Gutfeld: Biden Divides Whenever Possible

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld made a statement on Tuesday that is hard to disagree with.

As a matter of fact, I have been saying this for years about Biden.

In an op-ed on Fox News, Gutfeld stated that Biden likes to create divide whenever possible, and he is right.

Joe the Divider

As we all know, Joe Biden ran on a platform of uniting the country.

However, since moving into the White House, all he has done is create more and more divide.

He tries to hide it, but anyone with common sense can see what he is doing.

Recently, Biden reportedly told his inside circle that he is done working with Republicans.

We are still trying to figure out when he actually did work with Republicans.

To that point, Gutfeld, in his op-ed, wrote” “Remember Rittenhouse? I bet Joe doesn’t, but he called him a white supremacist”

“Turns out the only thing Joe should be president of is CNN.”

“Think about any opportunity where he could divide the public, any time he could blame half the country or label them racist, he acts faster than a hit of crack or meth, depending on what Hunter has got with him.”

He goes on to call Biden” “flesh-eating bacteria,” which is about as accurate as it gets when it comes to Joe Biden and his divisive ways.

When you get the chance, click on the link at the bottom of the page to read Gutfeld’s full op-ed.

He may be humorous, but he also happens to hit the target dead-center in this one.

Source: Fox News

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5 Responses

  1. Gutfeld is so right, and like tens of millions in the USA we know Biden is not the president but Obama/Soros and a lot of lefties are anti-American including Pelosi, Schumer, etc. Can’t wait for November when the honest Republicans take the House and Senate and in 2024, President Trump is our President again.

    1. It may be too late by then. The liberals have done so much damage to society and the economy in only one year and five months it would take about another 5 years to get things back on track again but with Dumbo in there for another 2 1/2 years I doubt if there’s going to be anything left of our nation.

  2. Y’all need to STOP the BS Spam in your comments. People can’t even discuss the article amongst themselves because of this. Definitely gonna turn me away from even trying too.

  3. Dirty Joe Biden’s brain only does what the teleprompter orders him to do !
    Obama is control of input .
    Has anyone ever seen a original thought come from the old mush head .
    LET’S GO BRANDON !… 2000 mules
    Most likely to screw up everything !

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