Harlem Drug Kingpin Gunned Down in New York City Drive-by

One of the more notorious Harlem drug kingpins of the 1980s is dead.

Alberto “Alpo” Martinez was gunned down in New York City early Sunday morning.

Martinez had been in the witness protection program, so details are still a bit fuzzy as to whether he had left the program or was just in NYC visiting.

Paid in Full

Martinez’s life was portrayed in the 2002 movie “Paid in Full.”

He was one of the prominent kingpins in the drug world initially working out of New York, but he eventually expanded into other cities, with the most notable being Washington, D.C.

In 1990, Martinez was indicted on drug charges, but the indictment was later dismissed.

Martinez was then arrested in 1991 in D.C. on drug charges and conspiracy to commit murder, as well as 14 counts of murder, among other charges.

Facing a death sentence, Martinez decided to roll and become a federal witness, rolling over on many members of his organization.

He was eventually sentenced to 35 years, then released into witness protection in 2015.

Exactly why Martinez was back in New York is unknown, but it did not take long for word to get out.

An unnamed police source warned that there were a lot of people with scores to settle, and that is apparently what happened here.

Martinez’s Dodge Ram was found at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning at 147th & Frederick Douglas Boulevard, riddled with bullets.

Martinez was hit five times in the assault.

Ironically, the name of the movie based, in part, on his life, could not be more fitting.

Source: New York Post

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24 Responses

      1. You were probably trying to tell the truth, the Commie censors on this
        site don’t like the truth, they delete MOST of mine !! You especially can’t call a spade a spade here, and you aren’t allowed to say ANYTHING derogatory about ANY LIBERAL, especially BIDEN !!!!

        1. The Commies can’t handle the truth! Drain the cities the states and most of all Washington DC of all these stagnant parasites once and for all!!!!! Let’s Go Brandon

  1. Millions on drugs, plenty of fish for police to catch and have a Judge , Rubber stamp’m as Felons. Marked for life, while the big Drug King pin in WH continues with his Open Borders policy importing Drugs s by the Tons yearly.
    When is the insanity going to end?

  2. The dumb headlines: He was gunned down. Thank you to the Police Force that Gunned that long time King Pin down and out of our lives. Means one less mouth to feed in Prison. They need to get rid of these people as fast as they can. Lots more of them to go. Then we can Start on those in Congress to be held accountable for their Stealing and Bald Faced Lies. You can understand that Dementia Joe can’t be held accountable for all his Lies, he has an excuse: He can’t remember what he has done nor where he has been. Just like falling asleep while at the Summit. So what the hell is he there for when he can’t stay awake and know what the heck they are voting for. Some one has to stay by his side and stick him with a damn long pin to get his attention. Why is he even there, its not for saving face.

  3. Success declares Joe Biden !
    You will be be safe in Government custody! I PROMISE !! Wink wink
    Jeffry learned !!! Let’s go Brandon !

  4. Witness protection program? Waste of taxpayers money. Do the crime do the time or forfeit your life, whatever is called for.

  5. The big red insignificant nothing having a bad day ??
    Payback for all the lying you’ve done.
    Lie your way out of this……..scumbag !!!

  6. I know of ONE that should be give the exact same treatment….LET’S GO BRANDON !!!!

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