Greg Gutfeld Blows Up on Geraldo Rivera for ‘Lie’

I am a little behind on this one, guys, but it warranted a shout-out, so bear with me…

Last Wednesday on “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld and Geraldo Rivera got into a doozy of a fight.

As he often does, Geraldo took a comment the wrong way, but Gutfeld was not about to let him spew a false narrative, and he absolutely blew up on-air.

Call Out Your Lie

Gutfeld was making a point about how the media and Democrats all but ignored the crisis at the border until they got the now infamous image that started #WhipGate.

He likened this to Democrats and the media ignoring the surging crime and murder rates around the country.

He stated, “What does that remind you of?

“The media and the Democrats ignoring the rampant violent crime that started last summer all the way to the present time.

“All of our cities are degraded, dangerous.”

Rivera jumped in, acting as though Gutfeld was blaming the rising crime rates on illegal immigrants, but that is 100 percent not what he said, as you can read yourself from the comment above.

He was merely comparing the two instances, not linking them.

After Gutfeld initially cut Rivera off when he tried to interject, Rivera came back at him, stating, “I have to rebut what Greg said.

“There’s absolutely no evidence of Haitian immigrants and crime…You related directly these undocumented immigrants.”

That is when Gutfeld blew up and it got really interesting…

That interaction reminded me of exactly how #WhipGate got out of control.

Just like Joe Biden and Democrats saw only what they wanted to see in the picture, Geraldo only heard what he wanted to in Gutfeld’s rant.

Source: Daily Caller

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19 Responses

  1. Geraldo Rivera is an complete idiot. He takes peoples comments and twists them. And he doesn’t like it when he is confronted and proven wrong! I can’t stand the moron. Good going Greg!

  2. I can’t stand Geraldo. Back in the day he was comparing himself to Walter Cronkite…..Geraldo was WAY away from the front line…..Walter was IN IT! What a wanna-be and a cry baby! No respect for Rivera at all! Who’s side are you on, Geraldo????? You’re a POOR excuse for a reporter!!

  3. That was typical Geraldo Rivera antics. I don’t know if he just looks for excuses to attack Gregg Gutfeld or if he’s trying to create controversy. He does this so often that I don’t care what Rivera says. I just turn off the channel when he’s on.

  4. This Captcha service for posting comments is a waste of money. It always requires me to resend the comment two to four time for no good reason. Just gives some stupid error message. Poor quality program.

  5. If their is a lie to be told, Biden and the main street media will jump on it. Democrats let cities burn and they blame the GOP and Police.

  6. Geraldo implies people use the race card with him, but he loses his grip and won’t listen. He’s a menace on tv. Doesn’t listen, makes himself the victim and is just like Juan.

    1. Two of the people I do not listen to when they come on the screen are Geraldo and Juan. Two dumb egotistical individuals. I turn the channel at their presence. And, I never believed Geraldo when he use to say that Donald Trump was his friend, and that he loves Donald Trump.

  7. Geraldo is a has been that can’t face it. His opinions are contrary just to hear himself talk and mostly brag. Go retire in another place and let us enjoy Greg without you ALWAYS looking for an argument. Just shut up.

  8. Geraldo is a farce, just like some of our military ” higher echelon” among Biden’s cabinet choices.

  9. Geraldo has always fought fircattention. He got attention over searching for the Ashes of the Red Heifer ( he looked foolish–place was empty) and other things?. He was always picking fights as a reporter, and got punched for it. He is a know it all biased reporter. At my age I watched his whole arrogant reporting from way back. He is a jerk always. Like his tantrum with Bongino on tv with both of them– Geraldo used his profanities, he is. Hot wire that explodes if he is verbally threatened.. How many times has he been married? Guess his wives agree. He can throw his kisses. But what he pretends to be is not what you get– he cannot control his temper. He cusses like a drunken sailor
    He needs to retire on his boat and sail away. He is a liberal in most ways. A person that has no respect for others , has no respect for himself — all fluff and arrogance.


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