Half of NYPD Wishes They Never Joined the Department

We have all been there…

You finally get the job you wanted only to realize, well, it’s not the job you wanted.

According to an internal survey, that is now the feeling of about half of the New York City Police Department.

Why Did We Join?

Democrats have attacked police for years now.

Police no longer get the benefit of the doubt in their eyes.

Even more bothersome is that Democrats often take up after hardened criminals rather than the officers (see Jacob Blake).

When Dem heroes are Blake and George Floyd, you know there is a problem

To that point, of the nearly 6,000 officers surveyed, a whopping 56 percent said they would not join the force if they could hit the reset button.

Just as worrisome is that 46 percent of the officers believe they are disrespected, something we have seen Democrats encourage.

Officers who loved their jobs only a few years ago are now looking forward to putting in their papers.

One 20-year veteran stated, “My retirement date is next month.

“I can’t wait to run out of here.”

Even though all this information is concerning, one answer was truly bothersome.

About 80 percent of the officers surveyed stated that they are hesitant to enforce the law out of fear of being prosecuted, disciplined, or sued.

And when that happens, well, we see what we are seeing in cities like New York and Chicago.

Source: The Blaze

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23 Responses

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  1. Defund the police, then the democrats in power hire private security to protect them bunch of garbage

  2. It’s a sad state of affairs when the Mob rules and the good guys are looked upon as the Villians. Bring out the water Cannons and arm the Police with Rubber Bullets to suppress the anarchy taking place all over America.

    1. Reg, that’s what I’ve been saying since the first Oregon ‘mostly peaceful’ demonstration. Better water cannons and tear gas to start with, then go from there.

    2. Good thought, but those “peaceful protesters” are well armed. A 20mm dual auto or quad ma deuce with real bullets would take the wind out of their sails. “Support the Blue.”


    4. You have to treat terrorist just like you do when you’re at war in a foreign country shoot to kill, shoot a few of them and they won’t be so brave, and if the government gets in your way shoot them we are allowed to protect ourselves from any foreign country and our government, and if mayors and governors are the government I don’t know who is. Whoever stands in the way of Justice pays the price.

  3. Until the idiotic liberal rioters understand that we will not tolerate their criminal ways, this schitt will continue !!!! kill a few hundred of them and the rest will dam sure stop rioting !!!! Nothing is going to change until our “LEADERS” grow a pair and stop trying to be these criminals friends !!!! SOMEBODY WITH COMMON SENSE HAD BETTER TAKE CHARGE OF OUR COUNTRY OR WE WON’T HAVE ONE FOR MUCH LONGER !!!! I, FOR ONE INTEND TO PROTECT MY FAMILY AND MY HARD EARNED POSSESSIONS, UNTIL THE DEATH IF NECESSARY !!!! KILLING CRIMINALS DOESN’T BOTHER ME ONE BIT, AS A MATTER OF FACT, I ENCOURAGE IT !!!! FJB !!!! LET’S GO BRANDON !!!

  4. The so-called Dems leaders are a bunch of “useful idiots” of the evil communists who want to destroy our beautiful country!
    God Save America!

  5. The police officers need to stand their ground and make their public elected officials pay for their crimes, if they come upon rioting, shoot to mane or kill all involved. Don’t arrest them, because they will be let out to do more damage. But that being said, God knows and knew what is happening, and what will happen before it happens, it is all part of His plan before He created all things. Remember also, that God is in complete control of all that He has created. NO SIN WILL GO UNPUNISHED AT THE WHITE THRONE OF JUDGMENT. Amen

  6. All of them wish DeBlasio had never been mayor as he is a fool of great proportions. His wife squandered or stole almost a billion dollars of NY money on education funds that cannot be confirmed. Why aren’t they both in custody!

  7. It’s not my fault I VOTED FOR MR. TRUMP!!!!😊 Dummy DemOrats !Unfortunately the idiots are taking us down with them(sigh!!)

  8. The American public is beginning to feel this “woke” criminal justice reform in the form of rising crime rates in their communities. Homicides in the U.S. are surging this year, on top of a 30% rise in murders in 2020, according to FBI statistics.” George Soros-backed district attorneys are ruining America. Woke’ criminal justice reform is simply not working in America.

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