Trey Gowdy: Law is Clear on Mask Mandates

The Biden administration is throwing out all types of new COVID restrictions and mandates amid the latest surge in cases.

But, are they overstepping boundaries?

While recently discussing this issue on Fox News’ “Special Report,” Trey Gowdy stated that the law is clear on what the government can and cannot do on this front.

Biden Overreaching

As we just saw with Biden’s new eviction moratorium, the current resident of the White House cares little about our laws and our Constitution.

Biden even admitted that the moratorium would not “hold muster” constitutionally, but he ordered it anyway.

Now, there are rumors of federal mask mandates being put in place.

The rumors are related to states like Texas and Florida, where both Republican governors are digging in against Joe Biden and his overreach.

Trey Gowdy also pushed back, stating that the “law is clear” on this and while states and cities can “probably” make mask mandates, the federal government cannot.

The full segment and panel discussion are in the video below…

However, you never know, as Biden may take the same approach on this as he did regarding the moratorium, where he issued an illegal and unconstitutional order to “buy time.”

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. This president(?) has gone power hungry as has his VP (?). Neither have accomplished ANYTHING worthwhile but to stir and muddy the waters.
    So much for the CONSTITUTION.

    1. It just makes me so angry how most Republican Politicians hide under their little desks and do and say NOTHING!! I must admit that there are a very few who are speaking up but 80% aren’t. It does not matter that the Democrats hold the House, Senate and the WH, if Republicans would stand in UNITY for once they could make an impact.

    2. I guess we now need to bend the knee and shout, “Hail to the Fuehrer, both to Herr Biden and to his crony at the CDC, who is restricting rent collection now.

  2. Biden and his squad of clowns are communist dictating what we can and can’t do. He is breaking the law with the illegals coming in here and now he really does NOT have authority to mandate masks. I have been vaccinated and still choose to wear a mask out in stores, my choice because of several health issues. It should be up to individual to make what decision is best for them even though I feel if you are not vaccinated consider the vaccine or wearing a mask to protect those around you, but again it should be your choice not Biden’s.

  3. Time to stop crossing the border without thoroughly physical health checking and that will not be done but they are transporting them all over the country? We citizens take precautions and care and time for this administration to take right steps and quit doing things out of hate instead of love!

  4. Unfortunately, the Dems can see the writing on the wall and they will be attempting to get done EVERYTHING they can get done before Nov 22 when they all go bye bye and Joe becomes a duck that can’t walk.

  5. Impeach and then hang Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar, et al for treason.

  6. Come on people! It’s time for us the People of the United States to begin a movement to Impeach the guy currently in the White House. He is acting as though he’s a king or dictator. He needs to be removed. He swore an oath to protect the U.S. and the Constitution. That means following the rule of law and setting the example. He is doing the exact opposite, he is violating the rule of law, vis a vis the Supreme Court judgement. He’s supposed to be protecting the citizens of the country that voted him into office, yet he sees it his obligation to protect people making a mockery of our immigration laws. He is the one that should be impeached and prohibited from ever running again. He needs to be placed in a secure stockade for a time, and afterward, we need to go back to an old custom close to two hundred years old. Remember the story of the man without a country? That’s what we need to do with this clown. And here I thought his predecessor was a clown. What a mistake! This guy is the clown as are his aides.

  7. Perhaps the SCOTUS should have Biden and Harris put out of office or in jail. Impeachment would be fine or maybe exiled. They are criminals and would fit nicely in Gitmo or the Capitol police could give them free residence!

  8. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed .This administration wants to put you under bondage.Everyone has a right to speak up and stand for truth righteousness and justice or if you do not look at Venezuela,Cuba,China,and Russia

  9. Impeach?…they’re guilty of committing Treason against the U.S.A. and it’s citizens!!what do you think really needs to be done!

  10. The biden administration couldn’t care less about the Constitution and they don’t mind using it against Americans anytime they can. And of course, it is buying time until a federal judge or SCOTUS says otherwise.

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