Haley Slams Biden for Attending Baseball Game

For an old man, Joe Biden is pretty elusive.

With multiple crises going on both domestically and internationally, Joe Biden somehow manages to avoid the press.

Instead of holding a presser, he decided to dip out of the White House to get an award and watch a baseball game, and Nikki Haley unloaded on him for it.

Get to Work, Joe

Surely, Joe Biden could have made better use of this time on Wednesday night.

But, we forget… Joe was getting inducted into the Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame, as if that is a thing.

Joe Biden showed up about halfway through the game, pressed some flesh, and got a mixed greeting of cheers from liberals and some not-so-nice things from conservatives that want to hold him accountable.

The fact he was walking around without a care in the world when Americans are still behind enemy lines, an innocent family that was obliterated was the subject of an attempted coverup, and our border is being overrun seemed not to matter at all to Joe.

Nikki Haley, however, was having none of it…

Haley has been working hard to improve her profile as of late, and I think we all know why.

I fully expect Haley to run for president in 2024.

I don’t expect her to win the nomination, but I do expect her to become part of the next administration in a very influential role.

Haley took a bit of a hit after the 2020 election for going up against Trump regarding the election results, but I think when all is said and done, she will be in line to be one of two possible women that make a legitimate run for the White House.

The other being Kristi Noem, who the Democrat Party very much seems to fear right now.

Haley’s future, however, will ultimately depend on whether she can mend the fence with Trump.

The feud seems to have simmered down, but they are still not at the kissy-huggy stage just yet.

Source: Fox News

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7 Responses

  1. Haley is setting up for a run for either president or v-president, unfortunatly she is not Constitutionally eligible as her parents were not American citizens when she was born, Haley is an anchor baby and not a Natural Born citizen, a first generation American citizen under the mis-applied 14th Amendment. AND, others are in the same situation, like: the Jamacian Harris, “hero” Panamanian citizen McCain, the illegal immigrant of Indonesian citizenship obama, along with others …. NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ELIGIBLE! (Do not believe this? Then do some searching on your own!)

    1. Finally someone like you tell us what most of us had known a long time ago. Obama was not constitutionally Eligible to be President and the Dems ignored it to the hilt. The Vice President now was not Eligible either. Thank you. We pointed all that out when Obama became President. Not one person in Congress stood up and said this is a fact and Obama is not Eligible to be President. Well the Dems would have none of that. He served two terms. That is why I think every one of these Democrats needs to be shut out and shut up. Then we have Nancy Pelosi who insists that she is going to get her way with the Legislation. Surely there is someone in Congress that can get in her face and shut her up and shut her down. This Witch has run herself into the Ground and American Taxpayers need to demand that she be thrown out of the Speaker’s position and it would even be better if she was thrown out of Congress.

      1. Audrey Spaulding , WE AGREE WITH YOU 1,000% !!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!! Term limits for all offices of Government !! Those that are over Term Limits NOW NEED TO BE FIRED!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!! UNITED WE STAND!!! OUR NATION UNDER GOD!!! Amen !!!!!!!Amen !!!!!!!! Amen

      2. I understand pelosi modified an official government document to state obama was eligible, and, to me, by doing so committed a felony, at the least. We have people in government who have no idea what is in the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution and are running their, “if it feels good”, democracy thing instead of understanding and being good managers of a Republic, two different systems.
        (I attended a town selectman meeting once where a selectman, a democrat, stated, on a issue, i don’t care if it is illegal, it sounds good to me……. he’s dead now, luckly.)

  2. Haley would be great in some position in the WH, as would so many other R women, like Noem and Greene. Fighters and truth speakers.

  3. Pene your so right. We have some decent Women that we would vote for. Just not an Illegal Alien nor a Democrat. What is wrong with having a Independent Woman or an Republican Woman. That doesn’t include Harris or Pelosi

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