Hannity: Everyone Testifying Proves Joe Biden Lying

It has been 45 days since boots left the ground in Afghanistan.

It is now 45 days since most of us believed Joe Biden has been spewing nothing but lies to the American people.

After hearing Senate hearing testimony from military leaders, Sean Hannity slammed Biden, stating that “Biden lied to the entire world.”

Nothing But Lies

Most conservatives and quite a few liberals believe that the Afghanistan withdrawal could have gone much better.

Joe Biden says that was not possible.

He has repeatedly stated that military leadership was mixed on how to do this and that he was never told about leaving more troops behind or possibly keeping Bagram open for the withdrawal.

The Senate hearings have blown Biden’s narrative right out of the water.

The only people sticking up for Joe Biden at this point are some members of the media and his administration.

Hannity went after them all…

He stated, “45 days since hundreds and hundreds of Americans, their families abandoned behind enemy lines.

“45 days since thousands of green card holders, people eligible to be in this country legally were abandoned.

“45 days since thousands of SIV (Special Immigration Visa) holders and their families were abandoned and our Afghan allies.

“And 40 days since Joe Biden lied to the entire world and promised to stay in Afghanistan until every single U.S. citizen was safely out of the country.

“Sadly, that wasn’t Joe Biden’s only blatant lie, because today on Capitol Hill, Biden’s top military advisers, they contradicted him over and over and over again.”

You can see Hannity’s full segment in the video below…

At some point, the media is going to have to get Joe Biden on record about this.

It has confronted Jen Psaki, who once again doubled down on this narrative, but we want to hear those words come directly from Joe Biden’s mouth after hearing the congressional testimony of top military leaders.

We want him on the record so those claims can be played before the American people during his impeachment after Republicans take back control of the House.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

    1. Just wait unil 2022. Biden and Harris both know that their jobs will be over. Keven McCarthy will be Speaker of the House, and the republicans will once again have the majority in the House and Senate. I can’t wait for that day to come.

  1. I hope and pray that republicans take over the house. The Country is in the hands of terrible leadership. Biden, his administration and Pelosi need to be shown the door. I can’t believe I made my statement without cursing.

  2. I think it would be really difficult to come up with a time when Biden told the truth. Instead of relaying the times he lied, it would be far simpler to ask the times he actually has told the truth. I have never in my life seen a person who could look you in the eye and lie like a dog. But Biden has that down to a fine science. Before I would believe anything this habitual liar says, I would have to do a intensive research to see if he is saying anything that can be verified as the truth.

  3. Why would anyone think a man who lied all his life will suddenly start telling the truth when he steals the highest position in the land without repenting for his sins.God hates lying

  4. Biden is an absolute disgrace and an idiot. He has always been an idiot and a self-serving liar.

    He is second only to the idiots who voted for him.

    I would like to know who is speaking into his ear microphone. Obama and Susan Rice are probably two of them. Potato Joe is an empty suit.

  5. I think the whole damned bunch needs shown the door-TO GITMO! From Joe Biten and Cumola Harris to the bastards who sweep the W.H. And take Jen Peesaki, Nasty Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer and the whole damned squad!!—Oh and 3/4 of the Pentagon too!

  6. A lot of lying was going on when Obama was in office and, of course, he picked Biden as the VP so they could lie and the other would swear to it. Both need to be put in jail. Obama never showed his birth certificate and it was proven about his birth lie. I wonder why these people need to lie, because the truth would keep them out of trouble. Pelosi is the worst person in the world. I only hope that she will answer some day to her wrongs to the higher power. Does she and Schumer have something going on, their heads are always together? If so, he must be in a world of hurt to go after her.

  7. best thing he could do as president of the united states is to prove all people left behind have been rescue and return to the United States until then he will be a liar and a loser of the democratic party
    they elected a puppet and he is so bad they are running away from biden

  8. Biden and his whole administration are nothing but a bunch of CHICKEN SH*T LIARS and every single one of them needs to be held accountable and forced to resign and prosecuted!!!!!!!

  9. Biden’s staff will not let him answer any questions that have not been viewed in advance. Everytime this village idiot speaks, he lies. The two worse leaders our county has ever had, Biden and Harris.

    1. Tam, you forgot Obama. But after getting upset over Biden it’s easy to forgive you. Biden is small stuff, and small stuff is never a problem.

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