Hannity: Biden Wants Americans to Suffer in Silence

Joe Biden’s policies are not working, period.

Find me the person that is doing better today than they were when Donald Trump was in office.

Sadly, this situation will only worsen as the year progresses, a situation that Hannity says Biden wants us all just to shut and take it on the chin.

Suffer in Silence

With Joe Biden now 10 months into his administration, it is more and more difficult to blame things on Trump, but he keeps doing it.

Case in point, handing stacks of cash to illegal immigrants for being separated at the border.

Biden has also pointed the finger at Americans on two different fronts.

He recently hinted that most Americans could not comprehend the complexities of the supply chain, something most eighth-graders can probably explain.

Even worse, during an interview this week, Biden basically blamed his bad polling on Americans, saying they are traumatized by COVID and they really can’t see how much better off they are today than they were when Trump was in office.

All I know is that gas used to be under $2 a gallon and I could get out of the grocery store without paying more than $100… not anymore.

Hannity responded, stating, “The supply chain crisis is not hard to understand.

“First, Joe Biden paid people not to work, then he then forced Americans out of the workforce through vaccine mandates – which are now in legal jeopardy.

“At the same time, he drove up shipping costs with new regulations and restrictions on oil and gas and then lo and behold, a supply chain nightmare.”

He concluded, “The only so-called ‘solution’ from the Biden administration? Just learn to live with less – and suffer in silence.”

You can see his full monologue in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

  1. Biden and Harris are the most IDIOTIC MORONS to ever be in the White House and they both need to be put in front of a firing squad!!!!!

    1. Good thought there, but not a firing squad. Sleepy, Creepy Uncle Joe apparently suffers from advancing dementia. He needs to be in a home where staff can look after him and keep him away from politics. Does the term, “totally incompetent” mean anything anymore? That applies both to Biden and to Harris

  2. It’s not just criminal Biden, it’s all his Marxist surrogates that surround him
    fulfilling his anti-American deeds, it’s absolutely disgusting, but those who
    voted for him and bought the lies about Trump are most deserving for their unfounded hate for Trump who was enriching life for everyone.

  3. Biden has no idea what he is doing, instead of helping the American people he is bent on causing as much damage as possible and that is about the only thing his administration has been good at, the rise in illegals crossing the border, shutting down fuel pipe lines, putting people out of work, the stupid mandates about wearing masks and getting shots, he is the worst president this country has ever had. Falling asleep during meetings, not talking to reporters unless they have been vetted by his people this entire administration is a national disgrace he is not a king, but he seems to think he is and the list of failures goes on

    1. The things the Biden administration are BY DESIGN. They are hell bent on destroying Capitalism and ushering in Communism. These things are planned. Otherwise, the Liberals would stop him. But they won’t because every one of them along with some RINOS are in on these destructive plans. No other explanation makes any sense. Wake Up liberals; our country is being destroyed and if this happens, the blood is on your hands.

      1. Meant to put “doing” in between are and BY DESIGN. No edit button on this site. Don’t know why.

  4. OH PLEASE, LET ME BE PART OF THE SQUAD. Not AOCs SQUAD but the SQUAD that you hear “READY, AIM, FIRE. Yes, that SQUAD.

  5. FJB, little guy fauci needs to mandate the illegals crossing the border. All illegal aliens need to be vaccinated! This so called pandemic will never end if those illegals don’t get the jab. No fu..ING way should illegals be receiving 1/2 million dollars of taxpayers money!

  6. Biden wants Americans to just shut up and do as were told but he isn’t suffering like many an average American is suffering. When you have to decide between rice and beans every other night it’s a whole different way of life than Biden lives, and he just wants to hand out money to the illegals breaking the law and to help with law abiding Americans. His time in office can’t end soon enough. I did not vote for him in 2020 and he has shown me I made the right choice.

  7. One kid starve to death because of Joe Biden hate for the American family he will pay a very hard price. Any child that gets sick and dies from no heat he will pay a very hard price. Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the democrats thinking the American people are going to roll over for his unamerican way is very mistaken. Hell is coming for Biden. He won’t be able to run from it. You have hurt enough people.

  8. Whether you want to admit the TRUTH or not; O’Biden is NOT in charge !!!!!!!!!!! He never has been, and he NEVER will be !!!!!!!!! His PUPPETEERS (King Obama and his minions) make ALL of the decisions and just tell him what to read, or mumble off of his cards or teleprompter !!!!!!!!! In MY opinion, this pretend government is destroying our country to help prepare us for the “GREAT RESET” that the GLOBALISTS want to shove down our throats !!!!
    If O’Biden has two days in a row of mental clarity, he MIGHT speak up and spill the beans about his real situation !!!!! Of course that would just hasten his removal for “HEALTH” reasons and the “GIGGLER” would be the NEW PUPPETT !!!!!!!!!
    Either way, it will be a LONG, HARD road to 2024 !!!!!!! And THEY will be working HARD, to STEAL the NEXT election !!!!!!!

  9. Biden is intentionally destroying America per the NWO agenda goals of doing that ANY WAY POSSIBLE . HE has proved that everyday since Jan 20 . – A true enemy of America , career organized crime criminal !

  10. “Find me the person that is doing better today than they were when Donald Trump was in office.”
    Many ……..
    Mostly democrats from biden down the line, but stopping just at the “little people” level, well except for the illegal immigrant level.

  11. I guess these subversives and traitors do not realize that if the head of the Golden Goose is cut off the Golden Goose no longer lays the golden eggs?

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Is he going to criticize Schumer now?

The DEA warns that Mexican cartels are “killing Americans with fentanyl at catastrophic and record rates like we’ve never seen before.”

Every community has been effected, and people have been killed as young as four months old and as old as 81 years old.

The #BidenBorderCrisis allows deadly drugs into our neighborhoods and endangers our children.


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