Hannity Slams Biden for Politicizing Texas Mass Shooting

Democrats rally cannot help themselves.

During Joe Biden’s national address after the mass shooting, it took him about 90 seconds to turn this tragedy into a political talking point.

That was something that did not sit well with Fox News’ Sean Hannity at all.

Never Waste a Tragedy

I get it… Democrats want gun control legislation passed.

Unfortunately, as we have seen in many major cities in this country, stricter gun laws do nothing to prevent gun violence.

This would be especially true in a city so close to the border, where guns will be obtained illegally or legally regardless.

When evil is the desire, the person always finds a way.

Regardless, this is not the time to push that idea, when emotions are high, and saying, “we need to do something, anything,” is not the best of arguments to pass legislation.

Sean Hannity absolutely ripped into Joe Biden for immediately turning this into a political argument before the tears were dried on parents’ faces…

Hannity hit the nail on the head in that Democrats are not actually interested in real solutions.

There are ways to address this issue, with the obvious being better security at the schools.

However, we also need to address soaring violent crime rates around the country.

You cannot take self-defense out of the hands of law-abiding citizens when criminals will get weapons… as they are already doing.

Sadly, Democrats will never come to sit at the table for a reasonable discussion because, as far as they are concerned, it is their way or nothing, which is why we are still having this discussion decades later.

Source: Fox News


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