Trey Gowdy on Biden: We Knew Better

The media and Democrats sold America a false bill of goods with Joe Biden.

We all know someone that said they would vote for Joe Biden simply to get Trump out of office because they did not like his personality.

Most of us warned them this was not the way to elect someone president, but they did not listen.

Now, Trey Gowdy is sending them all a very loud “I told you so.”

The False Narrative

Contrary to Joe Biden’s and the media’s narrative, America was not in a bad place when Trump was in office.

People did not like Trump because of his brash personality, but the country was flourishing, Americans were going back to work, and our enemies knew this country would not tolerate any shenanigans.

Then the pandemic hit, and Democrats got the break they needed.

They challenged Trump at every chance, including the efficacy of the vaccines that were part of Operation Warp Speed.

Joe Biden was the man that would bring America back… only he has set this country back decades, if not longer, on all fronts.

Addressing this, in part, Gowdy stated, “When Joe Biden became president, he made a point of telling the world that America is back.

“As if we had gone somewhere, he was Moses leading us out of the wilderness and the media, of course, they fell for it.

“But others know better. Ask the people hanging on to the wheels of American planes.

“Ask the women and children killed in the streets and ask our allies and friends tortured because they dared to take America at its word.”

Gowdy concluded, “Biden said that America is back; he was wrong. The Taliban is back.

“And America? Well, America is leaving. Leaving the women and children. Leaving those who believed in us. Leaves those who risked and gave their lives for us.

“America does not leave women, girls, children, our friends or fellow Americans behind, period. Greatness comes with a price.

“What we’re seeing in Afghanistan is not American greatness. It is an American failure.”

You can see the full segment in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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67 Responses

  1. Biden has three choices:
    Court martial

    I like #3, he should face a firing squad.

    1. # 3 for sure. They should court martial him and fly him and his cabinet to Afghanistan and drop them off. And take Pelosi and her gang with them. That would be justice

      1. There are many that qualify for this trip don’t forget Clinton & Comey lets not leave any of the lowlifes out, did we get pencil neck Schiff, high pockets, and Schumer’s and Pelosi along with the Hyena and the senile president.


    2. Nothing will happen to Biden and we all know it! The Dems will stand him up, dust him off and he will continue too be “The Golden Child.”
      What’s happening in America right now is shameful! This is the greatest country on earth dying in pieces.

    3. Amen! He and Obama are the biggest failures this Country has ever seen! Obama is the cause of all of this!

    4. Bad news: He can’t be court martialed. He is not part of the military. The Constitution says he can be removed by impeachment or losing the next election.

    5. He should truly be court martialed and sent behind bars like so many of the guilty before him. He has committed a tragedy and doesn’t even know it. Why does he go into hiding everytime our news media wants to ask him a question?? Does he actually KNOW he’s guilty?

    6. Favorite is 3. He must be gone. he’s ruining our country. One soldier at a time. No. 13 soldiers at a time.
      America in mourning except for the blind Biden lovers who must be as dumb as he is. If they can’t see what he’s doing to our country they are blind and dumb.

  2. Trey is so right and he truly nailed it. America is waking up but unfortunately in this case far too many will have paid the ultimate sacrifice due to the terrible action taken. Our allies are furious and have every right to be.

  3. Thank you Trey, I hope everyone sees this and reads it. If this does not open their eyes, nothing will. And I want to say again but will not get started on this, I truly believe that Trump won the Presidency. I do not in any way shape or form believe that Biden won.

    1. The only thing Biden won is CLOWN of the year award, a complete failure in everything he does or tries to do.

  4. 90% of Trumps so called brash personality was in response, and direct result of, the lies and filth made up against him by the filth called the commie media,
    AND the criminal corrupt democrat house!

  5. The Democrats and Biden have sold out the American people .Biden, the Democrats and the Media lied,
    cheated and stole to get a demented old fool into office to be used as a patsy and a puppet for the Obama
    regime. Biden is a dupe but he is not forgiven for going along with this charade that is destroying the country
    we so love. With what the Democrats or more truly known as the Communists, have done to this country I would
    think the French were on to something during their Revolution. Perhaps we should erect a guillotine and start
    loping off some heads. We must remove all the heads of the monster in order to kill it and the Democratic Party and many in the Republican Party make up that monster that needs to disappear.

  6. This way Obama is running the show again. He HATED America then, he hates it more now. Yes don’t blame Biden this is the complete democratic party. It is only democratic ran cities that have voting fraud. They are the only ones pushing the next scare across the nation

    1. They are not Democrats – most of the ‘real’ democrats have or are retiring because they are not on the Communist/leftie side. I’m an independent but lean Republican but years ago I was a Democrat (prior to Obama) – I recognized Obama for exactly what he is – a liar. Didn’t know where he came from, had no experience as an attorney or a congressman – he had some charisma which too many people fell for. Thankfully I did not & that was the day I became an independent but I won’t call all the Congress on the left side ‘Democrats’ because the majority are not. We have RINOs that don’t fight at all for their constituents & try to keep their seat so they can keep making lots of money – they all need to go!

  7. When Biden takes the podium, it’s like watching an empty suit uttering a scripted speech. Sad, but his handlers will continue to guide him around like a seeing eye dog! $

  8. I can’t believe there are 47 % of the American population who still think Biden is doing a good job!! They are either nuts or are refusing to see the truth and knowing they made a huge mistake are now digging their heels in rather than admit Trump was right.

    1. The same dipwads are the ones that if they really had the numbers wouldn’t have had to cheat in the election

  9. Have faith. The midterms are coming up and the dim wads will do all they can to cheat again. The country is wise to their BS this time and I believe it’s gonna be much different this time. They’re gonna try to get illegals votes and rig the voting machines. BEWARE DIM WADS YOUR TIME IS COMING!

  10. When you vote against a man who is competent ,speaks his mind ,tells you the truth,wants what is best for you and your country then you are an idiot .

    1. I know… They make it sound like going to the polls every two years is something impossible for some or getting ID in a two-year period is just so out of some peoples reach! My contention is if you can’t take care of that you don’t deserve to vote

      1. I guess we have a bunch of people who don’t drive or cash checks or do business of any sort since you need a picture id for all those things. If you can do those things you’ve got an id to vote.


  11. I’ve always said, you’ve got to vote for policy NOT personality.
    Most of the time, personality would go against the democrats anyway!

  12. I used to think mail in voting was a good idea, no more, after what I seen this last election, only paper ballets, no machines or mail in votes.
    And voter identification.

  13. I was born during the dark days of WWII when America was fighting prominent and very well armed adversaries on both sides of the world at the same time. Through shier fortitude and sacrifice of the USA and her brave allies we brought these formable adversaries to their knees. We as a whole helped rebuild their war torn countries and bring them back into prominence among the family of nations. It was simply pride for doing a job well done because we had leaders on all fronts that used old fashioned common sense. We gained the respect and trust of the world
    Today is totally reversed. We have leaders today who can’t even spell common sense. Now it’s all about power and “what’s it worth to you?” President Truman said it best. “If a person gets rich in politics, I’ll show you a crook.” (or words to that effect)” We just left what use to be our allies hanging on the landing gear of jets because we were leaving these people to fiend for themselves. I’m not proud of that one bit and that memory will stay with me until I’m dead and gone. To be more specific, I’m ashamed of our leaders and the shame they’ve brought on this once great country.

  14. Trey Gowdy’s video stated everything that is true about the Buffoon Administration in Washington, D.C. With them running America, we are Doomed Unless we elect Donald Trump back as OUR PRESIDENT!

  15. Biden should never have been voted in. Everyone knew he was Obama’s YES MAN. So the ones that love and worship Obama voted Biden in. However, if there was an honest election he would NOT have won in the first place and we would not be in this predicament. Hopefully we’ll have better luck with 2022 and 2024, I PRAY, we will.

  16. He is a Manchurian candidate…the whole lot of them…and the bi-peddles that voted for them are the imbeciles!!!

  17. They didn’t sell ME on BIden – I’ve had no use for him for Years; he plagiarized in college!! A person who will steal another’s words would steal ANYTHING. If SOME Americans were sold a false bill of goods, it’t because they were incredibly stupid, or they just didn’t care. Sad commentary on Americans.

  18. U.S. citizens have LONG AGO reneged on the precious responsibilities that go with the privileges we have. It is DISGUSTING how LAZY and UNAPPRECIATIVE we citizens have become. In addition to our shame, we will bear
    the treacherous CONSEQUENCES!!!

  19. Biden has so much blood on his hands and every person that supported him and voted for him must hang their heads down and cry in shame!!! The Unconscionable Humanity of it all…every one that supports Biden..that voted for him is Unconscionable!!!

    The Innocent lives taken..not just in the Mexican/American Borders too is the sin of the Democrats!!!

    May GOD have mercy on your demented souls!!

    I truly hope Satan is waiting for you at the Gates of Hell…

  20. they still do have Trump Rage….to them he’s worse then everything thats happening now including the pandemic..which of course was designed and manufactured by the chinese communist gov”t in cohhots with all these leftist traitors! all for the hatred of one great patriotic president…Donald J. Trump. best president since Lincoln!

  21. Has anyone given a thought to the fact that anybody that doesn’t know God’s word doesn’t know our laws so when we place leaders shouldnt they have a solid understanding about God? And I mean Yahwey not allah! The supreme court justices esspecially!

  22. America has become a nation of people who prefer to be on the dole than work for a living. We have taken the easy way out and voted for democrats, who promise the moon but deliver dirt. President Trump was putting this nation back to work, something Biden and his ilk were deathly afraid of. The promise of a free and easy life put a senile old man into the most prestigious position in America. Get off your butts America, go back to work and also get the democrats out of office before it’s too late.

  23. There are many that qualify for this trip don’t forget Clinton & Comey lets not leave any of the lowlifes out, did we get pencil neck Schiff, high pockets, and Schumer’s and Pelosi along with the Hyena and the senile president.

  24. The first day American troops landed in Afghanistan, started the PROBLEM. Go back twenty years and follow the money. Profit was the force behind deploying US troops, not Bin Ladin. Imagine another country sending thousands of troops to take over our land. Unimaginable. We gave the Afghan people EVERY opportunity to fight and change their government. In the end , religion and fear won out. Of course it is always Americans who pay the ultimate price for other countries problems. And, we’re the most apologetic for our actions in these matters. We pay hundreds of billions to fight and hundreds of billions to rebuild their homeland. ENOUGH! The next time we’re attacked, SHOW NO MERCY.

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