Haley Rips Biden Foreign Policy Ahead of Xi Meeting

Nikki Haley continues to work on expanding her profile leading into the 2024 election cycle.

Haley has more than her fair share of dealings with China during her time as the UN ambassador.

She has been using that experience as of late to absolutely shred Joe Biden’s foreign policy failures.

Failed Foreign Policy

Joe Biden is slated for a virtual meeting with President Xi this week.

China has become of particular interest as one of the globe’s top polluters while refusing to participate in climate change meetings.

This administration is so desperate to get China to the table, it has repeatedly brushed off the human rights violations that occur with every passing second in China.

On Biden’s failings, Haley stated, “President Biden’s failed foreign policy already has the world questioning his judgment.

“Anything short of defending Taiwan’s democracy, calling out China’s genocide, and demanding answers as to why China is funding the Ayatollah by importing Iranian oil is weakness.”

This is far from the first time that Haley has attacked Biden on this front…

What do you think? Is this administration a complete failure when it comes to foreign policy?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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28 Responses

  1. Haley, like Harris, (and several others) is not Constitutionally eligible to be president OR V-President, neither of her parents were American citizens at the time of her birth, she is, like Harris, a mis-applied 14th Amendment anchor baby….. Neither is a Natural Born citizen, as the framers of the Constittion understood Natural Born citizen.

  2. Whether you want to admit the TRUTH or not; O’Biden is NOT in charge !!!!!!!!!!! He never has been, and he NEVER will be !!!!!!!!! His PUPPETEERS (Obama, Soros, Rice, and company) make ALL of the decisions and just tell HIM what to read, or mumble off of his cards or teleprompter !!!!!!!!! In MY opinion, this pretend government is destroying our country to help prepare us for the “GREAT RESET” that the GLOBALISTS want to shove down our throats !!!!!!!!
    And now he will give CHINA whatever they want, to further our decline !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, I think we all do know that and have for a long time. Such a mess these Commie are making.

    2. John, your statement said it ALL. I totally agree with you along with MANY other citizens of this country. I hope the DEMORATS are satisfied. Look what Biden & his DEMOCRATS have already done to our economy, not to mention millions of illegals now in our country to support off the American tax payers. Makes me really upset and I do believe it upsets millions of our citizens too. What in God’s name were they thinking? We definitely need DONALD J. TRUMP back as POTUS. I might be in my mid 70’s, but I still remember the good old days and it saddens me to think what is happening to our great country.

  3. Well I’m for PRESIDENT TRUMP all the way let’s take back our country not therse, PRESIDENT TRUMP PRESIDENT TRUMP AMEN PRESIDENT TRUMP.

    1. Mary, I totally agree with your statement. We need OUR POTUS, Donald J. Trump back in the White House asap.

  4. obama is doing this….!!! He finally admited that he was born in Kenya…!!!Just like Pres Trump said..!!! He hates America…I hope Karma gets him soon…obama tthinks he is GOD….GOD is just waiting for theright time…!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. OBAMA has an office two blocks from the Whitehouse…I am sure that “BRANDON” isn’t running the show at all because OBAM BAM is doing the job since “Brandon” can’t do the job…


  6. It’s a total mess on every front as to the failure of this President. I am 66 and I never thought I would live to see the country so totally wrecked on everything. There’s too many of his complete bumblings to list, but in my view the worst is Afghanistan. Of course his foreign policy is a failure as is everything else he touches. God please save us as a country (or what’s left of it) and hurry Trump!!

  7. What is TRULY FRIGHTENING is Kerry saying “we MUST cooperate with China” on environmental issues! Given China is the source of the virus, China has repeatedly threatened the US with WAR, that China is the most POLUTING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, and XI recently exhorted their coal industry to up COAL production, China HAS NO INTEREST IN “ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES”! WHEN DID KERRY BECOME SECRETARY OF DEFENSE? IF HE HAS THAT MUCH SAY, CONGRESS SHOULD HAVE A SAY IN HIM BEING APPROVED! BIDEN WILL BETRAY TAIWAN TO GET CHINA TO ADJUST THEIR PROMISES, WHICH THEY WILL NEVER KEEP ANYWAY! I planned on moving out of Taiwan, but I guess I will have to pull in my schedule! NOT MOVING BACK TO A US RULED BY THE DEMS! I HAVE MORE RIGHTS ALMOST ANYWHERE ELSE!

  8. This pretend pres. would have to raise his level ten fold to be even considered a failure he is just that bad! He is without any doubt the most corrupt criminal incompetent person that I have ever seen in my lifetime in any kind of leadership position. The Democrats have got to be completely and totally insane to have put him up as their candidate. There must be so many of his peers that he has dirt on that are totally scared to death of him and what he holds over their heads as to their own corruption and crimes, is all that I can think of!

  9. Good OLE BRAIN ROT BIDEN only cares about who is padding his piggy bank and CHINA is very big with padding just ask HUNTER !

  10. Good for her, the Biden administration has no foreign policy much less any kind of policies

  11. How can we expect anything less from Biden when he’s in China’s and Russian’s back pocket with all the money his family’s made.

  12. This bumbling, drooling, pedophile has absolutely ZERO accomplishments as far as foreign policy, PRETTY SAD FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN IN PUBLIC OFFICE FOR 5 DECADES!!!!!
    The fact he’s been in office for that long without doing ANYTHING positive SHOULD have been a warning for those considering voting for him!
    Any xiden voters have buyers remorse yet?
    China Joe Obribem is the ABSOLUTE WORST president the United States has ever had the opportunity of having, and he HAD TO CHEAT TO WIN!!!!

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