rare form during the segment.

After the panel had its say, they switched gears to Biden discussing inflation during his recent town hall.

As stated above, Gowdy was in rare form and feeling a bit ornery, so we figured his reaction to Biden’s statement would be right to the point.

Gowdy did not pull any punches, predicting that if Biden continues down this path, he has the ideal recipe for living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for only one term.

When you have five minutes to spare, watch the full video below because you will not regret it…

Source: Fox News

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28 Responses

    1. But look at it this way. With Biden gone, we’re study with Kamel Toe Harris, who doesn’t seem to even know where the Texas border is. She was supposed to be the “lead” in handling the invasion of the US of A by illegal aliens (Invaders) and it seems she doesn’t even know where the border is. These democrabs are the poorest excuse for president and vice president I think I have ever heard of, even worse than Jimmy Carter.

    2. Biden must remain as President as long as Harris and Pelosie remain threats to the United States national security.

      1. BIDEN LETS THOSE 2 DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, LIKE SPOILED CHILDREN. HE IS NOT STOPPING PELOSI, HE ENCOURAGES HER, OR RATHER OBAMA ENCOURAGES HER VIA BIDEN. Biden is a puppet, his speeches are written for him, he is told what to say and when to say it, and the senility has set it, but it is life, we get a good President and they either kill him or try to ruin him.

    1. Goddy restores my faith in America. But if Trump doesn’t run, the Republicans have a deep bench. I personally would like to see Mike Pompeo become president sometime soon.

    2. He and Ron Desantis would make a great team if Mr Trump for some reason does not want to run again, Trump and either one of those Patriots and when Mr Trump has finished his terms in the WH, then Gowdy and Desantis would be the next dream team to run this country and do it RIGHT !!! Mark Rubio is not to be left out of capable s and would help our country out, as well. We have OPTIONS, Ya’ll !!!!

    1. Was thinking this fast paced life is taking a toll on Biden and Pelosi, they are not spring chickens and could keel over any minute. Good genes may not be on their sides. NOT wishing anyone dead but hey it is never expected and my point is they are older than dirt millage wise.

  1. biden needs to get all the one million illegals he has distributed all over the US vaccinated

    1. Are you paying for it? I think they should all be where bidens neighborhoods are at

    2. Better yet, lets drop them all in Deleware and Pa. and let Biden take care of them up in his territory. WE the people did not invite them in, nor agree to take care of all their needs for life…..He asked no one and is that legal ?!!! Where are the checks and balances in our government anymore ?

      Still steaming over our homeless Veterans who have nothing, they are given thothing , no help and that is disgraceful to do our military men and women this way, yet let in 11 ” gazillion ” illegals in Biden’s mumbled and befuddled mind thinks it A okay to do to our American citizens…well Geezer its NOT !!!

  2. I’m not sure he will make one term. You can bet your bottom dollar that Camella and his Dept heads are watching closely trying to find the right moment to drop the 25th amendment on him. Pretty sad to watch knowing this man has his finger on the trigger of the nuclear football. I can’t think of one good thing this man has done for this country since taking office.

    1. You are so right, sorta runs parr for the course with him, he spent all those years in Congress and mediocre would give him more credit than he is due, what has he EVER done for this Country except use his clout as a member of Congress to extort $$$$$ out of foreign countries ?

  3. Biden and Kamala and Pelosi are a disaster for USA
    now or later
    they are the disgrace of USA

    1. Mina you did well, legal way……all those poor souls waiting in line to become a US citizen legally and Biden pushes 11 million in front of them with no waiting time….THAT ought to be ILLEGAL !!!

  4. Carefull what we wishfor. If biden goes – camel harris and pelosi move on up! Thats even worse. These fools need to be thouroughly rejected at the ballet box next time and conservatives also take the house and the senate to control the exectutive branch debacle until their time is up. harris AND pelosi filling in for a removed biden would be an unbelievable disaster

  5. If joe is removed, only change is the dummy, the puppeteer remains the same !!!!! Que mala, wouldn’t be the one making the decisions, no more than joe is now !!!!!!

  6. If Biden goes out, Harris becomes President and Pelosi Vice President. Look what the Dumb-o-crats have done to our Country in 6 months. We can’t take another 3 & half years of this. Biden will go down in history as the worst President in US history. Our money is already almost worthless. They’re printing money with absolutely nothing to back it up. H E L P ! ! !

  7. Agree with all posts! There isn’t one of the three of them capable of running a country( except into the ground)! Biden and Harris are Obama and piglosi’s scapegoats. He does what THEY tell him. He has no cognitive thoughts to do anything! They are brutalizing an inept old man with the cognitive function of a garden slug. They are not only grossly abusing him, they are abusing all of us by keeping him in office illegally! What a nasty , sick bunch they are, but THEY are the elites? No way!!!!

  8. To bad they don’t make commercial toilets large enough to flush the radical left. I am not mentioning names as you know who they are!

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