Harris Blasted for Agreeing with Student Accusing Israel of ‘Genocide’

Kamala Harris recently hired a crisis management team to fix her image.

She can now add another item to the list.

Harris, in her complete and utter idiocy, nodded in agreement when a student accused Israel of “genocide,” just utterly trashing a key ally.

Israel Takes the Hit

In today’s world, truth is now an argumentative word.

People can have perceptions, but that does not mean they are truth.

In this case, a student believes that Israel has committed genocide, which is idiotic.

Instead of laying down the facts, Harris did nothing more than agree with the student, who sounded like a parrot for Squad talking points.

Harris’ answer to the ludicrous claim?

She responded, “I’m glad you did. And again, this is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth, should not be suppressed. And it must be heard, right?”

Here is the exchange as it happened…

The actions of Harris were not perceived well.

Let me rephrase…

Author Douglas Murray’s “truth” was that Harris is killing the Democrat Party, and he was far from being alone…

People are entitled to their own opinion.

And, for everyone, perception is reality, but that does not necessarily mean it is THE reality.

Harris had a great chance to change some minds regarding Israel here or actually have the girl offer proof to back her case.

The only thing she did, however, was bury both her image and party deeper into the pile of excrement that defines this administration.

Sources: Fox News & New York Post

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11 Responses

  1. So riddle me this – Why does the Jewish Community so whole heartedly support the democrat party? Dance with the devil and this is what you get.

    1. Harris is nothing but a HO who carries knee pads wherever she goes. She is a pig that deserves to be hanged from the highest tree. IF YOUR READING THIS HARRIS, GO FU.K YOURSELF, EVERYONE HAS.

    2. Democrats are trying to destroy the things our country was built on!They don’t like anything! God bless America!

  2. She is pitiful just like #46. The dems want total control. What about paying for abortions with taxpayer money in Pakistan? This is just one sticking point for me. I have dozens. #46 and Kamala have made this country a laughingstock. America has been chumped around and punked via #46 policies. What a joke of a democratic party. Israel is an ally of America. Kamala, you cannot giggle or laugh your way out of your absurdness.

  3. it is never the absolute truth if only one side has a voice it is subjective Even the jews had a problem with CHRIST and the ROMANS APPEASED THEM

  4. She and Joe and all their leftist friends need to be booted out of our country. They are dragging us down to hell.

  5. The democrats are plain out to lunch. The lights are on and no one is home. They just spin what ever they want without facts. Most of them should be spending some time in Gitmo and that is why they are so afraid of Trump. He does not owe anyone anything.

  6. Joe and Kamala are determined to follow every wrong direction given to them by Barack Obama and Susan Rice to destroy our Country. Americans from all parties need to wake up and out the woke anti American agenda by refusing to follow these lying, cheating scum bags. All Teacher unions must be decertified. They are corrupt because they are following the woke idiots that are teaching our children to hate each other and despise our great Country.

  7. Joe fooled the hell out of the Afro-American society. They truly believed he would lift them up from God knows where. Here’s a great example of putting your faith in man advice God! The DNC reached low into the VP candidate barrel literally going for color vice qualification. A very evident racist against any white nominee to make good on Joe’s promise to pick an Afro-American VP or a Vp of color. Forget qualifications!

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